When it comes to renovating a home with modern designs and decorations, every inch of all rooms is equally important. This is because every room calls for its own outstanding flavor that separates it from the others, but still fits the theme of the entire plan. Even though both the bedrooms and the sitting room need loads of attention, a kitchen still gives the dwellers lots of innovative freedom. Therefore, feeling uncomfortable with the appearance and impression of the old-fashioned kitchen designs gives the opportunity to rethink about remodeling them for unconfined space and great design.

Using a luxury home renovation professional in Calgary offer tons of benefits regarding the expertise and renovation techniques used. Companies like Trademark Renovations can modernize kitchens in luxury homes to transform from uninviting to appealing look with the impeccable blend of elegance and functionality. Another benefit includes the provision of a beautiful and practical space to prepare household meals for both family and visitors. With the best renovators in the industry, Calgary professional teams design and install modern kitchens by giving the best services and products while ensuring unequaled execution that meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

The most important thing clients interested in a modern kitchen need to address is the reasons for currently seeking a kitchen renovation. A variety of reasons might come up, but the most vital ones include a confined space, reduced functionality, and absence of smart storage options as well as an appearance that does not look stylish anymore. A combination of such factors or just any one of them qualifies as adequate reasons for seeking a remodeling professional that suits the needs of the luxury homeowner. However, home renovation professionals always require clients to deliver the exact and clear picture of what they are on the look out for so that the designers come up with the perfect results.

The original old-style kitchens always look overcrowded and dingy, and professional designers like Trademark Renovations strive to reimagine the confined space while opening it up towards the living room. Their designs commit to taking the project from the impression to completion stage on a timely basis, on budgetary terms and to the best imaginable standard. The standard modern kitchen is available in G-shape, L-shape, U-shape, and L-shape with island designs.

Luxury home renovation professionals in Calgary will custom-design them in partnership with the homeowners to attain their dream kitchen. This commitment to customer service attracts many interested individuals to book for consultations in Calgary for their kitchen renovations.

The kitchen design is the most talked about feature in the makeover industry. Most homeowners spend thousands of dollars to create a warm, efficient and stylish heart of the home. Kitchen remodeling offers an ideal way to enhance the property value while also making it more comfortable and visually appealing living space.

The Right Knowledge & Expertise:

A good kitchen renovations company has an elite selection of professionals who have specialization and expertise in handling varied types of home and kitchen renovation projects. With years of experience in the industry, these professionals understand the challenges that many homeowners face when it comes to finding the right tools that can transform their vision into reality. From design to the final phase, all steps are meticulously handled by the skilled team so that homeowners can have peace of mind.

Latest trends and designs:

The interiors add elegance and class to any space. A kitchen renovations Calgary professional understands that and creates stylish yet comfortable designs which later on become trends. They offer both contemporary and modern designs to suit the taste of the homeowners and the décor of the space.

Licensed and accredited:

Kitchen renovation constructors and technicians are accredited and bonded, and meet all the state certification requirements. They keep themselves updated with the latest equipment, material, and technology, so as to deliver a final product that reflects both style and substance.

Cost effective solution:

Another advantage of hiring professionals is they will help to decrease the costs in a variety of materials and supplies. These companies have business associations with their long-term providers, and therefore they can help in getting good discounts.

Transform the vision in life:

A professional kitchen remodelling contractor understands the needs, budget and taste of each and every client, and uses his creativity, inputs, and training to give life to the thoughts. They can meet the needs of any project to deliver efficiency, value and above all, the very best design solutions. They deliver best solutions that are practical, cost-effective and inspired.

Employing a qualified and experienced kitchen renovations Calgary company is a smart option. The foundation of having kitchen remodeling experience helps in choosing a reputable remodelling contractor. They help in capturing the imagination of clients through its design and help in developing concepts that can actually transform the space into a comfortable and beautiful environment. Trademark Renovations is a home remodeling company that offers a truly personalized service when it comes to building a dream home.

