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Economic Solutions for Your Luxurious Kitchen Design

All across the vast plain of the internet, there are sites and articles that have been forged by individuals who boast themselves as the ambassadors of the luxury kitchens industry. In reality, the word “luxury” has become repeated countless times to the masses and these products could literally be a toothbrush to a kitchen counter. The word has become a marketing tool for people who are looking for products of an elite nature and a separation from the mass market.

When it comes to the design of a luxury kitchen, there are ways to get the very best of luxury without breaking the bank. If you are indeed taking on the endeavor of planning and designing a luxury kitchen and are looking to save a little money in the process, here are some great ideas that will focus in on the details that will benefit your luxury kitchen project without overspending.

Overlay granite in place of traditional granite

Many companies out there produce polymer/granite “Shell” that is fitted to be laid directly over your counter top. How does it look? It looks like you didn’t spare any expense on a luxurious granite countertop for half or less than you would have with the traditional granite.

Ceramic tiles sans marble

Thanks to the cost conscience minds of the industry, there are several varieties of ceramic tiles that visibly look identical to marble but are drastically cheaper.

High-end in laminate wood flooring instead of hardwood flooring

Hardwood as we all know is pricey and the maintenance can be a chore. High-end laminate can easily imitate the beauty hardwood and best of all it is available in several different styles. Another bonus, it doesn’t scratch as easily like hardwood and also it can get wet.

Deep bowl sinks instead of granite

When using granite, sinks can certainly get expensive and that goes for the other types of solid material. If you utilize a stainless steel deep bowl sink with a few compartments instead, it will give your kitchen the sophistication and desired look while maintaining balance in your wallet.

Stainless steel finish appliances in place of stainless steel

Stainless steel finished appliances are now being offered by manufacturers as an economic substitute for stainless steel. These appliances are good for avoiding fingerprints unlike stainless steel and it keeps its sleekness while remaining price friendly.

Off the shelf lighting fixtures instead of crystal and the more costly fixtures

Under the counter, recessed, pendant lighting fixtures can get pricey. There are varieties that are widely available at your corner hardwood store.

Use re-face wood cabinets opposed to brand new

With this idea, you keep the original cabinet but apply a finished laminate directly over the old original. The drawer fronts and all the cabinets are new but with an added door pull, the result is a look that is purely classy without letting go of the extra funds.

Ceramic and glass tile instead of mosaic and granite

Mosaic and granite tiles are very expensive and a real pain to install. Instead, there are limitless options for ceramic and glass tiles available widely and where you can still get that backsplash sleek look with spending too much.

It’s Your Little Secret

There are amazing options out there for you to still get that dramatic look of style and class without ever having to put too much of your hard earned cash into the whole project. When you have guests over for dinner, they will look around in admiration at one of the most luxurious kitchens they have ever come across and in the back of your mind, you chuckle, because you know how much it actually cost and that’ll be your little secret.

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