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Top 10 Home Renovations in Canada for 2018

TOP 10 In Calgary Home Renovation Trends

Strong competition and limited housing supply has made Canadian home renovations including basement renovations in Calgary to be more feasible options than purchasing new property. This year alone, Canadians have spent billions of dollars on home improvements. Below are the top 10 Calgary home renovation projects that have been carried out in Canada this year:

  1. Door and Window Upgrades

On average, door and window upgrades can cost up to $8,522. This Calgary home renovation project is particularly costly since doors and windows usually play a significant role in the appearance of the building. The upgrades usually involve a number of services including the replacing of existing fixtures.

  1. Roofing

This year alone, there have been so many Canadians that have been keen on re-doing their roofs particularly in preparation for the harsh winter conditions. A typical roof refinishing project may involve the very simple re-shingle process or total roof replacement.

  1. Floor Laying

New flooring projects have also become very popular in Canada this year. Floor installations are a great renovation since they always have a significant return on investment and always have a big impact on a room’s appearance. On average, Canadians have been willing to spend between $2000 and $4500 on floor laying renovation projects.

  1. Tiling

Tiling projects have also continued rise in popularity in the recent past. And this can largely be attributed to the fact that these kinds of projects usually have very quick installation timelines, while the product selection is quite versatile.

  1. Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations have also made it to the top home improvement projects. Ideally, the cost of this type of Calgary home renovation project is depended on a number of factors including; the project scope, location and the materials involved. An average Canadian is willing to spend approximately $14,479.10 on their kitchen renovations.

  1. Painting

Painting projects are also popular home renovation projects among the Canadian population. Even though it is it is a very common DIY project, it is always important to hire a professional especially when you are handling a large exterior painting project or if you are not experienced in wall preparation.

  1. Fence Construction

Fence construction is another popular home improvement project particularly when it comes to fencing properties. Ideally, the cost of fencing usually varies depending on the materials being used. The installation technique and the level of privacy needed.

  1. New Decks

New decks have become a very popular home improvement option in Canada. And this can largely be attributed to the fact that Canadians love their patios during summer as well as winter. On average, Canadians are ready to spend up to $6,603.30 on deck projects.

  1. Basement Renovation

If you want to maximize the living space in your home, basement renovation is a great way to achieve this. Besides being affordable, they have one of the best returns on investment. On average, most Canadians are willing to spend up to $17,785 on basement renovation or remodeling.

  1. Bathroom Renovations

Ideally, 50% of Canadian provinces have bathroom renovations as the most preferred renovation options. Moreover, a typical bathroom renovation project usually takes a short period of time depending on the size and scale of the project. In addition, it will also improve home efficiency as well as the overall bathroom experience.

Home renovations are a great way to improve the appearance and functionality of your home without incurring the huge cost or purchasing a new home. However, it is always advisable to involve experts. If you are looking for experts with experience in basement renovations in, Calgary there are renovation contractors that can help.

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