Good Workmanship

Having a luxurious home renovations company do the renovations means that the homeowner provides all the required resources and waits for the process to be completed. In most cases, the renovators usually do an excellent job. This is because they are usually experienced in the field of renovation. Having successfully undertaken several renovation projects, a renovations professional will most likely be keen to detail as per how the client wants the renovation done. Doing the renovation alone poses major challenges, mostly to homeowners who have never done it before. A kitchen renovation is not as easy as it sounds, and a simple task like replacing lighting might require a lot of techniques that only the professionals possess.

Time Saving

Another advantage of using a luxurious home renovations professional when carrying out renovation is the time aspect. Professional renovators are usually well trained and experienced in what they do. As a result, professionals will most likely produce good quality work within the shortest time possible. This is because they are experienced or maybe they have other projects to complete elsewhere. Since the normal homeowner is not so familiar with renovations and remodeling, he or she might take a lot of time consulting on how to carry out certain aspects of the renovation. With limited time, it means that the homeowner might not be able to complete the renovations in good time. As such, a professional contractor should be hired to do the work.


Another reason why a homeowner should hire a luxurious home renovations professional to carry out his or her kitchen renovation is the reason of safety. Without prior experience in renovations, it could be dangerous to undertake some activities involved during remodeling such as changing the wiring and lighting of the kitchen. One might have to climb ladders to access higher points of the kitchen or might involve altering electrical fixtures. This poses some sort of danger as one could trip or suffer from electric shocks. Hiring a professional renovator eliminates the risk of the homeowner from any sort of danger. Some renovations might require the use of very sharp tools like skill saws or a sawzall which could cause injuries when not handled properly.

Many benefits come with hiring a professional kitchen designer. First, an accomplished designer with exceptional knowledge of designing can ensure that kitchen renovations proceed with a few or no interruptions. They will get the job done quickly and efficiently translating into cheaper costs for the client. Kitchen design ideas that do not follow a systematic plan often stall midway as those designers try to figure out problems with their design. Clients should not have to suffer from such delays. Enlisting a designer such as Trademark Renovations will help guarantee that your undertaking adheres to the set building codes so that it does not stall at any time.

Trademark Renovations helps clients to incorporate their ideas into a master plan that is realistic and cost-effective. There is no need of abandoning a reasonable idea just because your designers said that it was impossible to make it a reality. Companies such as Trademark Renovations have the necessary expertise to make ideas come to life. They will also advise clients on modifications and alternatives that can meet their needs so that the creative concepts developed by their customers do not go to waste.

It also saves a lot of time that homeowners can spend on other activities including extra family time and catching on some sleep. Remember, designing a home is more than just about colors and themes. It requires a deep understanding of the structural framework of a home. It also needs an understanding of the suitability of the materials used in designing kitchens. For example, what advancements has science made when it comes to these materials? How expensive are they? Where can one find these materials? These are all pertinent questions that have an enormous impact on kitchen design ideas. They require a significant amount of investment in terms of time and effort for one to understand them correctly. A professional designer will have this information ready for you on demand.
It is important to note that new building methods are coming up as the regulation of such developments increases. There are requirements set by the government on safety and energy efficiency. Designing a kitchen based on these standards is important, as the kitchen is the most volatile part of the home when it comes to the safety of the home. One should not change the setting of the kitchen only to realize that it makes it harder for people to escape or deal with a fire than the old one. These mistakes can cost you your home insurance unnecessarily. Experienced designers understand that kitchen design ideas should be in line with the recommended safety protocols as well as the aesthetic appeal their clients is looking for in their home.

Building or renovating the bath and kitchen is an important investment that people make in their home. Not only does it involves building the knowledge, but also requires careful planning and extensive research. When remodeling or building the kitchen, homeowners in Calgary must start by developing a general idea of what they would like in their kitchen, and set a budget they can afford. Next, they must refine their kitchen ideas with renovations professional who will turn their dream into reality.

Benefits of hiring a renovations professional

Offer Several Renovation Services

The biggest benefit of hiring a renovations professional is that they offer all the services required by the homeowner for successful completion of the project. Some of the services offered by them include plumbing, construction, flooring, roofing, and several other related services. They also have several subcontractors working for them, which ensures that work is done efficiently and quickly.

When homeowners hire a renovations professional they don’t have to worry about anything related to construction. All they have to do is tell them what they need, and the professionals will arrange everything that is needed to complete the project.

