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What Questions To Ask Home Renovation Contractors When Contracting For a Renovation?

Renovating a home increases the property value not to mention the fact that renovations can transform a dull old home into a beautiful and functional haven. For any renovation project is always important to get a contractor that one can work with to get the job done to your satisfaction. Among the things that one should have when hiring a remodeling contractor is a note with a list of what questions to ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a renovation? Below are some of these key questions.

1. How long have you been in business and how many such tasks have you undertaken in the past one year?
It is always good to choose an established contractor who has more expertise and experience in the field. Such contractors have a reputation to uphold and you are guaranteed that you are putting your renovation project in the hands of someone who takes it as seriously as you do.

2. Can I get to meet the foreman or the sub-contractor involved?
In most cases contractors concentrate on getting new business and delegate the actual work to staff members or subcontractors. Before you can even seal the deal get to meet the subcontractor or foreman who will be directly involved in your project. A contractor will always give you the best man in the team if you ask to meet the person before hiring and entrusting your project to them. This means that you are more likely to get a person that is easy to work with and one who will deliver the required services to your satisfaction.

3. How did you arrive at the bid given and is it is the actual cost or an estimate?
This one is the question that you should never miss in your list of what questions should I ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a renovation? Get to know how the contractor calculated the cost of the project and whether the bid given to you is the actual cost or an estimate when the actual cost will either go up or down.

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