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Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Renovating the kitchen can significantly increase the value of a house and, therefore, is the first on the list of improvements that people plan to do. In this article, you will find out which are the most important steps you need to follow to create a modern and functional space. So, if you want to see this kitchen renovation checklist, keep reading.

1. Consider the way you currently use the space and how the kitchen reflects your lifestyle. Do you want an intimate place to enjoy coffee and read the newspaper or a perfect space for family activities, children’s homework and cooking projects?

2. Look for sources of inspiration. Start planning the kitchen renovation with a visit to the modern furniture showrooms and kitchen accessories. Here you will find the latest trends in kitchen design, in terms of floors, walls and countertops. Browse magazines about interior design and renovations for tips and techniques.

3. Draw up a plan. Consolidate your ideas and set the budget. As a rule, add 20% for unexpected costs.

4. Insert modern elements to obtain a contemporary look, with high functionality. Among the most popular design elements are: double sink, customized cabinets and islands, stone and decorative glass tiles, modern lighting.

5. Respect the “work triangle” of the kitchen. Many of the complaints about kitchens are about the lack of organization in the kitchen. This triangle consists of imaginary lines connecting the fridge, cooker and sink. For overall efficiency, the distance between these lines should not exceed 7-8 meters.

6. Rely on elegance. Focus on using materials and accessories that give the impression of quality, warmth and classic design. To create an elegant and spacious kitchen, use granite or marble materials and stainless steel appliances. Furthermore, combining different textures, colors, sizes and types of tile (natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass), embrace neutral colors and use more white. If you have a balcony or a pantry near the kitchen, give up partitions to open space and get a brighter space.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, the center of the family and its renovation is also one of the smartest investments you can make. Follow trends in design and never ignore the practical element.

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