The kitchen has never been only the place where meals were made, it’s where the soul of the house belongs and where the family finds space to have quality time. This is why it’s very important to have some kitchen renovations every once in a while to give some freshness to the house, take under consideration the new trends of the year and to take advantage of all the innovations designed for kitchens.

There are some important kitchen renovation trends that you might want to know about if you are planning a kitchen renovation for 2016, like for example, if you are wondering what color to use for your walls or kitchen cabinets, the trend for this year it’s gray instead of the classic white, giving some kind of shade appearance with some stained wood details. Also combining cabinet colors is a strong trend for 2016.Another trendy characteristic for 2016 kitchen renovations is the functionality of doors, cabinets and drawers and also the space optimization, making sure that you have easy access to everything on your kitchen, customizing everything especially for your kitchen.

The most important thing that you need to consider if you are thinking about a kitchen renovation is to keep it simple because simplicity is the new trendy look for 2016, less is more and as clean and organized you can make it look then it will definitely be trendy.

It’s always better to have some assessment before planning a kitchen renovation especially because there are some wonderful and modern features that you can install to make things easier in your kitchen and more cozy for your family, taking full advantage of the space and only experts on the field can give you some great suggestions when it comes to styles and many other things. Trademark Renovations specializes on kitchen renovation with the latest trends and technology, providing you quality service and excellent work with experienced professionals and honest workers.

2015 is gone! And 2016 is ready to amuse all of us, every year brings different objectives, fashion, trends and more, interior design is not the exception, is coming with a lot of surprises and new styles that will suit every homeowner needs. There are a few great trends that will put your 2016 in, take a look at this interior design tips.
-Outdoors In:2016 is all about bringing the nature inside the house, a great way to do this is decorating using greens and interior plants, also using outside – inside furniture.
– Geometric Tiles:The contemporary and modern design is in and it’s bringing their geometric shape style into all. Geometric shapes add some movement to the house, wood ad cement will be geometric now adding a strong touch to the house.
– Sustainability:
Big and small companies are designing furniture and decoration items that can be sustainable and eco-friendly, 2016 is all recycling.
– Minerals: If you want a natural glow at home minerals are your first choice, they can bu put everywhere doors, frames, counter tables, and will add an amazing fresh lock.
– Metals and Metallics70’s are back and they are bringing their hottest trends into 2016, get ready to mix metals and metallics to get a great new, retro lock for home.
– Artisan:Basketry, tassels, crochet and more just embrace them. This new trend can add some magnificent artistic vintage lock to your house, explore your options, there is always a good thing to find from different cultures, those will add a personal cozy touch.
This incoming year is all about nature elements, sustainability and vintage style, make sure you have everything to get a fancy home, and an amazing interior design. Remember that the best professional help that you can get is at Trademark Renovations, they will help you with the decoration and all the renovations and additions that you might need.

If you are considering to work with an interior designer it’s important that you understand that you are about to start a new intimate relationship with that person. You need to know what do you need from this professional, you need to explain yourself so he or she can completely understand you but most importantly, you need to know what is that you want from the interior designer to improve a home.

Communication is the key to taking advantage of all the benefits that working with an interior designer offers you and also trust that he knows what he is doing. Before you start looking for an interior designer, it’s very important for you to be sure that you need an interior designer and not an architect, but it’s good to have them work together so it might be beneficial to ask the architect that you are working with to help you choose an interior designer.

It’s also important that you decide how involved you want to be in the creative process, how often you want the updates of the project. Also, how involved you want to be when it’s time to decide what products are going to be used in the final project. Some people are only looking for some suggestions with colors combinations or maybe space planning, but they are missing a great opportunity for a wonderful remodeling or suggestion of distribution or accommodation, that does not necessarily means that you are going to spend a lot of money, but it definitely means that you are going to take advantage of the space that you have and bring any space that you want to life. It’s imperative to check previous work from the interior designers that you know or that someone recommended you, that way you will know about their styles and preferences and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for and what can they offer you.

