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What Is The Worst Investment For a Home Renovation?

Home renovations are crucial to increase the curb appeal and value, more so when planning to

sell it. However, have in mind that the cost incurred may not be recouped satisfactorily as one

may wish. To avoid frustrations, do renovations with the help of trademark Renovations that will

add value to your home and get 100% money back when the house is resold. But what is the

worst investment for a home renovation? Well, most people don’t know what to renovate and

what to leave unattended. This article comprise of home renovations that may not add any

difference to your home.

So, what is the worst investment for a home renovation?

An in­ground pool

People have different thinking of renovations. When one think the value of a home will be

increased by an in­build pool, the buyer may think otherwise and see it as wasted space.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars building a pool, do some research and renovate

something that most buyers may like.

Replacement of windows

If the windows are not appealing to the eye, then something need to be done. Although

replacing the windows will increase the curb appeal of a home, it will do little to reduce the

heating cost but can easily exceed the total replacement cost above $20k. A better investment

for a home renovation is tuning the windows by getting rid of air leaks to make them operate

better. Renovating old windows would be better than doing a complete replacement.

Garage addition

To increase the value of a home, some people may opt to add another garage to the existing

one. With several cars, it might be a good idea. However, some potential buyers may not be

interested in more than one garage and that may not add any value to the home. A good garage

may cost approximately $82,310 building from foundation to roofing.


Roofing is a necessity for any house irrespective of the color and design. If the house is not

leaking, then doing a replacement of the roof may not be a good investment. This might not

fetch any extra cash during a resale, but repairing any leaking or destroyed shingles may be a

better option.

Get value for money and do valuable renovations with the help of experienced, licensed and

certified contractors at Trademark Renovations Company.

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