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5 Things a Renovation Contractor Must Have

Experience: Anyone can call themselves a contractor. So the first thing a contractor must have is experience. Most renovation projects are not one simple job. They often involve plumbing, electrical, or framing work. If the contractor does not have experience in these types of work the job can, go over budget, not be completed, or done improperly.

References: If the contractor is on the up and up they will be happy to provide you with references from past jobs. Ask for names and phone numbers of past clients. Additionally, the contractor should have pictures of their work. Before and after pictures are the best.

Licensed: A licensed contractor has to have experience to obtain the license. They typically have to pass a test as well as a background test. Additionally, in most cases they must not have any pending complaints against their work. The other advantage is that should the work be sub-par the home owner can file a complaint against the contractor’s license. This will provide the homeowner with further guarantee of quality work.

Insured: This is a must have for anyone who will be working on private property. All property owners carry insurance in case of an accident on the property. However, the contractor should be responsible for any injuries that are sustained during a project. If they do not have proper insurance the home owner could be responsible for any injuries or damage to other property regardless of who caused the problem.

Good Credit Rating: Because renovations require money to complete it is important that your contractor have good credit. This will eliminate the need for property owners to fork out the money for materials in advance. The contractor should be able to purchase the materials they need on their own. Plus they are less likely to underbid a project because they are desperate for money. Underbidding often will result in either a sub-par job or increased costs once the project has been started.

Home renovations can be a fantastic way to increase the value of a property but finding the best contractor is the first step. At Trademark Renovations we have the 5 things a renovation contractor must have. Call for a quote today for a beautiful home tomorrow.

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