home renovations calgary - Building an infill vs buying a new house

Building an infill vs buying a new house

A brand new home built on an old lot is known as Infill, this usually is decided when the lot has more value than the home that might have existed on it, so it’s better to increase the value of the property by demolishing that old house and building a brand new home.

The benefits of building an infill house is the design control, you get to decide exactly everything about the house, how big you want the rooms, how many bathrooms you need, where do you need them, where do you want your kitchen to be located, how high you want the ceiling to be, if you want a big space for your garden or your garage space, the options are infinite, it depends on what you want. Beside everything, it’s brand new and you can negotiate discounts from the builder saving several thousands of dollars and having everything exactly as you are looking for.

On the other side, if you want to buy an existing house the most important benefit that you have it’s that it’s ready to move. It might have some hidden costs because some things might need some maintenance or some small reparations causing some potential remorse, or maybe you want to remodel something, but this will be minor and faster than building a brand new house. Also when you buy a house it’s easier to visualize yourself and your family moving and making a life there, you don’t have to worry about legal considerations or construction loan and permits that you might have to deal with eventually if you decide to build a new house.

In both cases is important to have some reliable professionals that can help you either build a brand new house in case of an infill house to prepare the ground and build a house that is proportional to the lot or to help you out to repair those minor things that you found on the house that you just bought or to take care of the remodeling, take care of the electrical or plumbing problems that might appear as it’s not a new house, and the guys for this job are all in Trademark Renovations, providing all the assessment needed to make the right decision.

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