Choosing to do a major renovation on your home can be exciting! Perhaps you’re taking on a fixer-upper, or maybe you simply want to update your home to better reflect your style. Regardless, this is an excellent opportunity to customize your house and modernize it.


However, before you dive into the construction phase, it’s important to take the time and properly plan your home renovation in Calgary. Let’s take a look at some elements you need to consider to ensure you’re setting your project up for success.


3 Considerations In Planning A Major Renovation


1. Budget


Determining your budget is arguably one of the most important aspects of planning your home renovation. Going over budget and adding financial strain to your project can make the whole process so much more stressful and emotionally taxing. Entering your renovation with an established number of how much you’re willing to spend will ensure you’re not trying to complete a project with money you don’t have. 


Additionally, calculating your budget will influence the types of materials and appliances you use in your renovation. Naturally, some cost more than others, so knowing how much money you’re working with will help you decide when to save and when you might be willing to splurge.


It’s recommended that you set at least ten percent of your budget to the side as a buffer. Particularly in major renovations, there’s a good chance that you’ll run into unexpected issues. This may be as simple as needing to replace some drywall or as complex as dealing with mould or asbestos. Regardless, having a reserve will ensure that you’re not pulling from other areas of your budget or trying to find additional money when problems pop up.

2. Contractor


Major home renovations in Calgary are a big investment, so you want to make sure you’re turning your house over to someone you trust. When it comes time to hire a contractor, take your time and do the research. Whether it’s looking at Google reviews or getting references from friends and family, seeing how past clients regard the companies they’ve worked with can help determine whether they’d be a good fit for you. Reputable renovation companies should make your life easier, not harder, during both the planning and construction stages.


3. Timeline


Working alongside your contractor, ensure you establish a timeline for your home renovation. Not only will this allow you to determine when your project will be completed, but it will also help inform how the budget will play into it; the more time a renovation takes, the more it will cost. 


Additionally, setting a timeline can help you schedule several smaller projects. For example, if you are renovating both your bathroom and your kitchen, it might make sense to coordinate each schedule so that the electrician can tackle both rooms at once.


When building your schedule, don’t forget to consider any holidays or days off, as well as the shipping and delivery of materials.


The planning stage of any major home renovation in Calgary is important, so don’t feel as though you have to rush it! Happy renovating!

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