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Acreage Builds

Would you want more indoor or outdoor space? Or would you want a balance of both? There are people who are happy to live in a small home and enjoy a sprawling open space where they can take a walk, start a garden, or build a pool. There are also people who would rather have wide living rooms, large kitchens, and multiple entertaining areas in their homes. Aside from these choices, you should also try to assess any plans that you may have, like would you want a green house in a year or two or a 4-car garage for your future car collection? Knowing all of these factors and more can help your contractor in coming up with acreage house designs that will suit your exact needs.


Unfortunately, huge lands usually are situated in the countryside, so there is a possibility that you will not have direct access to electricity and water. Hence, your builder should prepare house plans acreage that will address these concerns. For instance, he can install a rainwater recovery system or a solar panel. Living in the country could also mean that you cannot enjoy the perks of having a regular waste collector dropping by your home. Your contractor can solve this by building your own waste treatment facility.


One of the benefits of living in the country is that you can enjoy an abundance of fresh air. You can take more advantage of this by placing windows strategically to promote air circulation. However, there are locations that are prone to tornadoes or get a lot of rain throughout the year, thus your builder should also make a house design that can withstand these natural perils.

Landscape Ideas

Acreage house plans should also include the exterior of the house, especially since you are certain to have a lot of outdoor space. Therefore, ask your builder to prepare a landscape design as well. If this is not his expertise, then you may have to hire a separate designer for this.

Possibility for Expansion

When building homes for acreage, you should also consider your plans for expansion. For example, if you plan to have more kids, then there is a possibility that you would have more bedrooms built in the future. Hence, your current acreage house plans should be designed with this in mind so that you will not have to tear down an entire wing of your acreage home to make way for those expansions.

Acreage homes usually take longer to build but if you choose an efficient contractor and if you address these considerations from the start, then mistakes can be prevented and you can have your home built in a shorter span of time.

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