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Do Housing Renovations Add Value?

Remodeling, renovating as well as improving home may be some of the great ways to gain

extra space, give it a makeover, or even make it possible for one to stay in place for long period

of time. But the question is; do housing renovations add value? The day may come when one

wishes to sell it and in preparation for this possibility, always put in mind that not all the home

improvements are usually created equal. In fact, some renovations will increase the value of the

home while others will make selling even more difficult.

Projects with very high resale value

A number of projects usually add more resale value compared with others. The following are

some of the projects that generally have the greatest financial impact:

§ Outdoor improvements­ Houses normally make the first impression very quickly and

therefore spicing up its surrounding is an extremely smart investment. This includes

siding as well as landscaping, especially in the front yard.

§ Kitchens – Many people like to see the modern conveniences and also styles in the

kitchen. Particularly in older homes, improvements in the kitchen tend to add value.

§ Bathrooms – Second to the kitchen remodels are the bathroom remodels. Also,

modernizing older styles or even appliances results in good return.

§ Roofs and windows – They are usually expensive to replace and many buyers

normally expect them to be in a good condition. Unfortunately, while replacing them will

not dramatically increase the resale value, replacing them could not significantly

decrease it.

Projects that negatively affect resale value

The following are some of the general indicators that housing renovations might have negative

resale value.

§ Rooms that do not fit with the floor plan – It’s absolutely true that converting the back patio to

the family room can be a perfect way of adding more space to the home. However, if the dining

room window looks into the family room, definitely it will not be well loved by the buyers.

§ A swimming pool – A swimming pool may look like the ultimate luxury but when it comes to

selling the home, it can be more of a hindrance than a help. It can actually be seen as a safety

hazard by those parents with small kids.

These are some of the projects that can absolutely answer the question, do housing renovations

add value?

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