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European Inspired Home Improvements

Calgary Kitchen Renovations: European Inspired Home Improvements

When it comes to Calgary kitchen renovations, people tend to follow familiar trends when it comes to home improvement and design ideas. However, this does not always mean that such designs are the best, hence the need to look elsewhere for inspiration. And when it comes to this, Europe has proved to have some of the best home designs that you can consider. These include;

  1. The Finnish Dish Drying Closets Designed by Maiju Gebhard, a Finnish Designer, these dish drying closets have been made to make the process of dish drying much easier and more efficient. On the outside, this closet usually resembles a kitchen cabinet. However, on the inside, it has shelves that are made of metal or plastic dish slots while the bottom part of the cupboard has been left open to allow water to drain off. Something to consider in your next Calgary kitchen renovations project.   

2.Self-Locking Doors Most European homes and apartments have self-locking front doors. This means that you can comfortably leave your home without having to worry about whether your front door is actually locked or not. Most of the self-locking doors are sturdier and are designed with deadbolts that help in making them a more secure option.  

3.Italian Combination Shutters The fact is; window coverings are very essential components of our homes. Even though most Canadian homeowners prefer the internal window coverings like blinds and drapes, external window coverings are known to offer a range of benefits. For instance, window shutters always offer excellent home privacy, while other designs offer rotating blinds for easier light control.

4.Hard Flooring While most Canadians love wall-to-wall carpeting, this is not suitable for the European weather. For this reason, most European homeowners usually opt for different hard flooring options like tiles, wood, stone, cement and terrazzo, very different compared to how kitchen renovations in Calgary are done. These are more hygienic, easier to clean and can be used by people with dust or mildew allergies.  

Other European-inspired home improvements you can consider include; tilt-and-turn windows, the light kill switch, window clotheslines, rolladens bidets and radiators for home heating. Whether you need the best of Calgary Kitchen renovations or you would like to implement any of these options in your Canadian home, there are renovation and home improvement experts that can help.  

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