As a homeowner, having the best home is your dream and you do all that you can to achieve 

this. One way of maintaining and improving your home is through renovation. So, before we

answer the question of what is the best way for home renovation, here are some of its benefits.

Trademark Renovations Company recommends undertaking restoration for various reasons.

Home renovation increases the value of your home as repairs can improve the size of your

house, design or layout making it more comfortable and with more functions.

Improvement enables you to fit your home to your lifestyle. In case you bought the home, it’s

most likely that the former owner had a different personality from you and renovation will help

solve that.

You will reduce your utility and maintenance costs. A home repair will be good to help save

some fund that you would spend if you were to build a new home. A renovation is cheap and

saves time as well.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of home renovation, what is the best way for

home renovation? Trademark Renovations outlines the best way to undertake your home

improvement to involve some steps.

1. Search everything you can find about your renovation project

Depending on where you’re in, you have to know what you want to achieve by the end of the

repair. In case you are renovating the whole home, consider the different parts of your home like

the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, the living room and the guest room among others. Think about

what you want to input in each room so as not to end with mismatching combinations and


2. Take some expert advice

Although you know your taste and preferences and how you want your house to look like after

the renovation, ensure you get an expert’s opinion. It will help you in having a better design and

layout that won’t disappoint you at the end. Experts will advise you on what you can renovate to

have an excellent home.

3. Consider your lifestyle

You must renovate your home to what you like. Your home should reflect your lifestyle and

personality since it’s the place you will be spending your time. The expert should not decide for

you what you will put but will only advice.

4. Set a budget

You need to know how much you want to spend on the renovation so that you won’t work

halfway and then leave the work uncompleted. Your budget will guide you on how much

renovation you will undertake.

5. Consider your neighbors

As much as renovation is a personal decision you have to make, it will affect your neighbors.

Any changes to your homestead should not cause any problems with your neighbors. Don’t

interfere with their rights.

6. Make a plan

Depending on the budget you have, make a plan that you are going to work with since you can’t

renovate the entire home at a go. Know the areas you will start with and where you will be

putting your belonging as you renovate the house.

What is sustainable renovation? This is a question many people may find themselves asking

after doing research for their home renovations and coming across this concept, which may still

be foreign to a lot of house owners.

Sustainable renovation is actually quite a simple concept, which focuses on making the best use

of both old and new materials, as well as finding ways to avoid harming the environment and

help local communities. This sustainability should be one of the main focuses of the renovation,

and it should be thought of not only when choosing and using materials, but also during the

design process, so as to make the house itself more efficient and thus sustainable, even beyond

the renovation process.

In what relates to design, sustainable renovation refers to tasks like making sure the house is

energy and water efficient so it makes better use of natural resources and doesn’t waste any,

but it also refers to making the best use of the space available in the building, and even

reducing the space used to also reduce the quantity of materials used. Other sustainable design

choices include opting for a classic design which will be easier to update with simple changes

and need to less frequently, and make sure all the materials are easy to clean and maintain,

which will also prevent having to replace them frequently.

As for the materials themselves, renovating sustainably means repurposing your own materials

and existing structures or using reclaimed and recycled materials, as well as renewable and

recyclable ones. It also means builders should try and avoid using any excessive materials, for

obvious reasons, and opt for low­VOC and nontoxic materials when possible. It is preferable, in

this context, to use materials manufactured locally and that will last longer, as it’s already been

mentioned, so that the construction is more durable and long­lasting, and also to avoid having to

use any extra materials to replace them should they get broken easily.

Finally, it is also important to avoid wastage by borrowing any tools or machines needed, since

they might not be useful in the future, and to dispose of any materials not used or removed

during the renovation responsibly, as well as containing any dust or waste products that could

pollute the surrounding areas.

This is just one of the simplest answers to the question of “What is sustainable renovation?” and

what can be done. A good way to make sure a renovation is sustainable is to consult with

professionals like Trademark Renovations to make the project as sustainable yet close to the

original vision as possible.

Remodeling, renovating as well as improving home may be some of the great ways to gain

extra space, give it a makeover, or even make it possible for one to stay in place for long period

of time. But the question is; do housing renovations add value? The day may come when one

wishes to sell it and in preparation for this possibility, always put in mind that not all the home

improvements are usually created equal. In fact, some renovations will increase the value of the

home while others will make selling even more difficult.

Projects with very high resale value

A number of projects usually add more resale value compared with others. The following are

some of the projects that generally have the greatest financial impact:

§ Outdoor improvements­ Houses normally make the first impression very quickly and

therefore spicing up its surrounding is an extremely smart investment. This includes

siding as well as landscaping, especially in the front yard.

§ Kitchens – Many people like to see the modern conveniences and also styles in the

kitchen. Particularly in older homes, improvements in the kitchen tend to add value.

§ Bathrooms – Second to the kitchen remodels are the bathroom remodels. Also,

modernizing older styles or even appliances results in good return.

§ Roofs and windows – They are usually expensive to replace and many buyers

normally expect them to be in a good condition. Unfortunately, while replacing them will

not dramatically increase the resale value, replacing them could not significantly

decrease it.

Projects that negatively affect resale value

The following are some of the general indicators that housing renovations might have negative

resale value.