Save Time

Most homeowners don’t know how structural choices can affect the installation of a system or the options for new technologies. Also, they may not know about the latest technologies and material that are cheaper and more appropriate for their home. Figuring out these details can be difficult and time consuming. Most professionals have this information readily available which can save both time and money.

These professionals are aware of the current building code requirements which are difficult for people outside the building industry to understand. Another advantage of hiring a professional is that they have up-to-date knowledge of building science which can help in getting the building projects completed with a minimum number of revisions. This will help in completing the project faster and reduce expenses.

Attention to Detail

Renovations professionals not only convert the needs of the homeowner into functional spaces but also make them beautiful. They convert the kitchen ideas of homeowners into three-dimensional designs that can be easily converted into reality. Also, they are aware of the latest local and international trends which help in making the home appealing and add value to the investment.

Insurance Coverage

Another benefit of hiring a reputed renovations professional like Trademark Renovations is that they have liability insurance. This means that homeowners don’t have to worry about the damages or accidents that happen on the project site. Also, homeowners can save considerable money because most renovations professionals have their own suppliers that supply building material at reasonable price.

Any person who’s involved in the process of redesigning or remodeling a kitchen has a lot of work at hand. The best solution is to hire a professional with acute knowledge who can present a number of kitchen designs that suits one’s cooking style. Homeowners can often get confused while picking semi-integrated appliances which calls for a professional offering home renovation expertise. Right from organizing kitchen utensils to planning a layout, Trademark Renovations offers the perfect finish to one’s kitchen.

Luxury Home Renovation Professionals Offer Expertise


The design of the kitchen will decide how well a person can work with different elements lying about. It should match a homeowner’s comfort level which is necessary to enjoy every culinary experience. Home renovation experts introduce designs that provide adequate distance between the main cooking area and several kitchen compartments like the bin, fridge, sink etc. Think of the ‘triangle’ which comprises of the refrigerator, oven and chopping space that must be close by for quick cooking spells.


The hallmark of a good kitchen is worktops or platforms that spread out the arrangement of culinary utensils. A variety of worktop models can be installed by interior experts into the kitchen space. Granite is a popular choice for its durability and style while laminated surfaces are affordable and resistant to stains. Stainless steel worktops are part of commercial kitchen designs that require minimal maintenance. Wood has also become a popular worktop material that brings about a classic contemporary design. Home renovation experts can recommend worktops like islands’ that offers excellent preparatory space.


Home renovation experts focus on the furnishing of a kitchen after a layout is fixed. A kitchen design should incorporate essential elements like a main cupboard, upper shelves and a range of drawers. Right from storing cutlery to preserving elegant glassware, an organized kitchen avoids clutter. Home renovation experts can install a bench near the cooking area or include a spice drawer if needed. A brilliant method of using additional space in an economical way would be by adding a wine rack or perhaps a tea towel holder.


A luxury home renovation expert will never forget about peripheral interiors that play an important role in stylizing the entire look of a kitchen. Generally the most kitchen designs can consist of laminate or tile flooring. Tiles are easy to clean, resistant to stains and offer a firm stand while you cook. Laminate flooring can be easily maintained though it has a softer surface. The intricate design of laminate flooring brings about unusual warmth to a kitchen especially if the interiors have a brilliant lighting system.


Authentic Kitchen Designs from Skilled Home Renovation Experts in Calgary, Alberta Homeowners can sit back and choose a variety of kitchen appliances that are of two kinds – built-in or freestanding appliances. The former relates to appliances like stoves, sinks, faucets, dishwashers etc while the latter includes juicers, blenders, grinders etc. Well planned and systematic kitchen designs will always conserve an ideal fit for every appliance. Licensed home renovation contractors can pick out the best products and offer warranty protection during installment.

It’s an undeniable fact that the home is everybody’s place of resort, the spot where people go to relax, rest or sleep after a hard day of work. It’s also one of the places that people tend to spend a better part of their lives in. Those two reasons alone qualify the home as one of the places where ultimate comfort and security/safety should be given top priority. And that can be easily achieved by making sure that the home in question is visually attractive, functional and safe to live in. Now, to an ordinary person, that may sound like an impossible feat to accomplish, but rest assured that it is a very achievable thing. And that’s where Trademark Renovations comes in.

