Luxury home building and renovation needs careful planning. It is essential to obtain the right contractor for this long term investment. The search for luxury home builders Calgary ends at Trademark Renovations, the building and repair experts. At the core of every project is the pursuit for customer satisfaction with distinction. Trademark Renovations combines experience with new technologies to come up with outstanding luxury homes.

Customer satisfaction begins with design choice. All people have their preferred choices when it comes to house designs. Once a customer shares their home design with Trademark Renovations, some consultation follows to ascertain the validity of the project. Architects help to iron out any unfeasible designs, while trying to maintain the home as customized as possible. A collection of architectural designs are also available from which customers can choose.

The elegance of luxury homes can only be maintained by integrating the latest technologies. Trademark Renovations is dedicated to utilize environment-friendly techniques throughout the construction process. Most of the building materials are recycled or renewable to reduce pollution. Employing latest insulation technologies reduces energy loss in the cold Alberta climate. Additionally, all fittings and appliances like water taps and electrical installations are selected for maximum resource saving.

Effort and detailed attention are the major contributions to exceptional luxury homes. Besides, the final touch determines the excellence of any building. Trademark Renovations takes the time to counter-check all furnishing and finishing requirements of every project. Adjustments are then done wherever necessary to add flair to the home. Unlike many contractors, Trademark Renovations believes in spending time for every project to ensure all building aspects are fully addressed.

The comfort of luxury homes comes from its appealing environs. A beautiful compound, hedges and surrounding structures combine to give luxury homes their elegance. Trademark Renovations takes care of all the decoration needs in order to add comfort of the luxury homes. Most interesting, every structure is custom designed to rhyme best with the surrounding landscape. The company’s team of experts is up to date with all of the latest luxury home trends needed to create a difference.

Not only in exterior decoration or homebuilding, the company is reputed for its excellent interior renovations. Residents of Calgary, Alberta should consider engaging the luxury home contractors who understand all their design needs. Trademark Renovators helps clients from the design and budgeting stages to doing regular renovations after project completion. Stand out of the crowd by contacting Trademark Renovations for all your luxury home renovation needs.

From small jobs to entire home make-overs, an increasing number of homeowners are electing to employ a professional renovator for their luxury home renovations. Service packages range from conceptual consultations to all-inclusive renovations and provide myriad benefits when compared to a do-it-yourself approach.

Time-Saving Efficiencies

Generally speaking, professional renovators employ or subcontract to a large number of trades, from architects to plumbers. They are able to orchestrate these services in a way that provides maximum result in a minimum amount of time. The key to the success of this sort of project, the renovator acts as a contractor, bringing trades in and out of the project in the most effective sequence.

Fraud Avoidance

Unfortunately, many of the construction trades are notorious for fraudulent activity, anything from doctored invoices to fabricated credentials. These industry vultures prey on ignorant and trusting clients and often leave the homeowner with an incomplete project, financial difficulties, or both. The professional renovator has experience in this field. Tradespeople know better than to employ any subpar practices. In the rare event that a subcontractor persists in being unscrupulous, the renovator can easily smoke out and remove this detriment to the project.

Insurance and Warranty

The majority of homeowners who attempt home-improvement projects do so without knowledge of important insurance liabilities. For example, if I homeowner were to repair the railing to his or her staircase, which then collapsed causing injury to a house-guest, the homeowner could be financially, or in extreme cases, criminally liable. Any reputable home renovation specialist will carry insurance on their work, removing the homeowner from liability. Likewise, if a home-repair comes undone or causes further home damage the homeowner will have no financial recourse if the project was conducted personally. Professional home renovators typically ensure their work for one year after the date of final payment.


Finally, and most importantly, the professional renovator removes the risk of personal injury to the property owner. These professionals employ licensed and trained tradespeople who utilize redundant precautions when dealing with dangerous work situations. Any home improvement can result in injury, but certain situations (heights, electricity, power equipment, etc) require even more diligence on the part of the worker.

While a first-time homeowner may be inclined to view the fee charged by a professional renovator as an additional and unnecessary expense, a seasoned property owner will disagree. This charge accounts for a small fraction of the final bill and ensures efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.

Of all the improvements and upgrades that can be made to an existing home, few of them offer as much value as tackling a kitchen renovation. Upgrading a kitchen doesn’t just make life easier for the occupants. It also provides value to the home and it can often substantially raise the appraised value of the house.

So what factors determine whether a luxury kitchen renovation is required? The first thing to consider is the state of the current fixtures and appliances. If they are more than five years old, they are likely candidates for replacement in a luxury renovation. It’s also important to access the state of the cabinets, fixtures, counters and floor. Do they need to be completely replaced or can they be reworked in the renovation? The answers to all of these questions will factor into the final cost of the renovation and will help in putting together a budget.

