People seek the simplest, easiest, and most economical approach when choosing a renovator, and usually hiring a single man seems a lot less complicated and the best way to go. However, it can prove to be otherwise depending on certain needs and expectations. A reputable renovation company can potentially do a significantly better job at the right price. Here are some differences between hiring a renovation company vs. one man show renovator which every homeowner must consider.

1. Time. There is only so much a single man can do in a particular time frame, compared to what an entire staff or renovators can accomplish given the same amount of time. A job well done will be completed tight on schedule.

2.Efficiency. Renovation companies often implement effective project management comprised of a well-planned streamlined process to follow trough. With the delegation of tasks and more hands to assist, renovation phases are done in the most efficient manner from start to finish, including cleaning up all the mess.

3. Expertise. Proper training and screening of all employees bestow them with the right knowledge and render them highly qualified to take on the job, and even provide valuable professional insights to help homeowners come up with the beautiful home they want.

4. Workmanship. Skillful hands multiplied by the number of renovators will undoubtedly deliver exquisite craftsmanship and stellar work in every detail of the home.

5. Experience. There are indeed one man contractors who possess both expertise and years of experience. Still, combined experiences of a whole team and varied work performed from small to large renovations outnumber that of a single person.

6. Convenience. The faster a renovation takes, the less inconvenient it is on anyone’s part and the sooner an entire family will enjoy their new space.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but a renovation company such as Trademark Renovations can provide a guaranteed, professional job for any type of renovation that a home might require.

A renovation company needs workers, suppliers, subcontractors, and equipment in order to operate efficiently. For a renovation company to continue operating smoothly despite inevitable losses and accidents, the company is required by law to purchase insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is necessary to cover any claims or losses for wich the renovation company is responsible for.

So, what insurance do renovation companies carry in Calgary?

1. Worker’s compensation and employers liability.
This insurances policy cover the renovator, their workers, subcontractor and other employees for any injuries sustained and or diseases that may arise while performing their duties.

2. Professional liability, errors and omissions.This is a policy that protects Calgary renovation companies id they are taken to court for negligent performing their duties even if they have not made a mistake. It covers errors, omissions, mistakes arising out of the work or services performed by a renovator or the employees of the company.

3. Automobile liability and property damage insurance.This insurance cover is required to be taken by all Calgary renovations companies that utilize vehicles, hired and non-hired, in the performance of their renovation job. It helps to pay for the damages caused by another vehicle, or other types of property renovation job.

4. Builder risk insurance.Aso know as a course of construction, this insurance policy covers buildings under renovation, as well as fixtures, material, and equipment used in the renovation project.

5. Commercial general liabilityCommercial liability is an insurance coverage that protects Calgary renovation companies from various claims such as personal injury, property damage, and other claims that can arise from company’s operations, premises, products, contractual liability; and advertising and personal injury liability.

The above-mentioned insurance policies shed light on what insurance do renovation companies carry renovations companies in Calgary? A majority of this policies are required by law while others are a condition of service by homeowners. It is imperative for every single renovation company Calgary to take out these insurance policies.

Home remodeling has several advantages. Apart from the aesthetics side, renovations can increase comfort, offer better security, provide a healthier, spacious, more efficient living environment and significantly enhance your quality of life. Here are a few practical benefits of renovating your home, so let’s talk about home renovation pricing.

Value-added EnhancementRemodeling adds value to the renovated space and the whole home. It can consequently impact your home resale value. That is why contractors sometimes have high fees. The first thing to know to learn about the pricing is the difference between markup and profit.

Markup applies to the profit and the overhead that business need to keep functioning is the charge that they get the cost. Most contractors have 1.5 markup, so let’s say a job cost $5,000 then they will multiply it for 1,5 so the sales price will be around $7,500. So the $5,000 are used to pay their expenses for salary, materials, and others and the rest is to make some profit.

Most people would think that contractors don’t have any overhead, but any business does one should consider advertising, job supervision, commissions, insurance, taxes, employee expenses, legal fees and more. As any business contractors have a lot of things to pay to make their business work and a really good and recognize contractor will make sure to get the best of the best so the expenses are higher.

One might think that a remodeling price is high sometimes and will get the cheaper option, but if one give it a second thought getting a cheaper option is not always the best idea because taking care of your home is like taking care of one, if one has healthy issues the best thing is to get the best insurance, the best doctor, and the best medical services, same thing happen with houses and remodeling or additions, because a house is one of the biggest expenses that a homeowner will make so it’s better to get a recognized contractor and a remodeling company such as trademark renovations.