At Trademark Renovations, you will find all the assessment that you need when it comes interior designing as they only work with professionals open to new ideas, with a lot of creativity that will understand you and provide the best service and quality in their work.

To be able to talk about benefits and drawbacks of infills vs new constructions let’s start clarifying some things. Infills refer to major refurbished into an existing house mostly in urban areas, is not necessarily a new construction. That being said let’s star with some benefits and drawbacks that new construction and Calgary infills have.

1. Location.
– Infill: A Calgary Infill will give the chance to stay in the same neighborhood or closest to the city or some urban area getting a major renovation into the house.
– New Construction: Should be built away from the urban area since there is no available space or is too expensive, but can be located anywhere else.

2. Conditions.
– Infill: An infill is conditioned to the old property space and sometimes the distribution as well, even if it is a complete makeover there are somethings that can’t be changed to preserve the structure, but nothing that a good design can’t fix.
– New Construction: For a new construction beside the loft space there are no more limitations or conditions, the house can be design from scratch and according to the homeowner needs and taste.

3. Finances
– Infill: An infill, nowadays, gets a lot of support and found to be made, mainly because the city needs a new look and need to make those old spaces completely new living spaces that will refresh the area. It can be as expensive as the homeowner wants.
– New Constructions: A new construction is always more expensive than an infill, more paperwork, more supplies, more materials, and of course, the complete design.

Both of them offer huge benefits and is hard to say wich one is best, but to make it easier it depends on the person economy, the location and the kind of space that they need. If a homeowner have that clear a desition will be easy to make. And Trademark Renovations can perform both, they are the best company for Calgary Infill jobs.

Need a fresh air and cozy space to live? If the answer is yes there is a bigger question, build a new custom home or renovate the old one. That is a tricky question, what is not tricky is deciding who will perform the job the best Calgary custom home builders are Trademark Renovations and they are also amazing building new houses. To answer and decide wich one to choose there is some factor that a homeowner need to consider.

– Cost
Remodeling an old house is always cheaper than building a new one that is a fact. But a new mortgage has a lowest interest rate and payments than an old one.

– Time
If the homeowner needs the job done ASAP remodeling is the choice to make but if there is no rush why not build a new one that will have a new modern great look and will last longer?

– Return
Even if selling is not a the goal of the renovation or construction project is always good to consider is our project will have a good return. Building a new house can be more expensive but also, dependingon how many square feets will be built, the type of materials, design and distribution can increase the return of the investment. On the other hand, a room addition will always increase the value of the property but not every renovation or remodel will do it, it can be less than getting a custom new home.

– Functionality and Appearance
It doesn’t matter if is a renovation project or a custom new home appearance is all, no one wants to live in an ugly space and less if it’s an investment. Specially if it is a renovation project every change you made should be in harmony with the entire home, make sure that room additions don’t look as an extra room, it has to match the property and every change that the contractor will do should do it as well. If it is a custom new home regular meetings with the design team will assure a perfect look.

If you have any construction project or you are thinking of building something, the best decision you can make is to hire a general contractor in Calgary to have great results and have things done the right way.

There are many general contractors in the Calgary area, they offer all the services that you need to complete your project successfully with experience and knowledge on the field such as plumbing, roofing, landscaping, flooring, basement constructions, and basically everything you need to complete your project.

There are a lot of benefits of working with a general contractor in Calgary, the most important one is that once you hire them and sign a contract specifying everything that you want in your construction, they will take care of everything from that point until the end of the project if that’s what you want, but if you want, you can be involved in all the process as well, being a part of the project and taking care of the decisions during the construction.

Another important advantage of working with a general contractor in Calgary is that your construction will be covered by insurance so if any accident occurs during the construction you won’t have to worry about being liable for any inconvenience or accident on the site.

And least but not last, you will save a lot of money if you decide to work with a general contractor in Calgary, as they already have their own providers and know exactly where to get everything they need, who to ask for every material they will be working with and for the best price saving both time and money for you.

It’s important for you to trust in a reputable, liable and experienced company such as Trademark Renovations that offers only experienced professionals to take care of whatever work you need, providing assessment and wonderful results.