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Professional Renovation Saves Homeowners Time, Money

From small jobs to entire home make-overs, an increasing number of homeowners are electing to employ a professional renovator for their luxury home renovations. Service packages range from conceptual consultations to all-inclusive renovations and provide myriad benefits when compared to a do-it-yourself approach.

Time-Saving Efficiencies

Generally speaking, professional renovators employ or subcontract to a large number of trades, from architects to plumbers. They are able to orchestrate these services in a way that provides maximum result in a minimum amount of time. The key to the success of this sort of project, the renovator acts as a contractor, bringing trades in and out of the project in the most effective sequence.

Fraud Avoidance

Unfortunately, many of the construction trades are notorious for fraudulent activity, anything from doctored invoices to fabricated credentials. These industry vultures prey on ignorant and trusting clients and often leave the homeowner with an incomplete project, financial difficulties, or both. The professional renovator has experience in this field. Tradespeople know better than to employ any subpar practices. In the rare event that a subcontractor persists in being unscrupulous, the renovator can easily smoke out and remove this detriment to the project.

Insurance and Warranty

The majority of homeowners who attempt home-improvement projects do so without knowledge of important insurance liabilities. For example, if I homeowner were to repair the railing to his or her staircase, which then collapsed causing injury to a house-guest, the homeowner could be financially, or in extreme cases, criminally liable. Any reputable home renovation specialist will carry insurance on their work, removing the homeowner from liability. Likewise, if a home-repair comes undone or causes further home damage the homeowner will have no financial recourse if the project was conducted personally. Professional home renovators typically ensure their work for one year after the date of final payment.


Finally, and most importantly, the professional renovator removes the risk of personal injury to the property owner. These professionals employ licensed and trained tradespeople who utilize redundant precautions when dealing with dangerous work situations. Any home improvement can result in injury, but certain situations (heights, electricity, power equipment, etc) require even more diligence on the part of the worker.

While a first-time homeowner may be inclined to view the fee charged by a professional renovator as an additional and unnecessary expense, a seasoned property owner will disagree. This charge accounts for a small fraction of the final bill and ensures efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.

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