Trademark Renovations prides itself on their clients’ experience involving their luxury kitchen renovation in Calgary, Alberta. Offering complete customization of all aspects of the project(s), along with Trademark’s transparent process that allows the homeowner to see all prices and options as the project moves along.

If you or a loved one is looking for a custom luxury kitchen renovation in Calgary or the surrounding areas, you can start by looking at some design tips for a luxury kitchen renovation by Trademark Renovations.

The Heart Of The Home

When looking to add a new renovation project to your home, most people start with the kitchen, as it is the “heat of the home”. The kitchen is the area where the family eats, laughs, and shares moments together as a group, some of the fondest memories are made in the kitchen. 

A Touch Of Luxury

When a client is looking to complete a luxury home renovation, one of the main focal points of the hole design is the kitchen. Today’s premier homes are only as luxurious as the kitchens inside them, so great care must be placed in the planning and design of the space. A luxury kitchen calls for extraordinary details, along with rich colours and materials to be included to put the whole look together.

A Premier Investment

Since a kitchen is one of, if not the biggest, focal point of the home, a kitchen renovation adds tremendous value to the investment. A luxury kitchen renovation is not cheap, and unlike a luxury car, the investment does not depreciate over time. A luxury kitchen renovation cost can run from $60,000 to $1 million and more. Pricing of the project depends on the materials and scope of work involved to ensure that the clients dream is made into a reality.

Luxury Appliances 

Having luxury appliances can also turn a kitchen from looking good, to looking amazing. A multitude of colour and finish options are available for clients, from stainless steel, gloss black, and even bone coloured appliances can fit in well and add that luxury finish to the area.

If your are in the market for a luxury kitchen renovation, be sure to have a plan in mind to help provide the renovation contractors with an idea of what you want. Consult the interior design experts at Trademark to get the best look for your kitchen area, call or book online with Trademark Renovations today.