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Calgary Custom Home Builder

Calgary Custom Home BuilderVisualizing Your Dream Home Finding the perfect design can be difficult.

When starting plans for large renovations or building your home from scratch, the thought of giving a designer only a rough idea can leave you anxious about not knowing what you’re getting. While some of us struggle coming up with a full picture at all, others simply can’t decide on choosing one of their many ideas.

We’re committed to helping you every step of the way to draft your dream, whether it be from scratch or pinpointing the perfect plan. Here at Trademark Renovations, located in Calgary, custom home builders and designers are lined up waiting to bring your vision to life. How can your lifestyle guide your plan? If you have difficulty deciding on a plan, our clients regularly find the most helpful step to be picturing how your lifestyle can be used to shape your design.

Beautiful architecture is certainly a priority, but basing a foundation around practicality can ensure lasting comfort. Lifestyle considerations: ? Is time investment for maintenance a concern? Many homeowners marvel at the idea of marble countertops, however, they can be costly in the time it takes maintaining a proper coat of sealant to avoid stains and abrasions. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are naturally antimicrobial and more resistant to both stains and abrasions, requiring no need for care past simple wipedowns. Similarly, while wood shingles are often more beautiful than alternatives, you could find yourself spending considerable time cleaning and treating them.

These decisions require research when comparing upkeep versus beauty, however, at our headquarters in Calgary, custom home builders and designers are trained to provide the best possible solutions for you. ? Will you invite guests over often? If so, how many? Imagining the types of events you plan to host goes a long way towards deciding how to best distribute space between rooms on your floor plan. Additional considerations could be made towards dividing rooms with full walls, countertops or even no walls at all. Having more closed off areas allows each room to have a unique atmosphere, however, more open living spaces promote mingling at larger gatherings. ? Are you planning to live with children?

Children can drastically impact many plans you have for your home. We know that parents value their children’s safety above all else. For younger children, rounded edges are a must for preventing accidents, and we’re prepared to build beautiful designs that complement this unique trait to your home. Your vision brought to life At Trademark Renovations, our team values your design above all else. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your idea for years, or you’re coming up with it as you go, our designers are here to help. With years of experience backing us up, we’re committed to helping you decide the plans for your dream home with confidence. Feel free to contact us for assistance, or stop by the next time you’re in Calgary, where we have custom home builders and designers ready to help you make your dream a reality Calgary Custom Home Builder
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