Home renovations can be a pricey endeavour and can sometimes take months or even years to save up for. So why not maximize your projects and make them increase the value of your home while you’re at it? That way, your home can serve you as you live in it and when it comes time to sell.


Let’s take a look at some home improvement projects that can increase your home value the most.


3 Renovations That Will Increase Your Home’s Value


Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom renovations are guaranteed to increase the value of your home. But, generally speaking, when it comes to home improvement, bathrooms tend to be the last room in the house to be touched – and it shows. 


From a visual standpoint, outdated fittings, colour palettes, and fixtures aren’t appealing to anyone, from the homeowner to potential buyers. From a more practical perspective, the design of older bathrooms doesn’t tend to fit our needs anymore. 


By simply replacing the toilet, shower, and bath and updating the vanity and walls, you are instantly able to see your bathroom turn from outdated to modern. However, if you’re wanting your room to really pop, consider playing with tiles in the shower or wallpaper behind the vanity. Adding personality will take your renovation to the next level.


Kitchen Renovation


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not treat it with the love it deserves? Kitchen renovations are another excellent project to focus on when it comes to your home’s value, as potential buyers tend to place a lot of emphasis on this room.


Older homes often come with kitchen layouts that no longer work for us. From storage to accessibility, consider how a new design could better serve your needs. Additionally, kitchens feel bigger when there are fewer obstacles. By removing any over-counter cabinets that impede your vision, you’ll allow for the space to flow. 

We have a plan

As well, consider adding a kitchen island that can accommodate an eating bar if you don’t already have one.  Since the kitchen is such an integral part of the home, it’s important to create an opportunity for the whole family to gather in one place.


Deck Addition


This is a relatively straightforward project but can definitely increase the value of your home. Decks are seen as additional living space by homeowners and buyers alike, so don’t hesitate to maximize your home’s square footage by adding to it outdoors.


Whether it’s a simple space to place a barbecue on or an expansive backyard oasis featuring a fireplace and lighting, decks create an environment that homebuyers can envision having gatherings on.


When it comes time for your home renovation, it always helps to consider what you would look for as a potential buyer. Ultimately, however, don’t forget to consider your own needs; you’re living there, so you want your home to work for you!


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