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What are the main things to change in a kitchen remodeling?

Kitchen renovations not only help increase the resale value of a home but also ease up a person’s lifestyle by adding convenience. With just the right idea, the kitchen can be converted into an art piece. So, what are the main things that can be changed during the renovation?

1. Flooring material used

The quality of the flooring material used in the kitchen should be of high standards. For instance, one can opt for melamine, particleboard, wood veneer, laminate or MDF depending on taste. What’s important here is durability and the owner’s preference.

2. Cabinet heights and appearance

If the kitchen has a high ceiling (8 foot to be precise) then the height of the cabinets should be just as tall. This will increase storage space. Better yet, the ‘extra’ wall space can be used for hanging artwork or for an open shelf. A 15 to 18-inch space should be left for a ceiling higher than eight feet. The appearance of the cabinetry can also be tweaked to look different. It can either be painted or stained depending on your choice.

3. Countertops

To add some warmth and elegance to the kitchen, the countertops should look elegant. Using white Carrara marble or even stained wood should do the trick. For an even more sophisticated look, Wiarton limestone, honed Kirkstone slate, soapstone or plastic laminate (with wooden edges) can be used.

4. Kitchen surfaces

Kitchen surfaces should be easy to clean. Any surface with an intrinsic texture like terra coat, slate, brick or tumbled marble (no pun intended) are hard to clean but do an excellent job of concealing the odd speck. Those in a lighter color like white laminate or ceramic are easy to clean and show everything.

5. Lighting

A kitchen renovation project may also involve redesigning the lighting. The key thing here is that it should correspond to the adjacent room’s design.

These are the key areas often considered during a kitchen remodelling. Contact Trademark renovations for more ideas on the same.

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