General contractors Calgary are the people you run to when you need to have your property built from scratch or when you are remodelling your existing properties. However, do you really know the real scope of their duties? It is important that you do so that you can set your expectations and demand the right service from them.

General contractors, in a nutshell, are in charge of construction management. This means that they supervise the building of a property from the planning stages until it is completed. Hence, they are expected to interact with different types of people in the course of the project, like designers, architects, and other specialized subcontractors. This means that even if different teams handle the jobs in the different phases of the project, the general contractors are still held responsible for reporting to the clients since they are the ones running the construction companies. A general contractor can sometimes be called a remodelling contractor if the project involved is a renovation or remodelling

A general contractor’s job starts with the planning stage. Here he has to pinpoint the various phases of the construction and hire the qualified people to do the job. Some general contractors usually offer general construction services and thus have the right workers under their direct employ. Most, however, usually subcontract some aspects of the project, like plumbing, electrical, and others. The planning phase also includes setting deadlines for key phases of the construction project. This schedule should be presented to the client so that they can agree or disagree on it, then make necessary changes. Some clients, for instance, want their properties finished quickly. Therefore, the contractor may have to hire more people to meet this demand.

Once everything is planned, work will now ensue. The general contractor has to acquire the necessary permits from local agencies and once granted, he can give the go signal to the first phase of the project. He must oversee the daily progress of the job to ensure that deadlines are met and that problems that are encountered along the way are immediately addressed. He must also be in constant communication with the client to report on the progress of the project. Further, the general contractor is also in charge of making sure that workers get their salary on time.

Top general contractors are very good at managing their time and resources. They usually are well connected, so they know exactly who to hire for their different needs. Since the scope of a contractor’s job is very wide, it is but natural that he hires very qualified people to whom he can delegate some of his responsibilities. For instance, he can send an engineer to visit the construction site when he is unable to do so. Most contractors also have an executive assistant who help manage their daily schedules. Nowadays, general contractors even make use of construction management software, which are laden with various features to make the administration of construction projects go with ease.

The next time you are in need of a general contractor, be smart to go for someone that has years of experience because it really takes years of exposure in a construction environment to perfect this role. In fact, it is not surprising to find a general contractor who started out as a carpenter then slowly worked his way up the ladder to finally start his own company.

The development of Calgary infills have been popular in recent years because of the many benefits it brings to the homebuyer, thus increasing the demand for it. If this is your first time to hear about infill homes, these are houses that are built in old neighbourhoods in prime locations. Many of you have probably passed by a great community or subdivision within the city and have wished to live in it. However, with its good location, there is a good chance that there will be no vacant houses available. If there were, they could be in a dilapidated state or the previous owner must have torn it down and all that is left is a piece of land between two apartments. To make use of this space, a new home is built on it and sold as infill homes. There are plenty of Calgary infill builders who develop them now and they offer a selection of infill house plans to interested future homeowners.

Infill housing development is not easy, though. There are several challenges that infill builders Calgary have to face in order to construct a home that is livable and still appealing to buyers. First, they have to come up with an infill design that will fit a fixed lot size and shape. This means that they will have to make several adjustments to meet the custom designs demanded by their clients while at the same time working on a restricted space.

Second, since there are already installed utility lines, they should also consider this when making infill house plans. There is also the possibility that the neighbourhood is so old that the original documents reflecting the utility lines are no longer available. Hence, the developer should be extra cautious when digging to avoid hitting these lines, especially the gas line.

Third, Calgary infill builders also takes charge of demolishing existing homes or building that is still standing on the lot. Aside from making sure that their demolition team is well trained, they have to make sure that adjacent properties are not damaged during the process, too. Further, there could be local ordinances to be met, like they may be required to dispose of the old materials properly, which means that they will have haul them to a recycling center.

Fourth, there is the hazard of dealing with dangerous materials. For instance, if the old house was built in the middle of the past century, asbestos could have been used in some parts of the building, which needs special handling.

Fifth, there is the inconvenience of working in a restricted space. If the infill is going to be built in an existing neighborhood, for example, there may not be enough space to park construction trucks or store construction materials that will be used.

