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Top 8 Kitchen Renovation Tips for 2015

A kitchen renovation is a great thing to do if the homeowner is looking to increase the value of the property or just get a new look for their house with some home renovation. Every year different trends and tips take place in the designers world. 2015 is no exception, here the top 8 kitchen renovation tips for the homeowner.

1. New functionality. For this year cabinet drawers and doors function is changing, big companies are developing space saving models that actually look really good and will give your kitchen a brand new modern look.
2. Fresh Hues. Not only cabinets are getting new looks but also sinks, forget about the classic white or pale colors and go for fresh hues, this will pop out a specific part of the kitchen.
3. More kitchen storage. This is an issue even if you have a big kitchen space, so the trend solution is custom made furniture, drawers with multi levels with definitely increase your storage.
4. Automation. Technology is everywhere and your kitchen needs it too, you can use technology in the lights, alerts from the oven to your cell, the sink, and basically for everything that you can think of.
5. Elegant countertop. Don’t forget that countertops are like the cherry for the cake, nowadays you have several models that can help you save money and still add a great look to your kitchen.
6. Mix Materials. This not only applied for countertops if you a fashionista mixing materials will blow your mind. Yo can use wood as steel or granite on the counter tops or on the cabinets as well.
7. Architectural Lines. This might be all you need to get a new look for your kitchen. Companies have different kind of faucets that can help with this purpose, and if you need a modern look to maximize the effect use neutral colors.
8. Home and kitchen should be one. Kitchens are not only kitchens anymore, you spend a lot of time there and they add comfort and elegance to your home, so put your home style to your kitchen.

This are the new trends for this year, Trademark Renovations know all about them and all about kitchen renovations, they can provide you a great team to get the style that will fit your home.

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