Custom Home vs Renovating Old One

Building a Custom Home vs Renovating Old One

Need a fresh air and cozy space to live? If the answer is yes there is a bigger question, build a new custom home or renovate the old one. That is a tricky question, what is not tricky is deciding who will perform the job the best Calgary custom home builders are Trademark Renovations and they are also amazing building new houses. To answer and decide wich one to choose there is some factor that a homeowner need to consider.

– Cost
Remodeling an old house is always cheaper than building a new one that is a fact. But a new mortgage has a lowest interest rate and payments than an old one.

– Time
If the homeowner needs the job done ASAP remodeling is the choice to make but if there is no rush why not build a new one that will have a new modern great look and will last longer?

– Return
Even if selling is not a the goal of the renovation or construction project is always good to consider is our project will have a good return. Building a new house can be more expensive but also, dependingon how many square feets will be built, the type of materials, design and distribution can increase the return of the investment. On the other hand, a room addition will always increase the value of the property but not every renovation or remodel will do it, it can be less than getting a custom new home.

– Functionality and Appearance
It doesn’t matter if is a renovation project or a custom new home appearance is all, no one wants to live in an ugly space and less if it’s an investment. Specially if it is a renovation project every change you made should be in harmony with the entire home, make sure that room additions don’t look as an extra room, it has to match the property and every change that the contractor will do should do it as well. If it is a custom new home regular meetings with the design team will assure a perfect look.

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