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How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Home (Calgary Home Renovation)

Calgary Home Renovation: Tiles

Tiles are practical, economical, beautiful and durable products that are found in most homes today and are widely used in Calgary home renovation. As much as they are commonly used, not all tiles are good for all surfaces. For this reason, when choosing tiles for the walls, floors or backsplashes in your home, you need to select those that are suitable for that specific surface, environment or room. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing your tiles.


Note that the durability of tiles is largely dependent on the materials and their finish. Ceramic tiles in particular are normally measured by their hardness. Ideally, the hardness of the tile is what determines the surface and the area where that tile will be used. The best thing is that the information about their hardness is normally indicated on the box. Note that hard tiles may be uncomfortable to stand on, particularly for longer periods of time, but are more resistant to chipping and cracking.

2.Porosity Level

The tiles’ porosity level usually indicates the type of environment that those tiles can best work in. For instance, an extremely porous or non-vitreous tile like terracotta may not be ideal for use in a shower stall. This is because this type usually absorbs a large amount of water, and this is likely to damage the drywall, joists as well as the subfloor. For this reason, you need to use impervious or vitreous materials within your shower stall, when doing Calgary home renovation.

3.The Installation and Labor Cost

The installation and labor costs for tile installation usually vary based on the materials used and the tile project itself. While the average wage per hour for tile setters ranges from 12.75 to 38.90 dollars per hour, different factors usually affect the price for a tile laying project. For instance:

a.Smaller tiles are likely to cost you more to install since they take more time to lay.

b.Some materials are quite difficult to work with, hence require more time and specialized expertise to handle.

c.Wall tilling projects tend to be costlier than floor tiling projects.

d.More complex styles including boarders, tile cutting, patterns and mosaics are costlier and

e.If some demolition is required before installation, you are likely to pay more.

4.The Grout

Grout is an extremely important part of a tiling project, unless you opt for the peel and stick tiles. Ideally, grout is what keeps the tiles together and also sealed to the surface. You can either use the cement grout which comprises of Portland grout with other fillers or Epoxy grout which is typically made of epoxy resin and fillers. Note that cement grout is not usually waterproof and tends to stain, though it is cheaper and easier to handle, while the epoxy grout is waterproof, does not stain and is a bit expensive.

By putting all these factors into consideration, you are guaranteed of the best tiling that matches your space, meets your needs and is properly installed. If you need help with the selecting and installation of the best tiles for your home or property, there are Calgary Home Renovation experts that can help you out.

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