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What’s the Most Problematic Part of a Kitchen Renovation?

Deciding to renovate a home’s kitchen is a big step for any homeowner. Whether a redesign is necessary because the kitchen isn’t functional anymore or to maximize space, it’s a massive endeavor. Many homeowners want to simply demo the kitchen and start from scratch when remodeling, but that isn’t always necessary. In fact, the most problematic part of a kitchen renovation is deciding what design meets the inhabitants needs and budget. To make finding the right design for a kitchen easier, homeowners and contractors should work together to create a design that is cost-efficient, simple, practical, and multi-functional.

Consider Available Space

The first step in kitchen renovations is to evaluate available space. If the space available isn’t enough to create a functional design, it may be necessary to add more space to the kitchen or trim the design.

Entertain Creative Concepts

Many contractors work with designers to develop creative concepts to solve kitchen design dilemmas. It may cost more to have a designer create a kitchen design plan, but if it creates more usability and functionality in the space, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Keep it Cost Efficient

One mistake many homeowners make with kitchen renovations is completely demoing the kitchen including the cabinets. Today there are so many options that allow many fixtures in the kitchen to be salvaged and re-purposed. Before any demoing is done, it’s important to consider all cost efficient ideas such as painting cabinets or kitchen trim instead of simply replacing with new units.

Simple and Practical

A grand chandelier may seem like a great idea on paper, but if a home only has 8-foot ceilings, it isn’t a practical idea. When it comes to kitchen renovation plans, it’s best to keep the design simple and practical.

Planning and Professional Design Allows for Multi-Functionality

If planned and completed by a professional renovations should make the kitchen multi-functional for the entire family. A multi-function kitchen allows a family to eat, cook, and congregate in the kitchen with ease.

Avoid common problems with kitchen renovations by considering all the available options before beginning the project. Proper design, planning, and budgeting will provide a family with a kitchen that increases the value of the home and makes living in the space easier.

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