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Condo Remodelling

More and more people are now interested to own a condo unit because they are much cheaper than house-and-lot packages, and condo buildings are usually situated in the city near offices and schools. Condo units, however, often offer limited space, which is why one of the first things owners do is to have a condo remodel project to make the place give an illusion of a wider space and to customize its design. Condo renovations are a bit challenging, though, simply because you will be working within the space you own and some developers have limitations on the changes that you can do. This is why it is still best to hire a builder who is experienced on condo remodelling projects.

Once you have found a builder, it is time to brainstorm on possible condo remodelling ideas. Here are some that you may want to consider applying to your unit.

Pull-Out Cabinets

These are great for the kitchen. Since you are less likely to have space for an island counter top, have pull-out cabinets installed instead. These cabinets slide smoothly under your counter top, then when you need more space when preparing the ingredients for you dishes just pull them out and you will instantly have more surface area to work on.

Use the Right Colors and Lines

The best way to make rooms look larger is to paint the walls with light colors, like white and pastel shades. You may add some accents like straight lines that run across a wall, but stick to thin lines and it would be better to paint them vertically to give the illusion of a high ceiling.

Built-In Storage Spaces

Avoid buying bulky cabinets. Instead, make use of that space below your existing closets. You may also add an elevated floorboard and install drawers on the sides. You may even build a pull-out bed from under it. Speaking of bed, there are beds for sale now that have drawers installed under them. For your living room, find a sturdy storage box that can also be used as a center table.

Add Vertically

You can extend your cabinets vertically until they reach the ceiling. These will serve as great storage spaces for things that you seldom use, like that delicate chinaware that you reserve for special parties. It would be best if the cabinets meet the ceiling seamlessly, as any space in between them will only be a harbor for dust and dirt.

Aside from these condo remodel ideas, you can also be creative with your interior decorating. For instance, instead of placing your curtain rod right on top of the window frame, you can extend it higher to give the impression of larger windows.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do during your condo renovations to improve whatever little space you have. As for the condo remodelling cost, you can always ask your builder to work on a budget. You may also work on one room at a time to give you a chance to save some money in between.

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