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Few of the Most Popular Interior Design Styles

There are different stylistic approaches to the interior design profession; here are a few of the most popular interior design styles:

1. Modern Minimalist Style

This style is a form of extreme accuracy, where nothing is too much in terms of design, without heavy backgrounds to balance the features out. There is an emphasis on simplicity, where the colors may be dull or bright, but ensuring that they stand out in the space. Pieces are different kinds of geometric shapes – square, rectangular, or round, but the surfaces are clean,  meaning there is no scenery & no details. Minimalist modern style by its name, illustrates the simplified forms of the aforementioned information.

2. Classic Style

A refined style that is developed and rich in details, which are found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc. as well as in sets and prints for the home. The furniture is the “art” of the so-called “canvas”, may it be carved or inlaid details and applied to an area that needs some color. The room(s) may be decorated with floral elements, vegetables, various leitmotif, or scenes drawn from legends.

3. Rustic Style

Style structure is a crude image, with rough details; structure elements of furniture and/or lighting can be in tree trunks, logs, branches, or jute. The style is found in mountain vacation homes, and in many cases, rural areas.

4. Classic Reinterpreted Style

It is a refined style, where classic form and details are found in a new approach. The form preserves the structure of older styles or parts in general, with some elements of a furniture style combined with modern elements, creating that fusion between old and new. Finishing parts are painted and varnished, with different and innovative colors, surface gold, silver, and finished with patina or serigraphic elements.

5. Retro Style

The style of ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, a period that created a style of design that inspired today’s modern looks. The rooms have a playful approach and a somewhat funny structure, their form and the play of colors and prints are found in most pieces. In this era of design, one can find for the first time new approaches to design forms, yet they remain true to the traditional design lines. Prints with geometric shapes, lines, plaid or printed with illustrations belonging to the Pop Art style are another example of this era’s design.

6. Maverick Style

A new part of interior design style, where the approach is very inventive, unusual and unconventional. The style usually promotes feelings of youth, explosiveness, creativity, and a little bit of not respecting the rules. Joining pieces, overlapping volumes and twisting colors that can be randomly chosen for the same styles of spaces, which can obtain the structure of this style.

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