Trademark Renovations is a professional, luxury renovations company in Calgary that, among other services, offers top notch interior home design services. They have all that’s needed to help all homeowners achieve all the aforementioned targets such as beauty, function, and safety in the home.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Professionals Such As Trademark Renovations?

  1. PROPER TRAINING. Their employees are adequately trained and educated on all matters privy to the interior home design. This guarantees that every home is in good hands. That’s opposed to going the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) route where the homeowner may end up doing his home more harm than good.
  2. EXPERIENCE. Having taken on countless jobs before, clients stand to benefit from their acquired hands-on experience which is a boost to their already rich training. This is particularly helpful when a workman encounters any “off-the-books” challenges, that one thing that trainees are never taught in school! The chances are that they or someone else in the company will have encountered a similar challenge before and found a solution to it.
  3. SUPPORTING STRUCTURE. As just previously highlighted, you stand to benefit from the vast, accumulated knowledge and skills from several of their employees who work together as a team.
  4. POCKET-FRIENDLY. They furnish their clients with a comprehensive price quote to help them adequately plan for their interior home design project. This eliminates the chances of stumbling upon any unexpected expenses that might leave them financially drained or even abandoning the project halfway through.
  5. GUARANTEED WORK. Professionals value their image greatly. This means they will go to great lengths to satisfy all their customers, including guaranteeing their services for any work that might have slipped below acceptable standards.
  6. CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They have a well-trained, specially dedicated staff that’s more than ready and willing to respond to all questions, comments or complaints. This is meant to offer their clients a perfect customer experience.Go the professional way for the best results!

For those who have never hired a luxury home renovations professional in Calgary, then this is something to think about if they need someone to assist them with interior designing. For those who want to invest in showcasing their home in Calgary to look its best then it will be a smart decision to hire a luxury home renovations professional. These professionals really serve the purpose of helping homeowners execute their desires and style in decorating your home. It is truly sensible and wise to hire a luxury home renovations professional, and this is not merely an option for just the rich and famous with just too much money to spend. The truth is that a lot of headaches, money, and time can be saved by hiring Trademark Renovations.

Reasons To Hire A Luxury Home Renovations Professional In Calgary

Save Money: It might sound strange that homeowners could save money by hiring a renovations professional to decorate their home in Calgary since you will have to pay the designer’s fee. However, costly mistakes can be avoided when a renovations professional is hired. This way, not only money can be saved, but the value of the home is also increased.

Professional Assessment: A professional assessment of the homeowner’s situation can be provided by a renovations professional as a result of which a solid plan of action can be created. To determine what things should be edited and what things can be repurposed, it is essential to figure out the order of things in the design. Rather than affecting the budget, spending more efficiently can become possible this way.

Budgeting and Planning: By hiring a renovations professional in Calgary, homeowners can manage to stay on budget and save effort and time. A designer is aware where all the required resources to decorate the interior of your home can be found. Thus, endless amounts of time spending in researching brands and prices of products can be saved. Moreover, these professionals are trained to think about things that are generally overlooked by us.

Liaison: From the early on, homeowners can build a stronger bridge between themselves and their architect or contractor with the help of a renovations professional. Design mistakes in the overall plan can also be avoided with the help of an interior designer. When managing money and time, this is crucial.

Wow Factor: The “wow” factor that many homeowners tend to be looking for can be achieved with the help of an interior designer. They have received training specifically to think different and see the overall picture that cannot be seen by clients. What interior designers do is think about of the box.

Home sale: A great deal of aesthetic value will be added to the home if a homeowner hires a luxury home renovations professional to decorate its interior, which will increase the overall value of their home. This means they could end up receiving twice or thrice the amount that they will spend now to get the interior of your home decorated by an interior designer.

Thus, hiring a luxury home renovations professional for interior designing should be considered as making an investment into the home that will ultimately pay off, especially if homeowners ever decide to sell their home. Whatever the case, you will they the aesthetic improvements that will ultimately be made to the interior by a professional renovations company like Trademark Renovations.

