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Interior Design Trends for 2016

2015 is gone! And 2016 is ready to amuse all of us, every year brings different objectives, fashion, trends and more, interior design is not the exception, is coming with a lot of surprises and new styles that will suit every homeowner needs. There are a few great trends that will put your 2016 in, take a look at this interior design tips.
-Outdoors In:2016 is all about bringing the nature inside the house, a great way to do this is decorating using greens and interior plants, also using outside – inside furniture.
– Geometric Tiles:The contemporary and modern design is in and it’s bringing their geometric shape style into all. Geometric shapes add some movement to the house, wood ad cement will be geometric now adding a strong touch to the house.
– Sustainability:
Big and small companies are designing furniture and decoration items that can be sustainable and eco-friendly, 2016 is all recycling.
– Minerals: If you want a natural glow at home minerals are your first choice, they can bu put everywhere doors, frames, counter tables, and will add an amazing fresh lock.
– Metals and Metallics70’s are back and they are bringing their hottest trends into 2016, get ready to mix metals and metallics to get a great new, retro lock for home.
– Artisan:Basketry, tassels, crochet and more just embrace them. This new trend can add some magnificent artistic vintage lock to your house, explore your options, there is always a good thing to find from different cultures, those will add a personal cozy touch.
This incoming year is all about nature elements, sustainability and vintage style, make sure you have everything to get a fancy home, and an amazing interior design. Remember that the best professional help that you can get is at Trademark Renovations, they will help you with the decoration and all the renovations and additions that you might need.

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