DIY vs Renovation Contractor

DIY Vs. a Renovation Contractor

Marketing to the do-it-yourself homeowner has become a huge industry in North America. Tasks that at one time were only attempted by trained, licensed, and insured renovation contractors are now attempted by an army of weekend warriors stepping into the role of role of renovation specialists in their own homes. This is the backdrop for the important discussion regarding DIY vs. a renovation contractor. There is much about the do-it-yourself movement that is to be commended. People that try to tackle their own renovations show courage in tackling a challenge, they learn new skills in another industry, and by their sweat and labor they show that they understand the value of a dollar.

Having said this, in the discussion regarding DIY vs. a renovation contractor there are some things that must be seriously considered. The first is skill. While nearly every North American man likes to throw around a baseball, most will admit that pitching in a major league game is not within their ability. It is much the same when the average homeowner attempts to leap into serious home renovations. Yes, there are many books and videos available, but these do not teach the innate talent of a craftsman, nor do they impart the skills learned over decades of working the trade of a renovation contractor. Simply put, the ability to drive a nail does not make one a renovation contractor any more than being able to put a worm on a hook makes one a professional fisherman. There are some aspects of both baseball and fishing that the average man can do, but when it comes to serious baseball and commercial fishing, it is best left to the professionals. This is also true in the arena of renovation construction.

While the do-it-yourself homeowner will get much pride from a job well done, they have just as great a chance of having a lot of mess, frustration, headache and extra costs when tackling renovations. When one considers the choice of DIY vs. a renovation contractor one must take into consideration that the renovation contractor’s years of experience will aid him in getting the job done right, on time, and on budget. Yes, the homeowner can attempt to tackle a serious renovation, but if he wants a quality job done with the least amount of hassle and headache, he should contract with a reputable renovation contractor.

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