Finally, if one of the reasons why the client chose to have an infill built in that specific neighborhood is for its character or style, then the infill house plans and designs should also blend in with its surrounding.

Despite these challenges, many builders are still willing to take on the job in support of the government’s community development programs and to provide homeowners with affordable new homes within the city.

Would you want more indoor or outdoor space? Or would you want a balance of both? There are people who are happy to live in a small home and enjoy a sprawling open space where they can take a walk, start a garden, or build a pool. There are also people who would rather have wide living rooms, large kitchens, and multiple entertaining areas in their homes. Aside from these choices, you should also try to assess any plans that you may have, like would you want a green house in a year or two or a 4-car garage for your future car collection? Knowing all of these factors and more can help your contractor in coming up with acreage house designs that will suit your exact needs.


Unfortunately, huge lands usually are situated in the countryside, so there is a possibility that you will not have direct access to electricity and water. Hence, your builder should prepare house plans acreage that will address these concerns. For instance, he can install a rainwater recovery system or a solar panel. Living in the country could also mean that you cannot enjoy the perks of having a regular waste collector dropping by your home. Your contractor can solve this by building your own waste treatment facility.


One of the benefits of living in the country is that you can enjoy an abundance of fresh air. You can take more advantage of this by placing windows strategically to promote air circulation. However, there are locations that are prone to tornadoes or get a lot of rain throughout the year, thus your builder should also make a house design that can withstand these natural perils.

Landscape Ideas

Acreage house plans should also include the exterior of the house, especially since you are certain to have a lot of outdoor space. Therefore, ask your builder to prepare a landscape design as well. If this is not his expertise, then you may have to hire a separate designer for this.

Possibility for Expansion

When building homes for acreage, you should also consider your plans for expansion. For example, if you plan to have more kids, then there is a possibility that you would have more bedrooms built in the future. Hence, your current acreage house plans should be designed with this in mind so that you will not have to tear down an entire wing of your acreage home to make way for those expansions.

Acreage homes usually take longer to build but if you choose an efficient contractor and if you address these considerations from the start, then mistakes can be prevented and you can have your home built in a shorter span of time.

More and more people are now interested to own a condo unit because they are much cheaper than house-and-lot packages, and condo buildings are usually situated in the city near offices and schools. Condo units, however, often offer limited space, which is why one of the first things owners do is to have a condo remodel project to make the place give an illusion of a wider space and to customize its design. Condo renovations are a bit challenging, though, simply because you will be working within the space you own and some developers have limitations on the changes that you can do. This is why it is still best to hire a builder who is experienced on condo remodelling projects.

Once you have found a builder, it is time to brainstorm on possible condo remodelling ideas. Here are some that you may want to consider applying to your unit.

Pull-Out Cabinets

These are great for the kitchen. Since you are less likely to have space for an island counter top, have pull-out cabinets installed instead. These cabinets slide smoothly under your counter top, then when you need more space when preparing the ingredients for you dishes just pull them out and you will instantly have more surface area to work on.

Use the Right Colors and Lines

The best way to make rooms look larger is to paint the walls with light colors, like white and pastel shades. You may add some accents like straight lines that run across a wall, but stick to thin lines and it would be better to paint them vertically to give the illusion of a high ceiling.

Built-In Storage Spaces

Avoid buying bulky cabinets. Instead, make use of that space below your existing closets. You may also add an elevated floorboard and install drawers on the sides. You may even build a pull-out bed from under it. Speaking of bed, there are beds for sale now that have drawers installed under them. For your living room, find a sturdy storage box that can also be used as a center table.

Add Vertically

You can extend your cabinets vertically until they reach the ceiling. These will serve as great storage spaces for things that you seldom use, like that delicate chinaware that you reserve for special parties. It would be best if the cabinets meet the ceiling seamlessly, as any space in between them will only be a harbor for dust and dirt.

Aside from these condo remodel ideas, you can also be creative with your interior decorating. For instance, instead of placing your curtain rod right on top of the window frame, you can extend it higher to give the impression of larger windows.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do during your condo renovations to improve whatever little space you have. As for the condo remodelling cost, you can always ask your builder to work on a budget. You may also work on one room at a time to give you a chance to save some money in between.