When it comes to putting together a budget, there are a couple of things to consider. First is simply how much money is available for the renovation. Keep in mind that it’s always wise to set aside 20% of the budget for unexpected problems, particularly in an older home or one with existing structural issues. According to industry experts, the cost of a luxury kitchen renovation can top $100,000. Most people aren’t going to spend that amount, but it’s important to set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Inevitably, a bit of feature triage is going to be necessary as the plans for the renovation begin to come together. In general, people considering a renovation have a lot more ideas than budget, so it’s important to know what is it a “must have” feature and what things are just nice to have. This is the point when it’s also smart to think about the future of the home. Is the house likely to be sold in the next five years? If so, then the financial considerations are different than it would be for a home that is likely to remain in the family. The surrounding homes are also a factor in this decision. While having a luxury kitchen is wonderful, ending up with a kitchen that is wildly more or less luxurious than the ones found in surrounding comparable homes can have a big impact on the asking price of the house.

The last important decision to make is who to hire to help make those kitchen dreams come true. While there are plenty of companies willing to take the money, it’s always a smart idea to hire a luxury home renovation professional. These Calgary renovation professionals have the expertise to do the job on time and on budget. They have the experience with luxury materials and that can have a big impact on the final look of the renovation.

Choosing to do a luxury kitchen renovation can seem like a scary decision, but hiring an experienced luxury home renovation professional can take away those worries while providing a luxury kitchen to be proud of.

Most homeowners have the misconception that old houses are difficult to renovate due age. In reality whether the house is old or quite new, Trademark’s kitchen renovations Calgary always turn out be cost effective and people notice a marked improvement in the area. Kitchen renovation ideas can be planned so that new items and appliances can be integrated along with the kitchen’s older features.

The key to affordable and effective kitchen renovation ideas is in the planning stage, and this applies to any home, whether new or old. First on the list of kitchen renovation ideas is to adequately budget for planned improvements. This is the most critical aspect as one should not attempt any substantial renovation project unless they have enough funding available, or they can enlist the assistance of a bank or mortgage provider. Notwithstanding the fact that substantial funding is required, know that one can reduce costs in some areas without compromising the quality of the renovation. It is important to allocate adequate funds to the key aspects of the renovation, like the design component, labor costs and appliances and fixtures.

When reviewing kitchen renovation ideas always give room for an allowance for unexpected contingencies like repairs to plumbing, heating, and electrical equipment. There is nothing worse than having an esthetically pleasing kitchen but is a fire-hazard or energy-monster because of old and ineffective equipment.

There are many benefits of using a luxury home renovation professional for your home. These companies are connected with specialized contractors like plumbers, roofers, electricians and others who can give quality services in the home improvement projects. Contracting these companies is like getting a complete package for the entire home.

Home Renovations can add value to a property. Professionals with years of experience are capable of visualizing the possibilities when it comes to kitchen renovations Calgary. Professionals would help to complete projects on time and within the appointed budget hence saving time, money and stress. When it comes to projects such as kitchen remodeling, there are numerous ways to get the job done. Those with a professional background may suggest ideas to anyone that would enhance the look of a house.

If considering getting some renovations done, seek the help of the professionals. It is best to let them do the job to decrease wastage of money, avoiding malfunctions and yielding better results. When one has created a list of your renovation requirements, search for the recommended services which are offered by home builders. Filter information according to requirement and select the one which seems to be ideal.

Renovating a kitchen is always a tricky task as most people have to act according to the wishes of their female partners as they are the ones who spend the most time in there and hence are likely to demand for a few exquisite things here and there to spice up the feel of the kitchen space. However, this is exactly where a lot of people go wrong as remodeling costs can quickly go out of control. So here are a few tips suggesting the viable areas in a kitchen for splurging.

Hardware Fittings

Hardware fittings seem to add a different feel to the kitchen space and must be of top quality. Nickel and satin brass have been known to be good choices as they complement both traditional and new age interior designs. Spending on top quality hardware also means that they can offer you a longer period of service and can withstand plenty of rough treatment.


Now this is one of the areas that is neglected by many people as they do not recognize the importance of having well laid out windows in a kitchen. Spending the right amount on windows ensures that there is enough natural light and warmth inside the kitchen space which subsequently translates into plenty of positive vibes.


Good ventilation goes a long way towards ensuring that the kitchen does not smell bad. Entering a foul smelling kitchen space is the last thing any cook wants as it can dampen spirits easily.

Counter Tops

The first things that people see in a kitchen are counter tops so it is not a bad choice to spend a bit on some nice and special ones to add a little value to the look of the kitchen space. Using materials like quartz or marble can be decent choices and can completely transform the impression of a kitchen.

Secondary Sink

Well this might seem foolish to some but having a second sink in a kitchen has been found to be really useful as it lets more people work simultaneously in a kitchen. Placing a second sink strategically is also a nice thing for those who have a large kitchen.


Lights always are like the missing piece of the jigsaw in an interior design as they can make or break it completely. It is advised to spend wisely and choose top products as far as lighting options are considered while doing kitchen renovation as it can be difficult to install them later without damaging the existing design.

Most people do not realize the fact that spending on a kitchen renovation without proper planning can lead to extra costs. Thus it is always better to go for professional home renovation experts in Calgary, Alberta as they will help users choose wisely and smartly without exceeding the budget.