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Dormer Additions

A Dormer Addition is a fantastic way to add light to your home and make it feel overall bigger. Like everything else in your home, the design of your Dormer can be very important. Dormer Additions can be added to the front or back of your home. The overall goal of this kind of addition is to give your home’s second or third floor additional space and flexibility. In addition to all of this, Dormer Additions are a fantastic way to increase curb appeal.

Unlike many construction projects, adding a Dormer will likely not get in the way during your day-to-day living. Also, due to the nature of our crew, you will hardly know that we are working in your home. In order for us to do this addition, we need to raise a portion of your front or back roof, and cut out the exterior wall. During the construction, most home owners decide to add a large window as part of their new Dormer. This allows a greater amount of light to come into your home. Building a new Dormer will make your home feel bigger, increase curb appeal, and increase the light that enters your home.

There are many different options to consider when it comes to making an addition to your home. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call! We will walk you through the steps and requirements for each and every project out there. Not only this, we will tell you what our professionals can add to your project. To ensure you are left with peace of mind, we guarantee all of our projects to be properly constructed, and meet your every expectation. Beauty is perspective and we work with each and every customer to ensure their beauty standards are met.

For more information on how we can add life to your home, contact us today!

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