§ Rooms that do not fit with the floor plan – It’s absolutely true that converting the back patio to

the family room can be a perfect way of adding more space to the home. However, if the dining

room window looks into the family room, definitely it will not be well loved by the buyers.

§ A swimming pool – A swimming pool may look like the ultimate luxury but when it comes to

selling the home, it can be more of a hindrance than a help. It can actually be seen as a safety

hazard by those parents with small kids.

These are some of the projects that can absolutely answer the question, do housing renovations

add value?

Houses tend to get outdated or dilapidated with time. This means that they require renovation to

bring them back to their original state or to make them better than they were before.

Renovation, also remodeling, can be done by an expert or by the occupant themselves. Here

are the main things to think about when renovating an apartment.

The occupant should have a clear end goal in mind. These ideas should be practical and

reasonable in that they can be implemented using readily available resources. Ideas can be

borrowed from magazines and newspapers that talk about home improvement. The internet is

also a useful tool when it comes to gathering such ideas.

They should also find an expert who has undertaken similar projects in the past. These experts

are expected to have a clear mastery of their job and proper understanding of the idea being

presented to them. They have to incorporate the idea and plan into their expertise in order to

achieve the desired results. They can be found in reputable companies which have been in the

business for quite some time, such as Trademark Renovations.

It is important that they define the scope of renovation before laying out a concrete plan. It can

be done on the whole house or a specific part that has suffered damage. Renovating the whole

house is advisable as this will promote consistency. Furthermore, it will prevent further

deterioration of the house especially in parts that are not visibly damaged. Also, they should

define whether it is to be done on the interior or exterior of the house.

They have to come up with a comprehensive budget allocation and specific timelines for the

project. This will provide a basis for measuring the success of the project in the end. Also, it will

limit the costs and create deadlines thus prevent unnecessary expenditure and delay.

Renovating an apartment requires utter dedication and skill in order to achieve the desired

objective. Both the expert and the house occupant should monitor the process and make

changes where necessary. At the end of the day, what matters is that the client gets value they

have paid for.

Buy An Old House, Renovate It, and Sell It For More?

Buying a home in poor condition and renovating it can be an exciting way of making money. Of course, it’s not an easy way to make money otherwise everyone would be doing it. Buying, Renovating and Selling houses can be very enjoyable but it can quickly turn into a nightmare.
This guide will look at How difficult is it to make money by buying an old house?

Buying at the Right Price

The amount of profit that can be made will depend on a few things:

– The purchase price of the property
– Renovation costs
– The sale price of the property

It’s very easy to get carried away when bidding for properties at auction. If the purchase price is too high then this will eat into any profits which can be made. When buying property as a business venture, buyers cannot get emotional.

Renovation Costs

The actual costs required to fully renovate a property will not be known until work is started. However, it should be possible to estimate the amount of money required to fix a property up. Multiple visits to a house before purchase can help to minimise any unexpected expenses. Investors are advised to check all the features of the house to ensure they are in working order. Anything which is not up to standard can be used to further negotiate the price of the property.

It won’t be possible to avoid all unexpected costs, but this is a risk that any investor will have to take if they want to stand any chance of making money.

How Easy is it?

Making money renovating properties is certainly not a walk in the park. The only way that money can be made is if the investor is prepared to do a lot of the work themselves. This will require a significant investment of both time and money. This means that it’s not something that is suitable for everyone.

Renovating and selling homes for a profit is possible with proper care and attention. Be sure to seek the advice of real estate agents throughout the process to ensure that value is being added in the correct places to maximise profits. Hopefully this guide has answered just how difficult is it to make money by buying an old house?

A home renovation can make a big difference, more than can ever be
imagined. Little changes here and there makes the space look like new,
and even increases value, if one ever plans to sell their home.

Home Renovation Tips

Mud Room

Amongst the coolest and latest home renovation ideas is to install a mud room. This is a room that is generally situated at the side or rear of the house, exits outside, and is an area where one can keep their laundry tub, dryer/washer unit, hang jackets, and bathe their children if they have been playing in the mud and are all dirty.

Not only children, this is an ideal place to bathe dogs too. A walk­in­shower can be installed in the mud room, with a 4 inch step, from where the owners can walk their dogs and shower them off. Kids, dogs, and anybody will have an amazing time getting rid of the mud, and getting fresh in the mud room. A mud room is a great idea to consider for all owners who want their family to have a fun time, and their house to stay clean.

Sun Room

Yet another amazing and latest home renovation ideas is to install a sun room. This is a unique concept, which will add to the beauty of any home. Many people prefer including a flower’ sun room, wherein they add lots of flora, which gives their family a chance to get closer to nature and enjoy some peace. Others like creating a technology rich sun room, where children and parents can relax and have a fun time together. This area will also serve as a perfect place for dogs to have a warm stay during winter months.

Seating Space

Entry seating in the back and front areas is also a great home renovation idea. At the front entry, a small seating area can be created for storage and shoe changes. A half­wall for slipper or shoe storage and a built­in­storage area for jackets would be ideal. For the back door entry, a wider hallway can be created that can have more seating place for backpacks, changes, key rack and so on.

These are some simple yet latest home renovation ideas, which can easily change the look of any home, make it more functional, while also adding to its value.