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Mistakes We Make When Designing a Kitchen

The kitchen is a space where utility, order and functionality must be ground rules for planning and designing. However, there are mistakes that homeowners do when designing a kitchen and we are going to talk about them in the following article.

1. Classic is best

Many kitchens are created on the same principle: a long countertop with drawers under and closed shelves above, aligned with the sink and the stove. Experts in kitchen furniture recommend the form of a triangle, with the cooking area (countertop), stove and sink put at the ends of the triangle.

2. Tile from top to bottom

Do you ever think that your kitchen has the air of a hospital? If this is the case, you should remove the tiles that cover all four walls and put them only in the places where the walls could get dirty. For the rest of the room you can use a washable or steam resistant wallpaper.

3. The white fridge

Lately refrigerators can be found in all colors and patterns, with interesting, retro looks. These are indeed more expensive, but a black or red fridge will become the center of interest in your kitchen.

4. Big tables in the center of the kitchen

If you have a large family and all members have time to eat together every day, the presence of a big table in justified. However, if you rarely use it, you should change it. Try a table that you can put on one wall or a folding table.

5. The door is absolutely necessary

Many people are wary of open kitchens because they think the fumes and smell of food will go in the house. To solve this issue, you can invest in a high performance hood and get rid of the door. In its place you can build a bar or you can even set up a dining table.

6. The kitchen is only for cooking and eating

Why exclude any other activity in the home kitchen? For example, if you place a chair there, you can enjoy reading while you wait for the food to be ready. Your guests will enjoy comfortable chairs to sit at a glass of wine in the kitchen. By doing this, the kitchen can quickly become a space of socialization.

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