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Second Storey Addition

Many homeowners in large cities are tending to find it is more cost-effective and makes more sense to build up rather than outwards. A Second Story Extension is an amazing way of accomplishing this desire. To get it done properly, we always recommend you do your research first, and possibly contact a professional. At Trademark Renovations, we provide quality construction, beautiful results, and enjoyable journeys.

While simply wanting a Second Story Extension sounds straightforward, it most certainly is time consuming and difficult. By adding a second story to your home, you need to first remove your entire roof before anything gets done. After the roof has been removed and everything has been disconnected from the roof (i.e HVAC, air, electrical, and anything else), we will be ready to start construction. The number of rooms in your new addition will be limited by the space on the lower floor. After all, we can’t build the second floor larger than the main floor.

Adding a second story to your home is our number one recommended method of gaining addition space. By giving yourself more space, you will also inadvertently give yourself more freedom. Freedom of moving, storage, sleeping, and living! While many people choose to use their new floor for bedrooms, it can also be a great new space for lounging, working, and recreation. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your home. Don’t think a second story is the right choice for you? We promise to find you the right solution with a free consultation.

While many people tend to overlook their homes, they are what we spend most of our time in. From sleeping, to cooking, to relaxing, we believe you shouldn’t overlook what’s important in your life. We encourage you to think about what your friends, loved ones, and even colleagues might think about your home. From the minute they enter your door, we believe it is important for guests to be amazed and always feel at home.

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