Many people have at one point and time been faced with the dilemma of selecting the appropriate interior design for their houses. They are always concerned about the suitability of the selected style to a particular room, comfort of the selected design and whether the selected interior design style complements the other components in the particular room. It is wise to consult professionals when selecting the most appropriate interior decoration design.

Trademark Renovations in Calgary takes pride in their team of professionals who have an eye for interior design and have up to date interior design styles. With their ability to blend in different elements from several decorating styles, trademark renovations guarantees first class interior designs that turn houses into safe heaven. Through the relevant experience, Trademark renovations bring together expertise and customer preferences to give out outstanding interior design styles.

Modern style interior design

Created in Germany by the Bauhaus School of Design, the style focuses on reduced accessories, minimized use of textures, adopting a clean-lined design and achieving asymmetry balance between furniture and the layout. Though it is considered harsh and stupid, it creates an impression of a room to be larger than it is while at the same time creating a sense of simplicity and calmness.

Classic Style Interior Design

Relating to Roman and Greek empires, this technique is based on symmetry, balance, and order. The style has a critical element of focusing the arrangement to a focal point to achieve the desired balance. The style tends to use elegant fabrics and also use color palette inspired by nature.

The Japanese Zen

This design emphasizes the use of small ground level furniture, wood or stone elements and also maintains an open space in between the various components. The style is one of the best.


This style combines industrial and traditional elements to create a rustic market look. The method makes use of modern furniture that is superficially colored to expose the wood underneath. Fixed fairs painted lightly add to the accent of the collections.

Rocco style interior design

This method is considered flamboyant and expensive and is characterized by the use of ornate, intricate and decorative features. The form dates back to 1700 and 1780 in West of Europe and was inspired by the use of natural trees, use of gold plasterwork and also the use of mirrors in gilded frames. The style uses an expensive material such as teak and mahogany, but it is the most appropriate for the wealthy.

Taste and preferences usually differ between individuals. However, choosing the right professionals is vital to obtaining the correct style of interior design. Trademark Renovations are experts in this realm, choose them to achieve perfect home interior design styles.

Most homeowners use their basements as a storage room for all the stuff they don’t use on a regular basis. As a result, these rooms end up being dull, stuffy areas that are not conducive for human habitat. The unfinished basement can be remodeled and refurnished to transform it into a functional, stylish living space, fully equipped with all the necessary accessories. When planning to transform the basement, homeowners should always seek the services of a professional remodeling company for an outstanding result. Trademark Renovations are a renovation professional in Calgary, offering high-quality services that homeowners have for years relied upon when it comes to renovating their living spaces.

Why Hire A Calgary Expert?

Basement renovations in Calgary are done promptly in a practical and professional manner with great remodeling ideas that can improve the quality of life for the residents of Calgary. The basement can be converted into a family room, bedroom, home theatre room, laundry room, apartment, home gym, bathroom, playroom, kitchen or even a bar and wine cellar. All these are projects that an unqualified individual cannot perform without the necessary skills for the job and building equipment. This is where an expert comes in for the reconstruction job.

Consultation Services

Everyone has an idea about what they would want in a remodeling project. Some requirements may be practical while others may not. The Calgary experts review clients’ preferences, putting into consideration what is practical and what is not. Clients receive a project proposal and advice on the best basement designs that will meet their needs.

Professional Installation

Depending on the purpose of the basement, there are certain appliances and accessories that have to be installed in the room. It could be storage cabinets, wiring and lighting, security systems, water heater, air conditioning systems and so on. All these installation needs require proper training, skill and experience in the remodeling field so that everything is done perfectly to avoid potential hazards. Trademark renovations have a team of qualified technicians in all fields to do a perfect job for the clients.

Follow-up Inspections And Maintenance Services

Just like any other construction job, basement remodeling requires a follow-up inspection weeks after completion of the project to ensure that the renovated living space is still functional. Maintenance is mandatory more so if it was an old building that needed remodeling. Basement renovations Calgary ensures that homeowners were satisfied with the job so that every client sees a value for their money upon completion of a project.