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Calgary’s experts in basement development & design

At Trademark Renovations, we specialize in all kinds of home renos, including basement developments. Our team of highly-qualified tradesmen have extensive experience in finishing and transforming new, upgraded, and inviting spaces with eye-catching aesthetics and optimized functionality. Whether your basement is unfinished or needs an upgrade, our team can transform the space to meet your needs.

Check out our gallery of previous basement developments in Calgary. With enough imagination and the right renovation team, your basement can become anything, including:

  • Mother-in-Law Suite
  • Dance or Music Studio
  • Family Rec Room
  • Children’s Playroom
  • Extra Bedrooms
  • Home Office
  • Gym & Workout Area
  • Wine Cellar & Bar
  • Home Theatre

5 reasons to invest in a
basement development

Your basement is brimming with untapped potential. Developing or renovating your basement is a cost-effective option that can meet the demands of a growing family. A finished basement provides greater functionality and years of enjoyment for you and your family.

A Calgary basement development with Trademark Renovations offers several benefits, including:

  • Privacy For Guests
  • Family Entertainment
  • Room For Teenagers
  • Utilizing Existing Space
  • Increased Resale Value
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Count on Trademark to . . .

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operate efficiently

Our business model is designed to encourage optimal efficiency. Because we don’t take milestone payments, the entire team is incentivized to complete quality work quickly and efficiently.

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deliver quality

With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve perfected our craft and raised the bar for quality work; we never settle for anything less than the best. Our customers receive excellent value for our services.

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never overcharge

Not only do we give our clients access to preferred, wholesale prices for all aspects of their project, but we also breakdown the individual item costs in advance for your approval.

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be hands-on

As project managers, you can expect us to be hands-on. We are on-site daily, managing the construction process and communicating with you to ensure your vision is brought to life.

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explain the project

Before we begin, we host a Trade Day, an opportunity to meet and ask questions to the trades/suppliers involved in your project. We go out of our way to keep you informed and updated on the status of your home.

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communicate openly

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our communication. We are open and honest about our prices, providing trades/supplier wholesale quotes for your approval. Our level of transparency is unparalleled.

How much does basement development in Calgary cost?

Utilizing the project management method, we give clients access to wholesale prices with trades and suppliers. We charge a flat project management fee and, because we don’t follow a schedule of milestone payments, we’re able to complete projects more efficiently. At Trademark Renovations, we are confident in our prices and in the value we offer.

The overall cost of a basement development varies based on the level of customization and work involved with the project. We also believe a basement renovation should include more than updating the style. We view it as an opportunity to service and replace sump pumps; repair foundations, cracked walls, leaks and flooding; install insulation, radon gas systems, virtual windows and egress window wells; encapsulate crawl spaces and perform waterproofing.

Contact Trademark Renovations today to learn more about our costs and services. We’re pleased to provide quality basement developments to meet your needs.

Basement development projects can vary in length based on the scope of the project and your selections. At Trademark Renovations, we always meet project deadlines. 

Basement development projects often require a building permit in addition to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits. At Trademark, we account for all necessary permits in the price of a quote and ensure all work meets or exceeds building codes and passes inspections.

One of our experienced project managers will oversee your entire project from start to finish. We’ve worked with the same skilled trades and suppliers for several years. We have two or three of each to ensure competitiveness and great service. Before we begin working on your project, you’ll have a chance to meet some of them at our Trade Day to ask questions and become familiar with the crew.

Get the Best Contractors for Basement Development Calgary

Understanding Needs and Creating a Plan

The first step to creating anything is understanding the need for that thing. Our professional team will help you make a list of needs and determine how the basement should look and what it will serve.

Creating a Budget

Creating an estimate is another important element of home renovation. We will help determine the exact cost of the project and determine the time frame within which the project should be completed.

Working With The Experts

When it comes to basement development in Calgary, Trademark Renovations have a good number of highly skilled and professional contractors, which makes choosing a contractor a little challenging.

What Questions Should I Ask Home Renovation Contractors When Contracting For a Basement Renovation?​

1. What is the schedule?

With projects such as basement renovations, a schedule is extremely important. It gives all the details about the work and when it is likely to end. It can also act as a benchmark, it is possible to know anytime whether things are going as per plan or not.

2. How many employees are there?

The number of people who will be working for the project should be verified.

3. Who will be managing the permits?

Before starting the basement renovation, it is important to have all necessary permits and licenses. Otherwise, there may be legal trouble later on. The contractor should be able to gather all the permits.

4. Do they specialize in basements?

It is important to know whether the contractor is a full-service company or only specializes in basements. Basement renovation is a difficult task because the basement is prone to moisture problems. The contractors should have sufficient knowledge of how to get rid of moisture and mold.

5. Are they properly insured?

The contractors have all the necessary insurance. Ig anything goes wrong while working, then only an insurance will be able to save the situation. The value of the insurance should be sufficient enough to cover any significant damage.

6. Is it possible to see some previous works?

It is always good to check out on the contractor’s previous works before hiring them. It gives a good idea about their quality of work.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Request Consultation


  1. Consultation Services. Everyone has an idea about what they would want in a remodeling project. Some requirements may be practical while others may not. The Calgary experts review clients’ preferences, putting into consideration what is practical and what is not. Clients receive a project proposal and advice on the best basement designs that will meet their needs.
  2. Professional Installation. Depending on the purpose of the basement, there are certain appliances and accessories that have to be installed in the room. It could be storage cabinets, wiring and lighting, security systems, water heater, air conditioning systems and so on. All these installation needs require proper training, skill and experience in the remodeling field so that everything is done perfectly to avoid potential hazards. Trademark renovations have a team of qualified technicians in all fields to do a perfect job for the clients.
  3. Follow-up Inspections. And Maintenance Services Just like any other construction job, basement remodeling requires a follow-up inspection weeks after completion of the project to ensure that the renovated living space is still functional.

It depends on several factors, for example:

  • what is added to the basement (because many architects prefer to save costs on basement development and many others prefer to take advantage of that space and make a beautiful living space out of it with a basement renovation);
  • it’s a walk-out basement or an underground regular basement and on this matter also if the ingress is proper or if it might be dangerous for lack of maintenance or difficult stairs and many other important details to take under consideration to see if this increases the price of the property or not;
  • the square footage of the basement because the bigger the space, the more possibilities are available to give this space a nice decoration and function;
  • the quality of the finishes;
  • the height of the basement ceiling;
  • the area where the property is located;
  • it also depends on what is it that you want to convert your basement in (private vacation paradise with a pool table, jacuzzi and a beautiful bar, a wonderful playroom for the kids, an incredible man cave to hang out with friends or even a home movie theater where all family can hang out)

All of this options are absolutely going to increase the price of the property because are things that other houses don’t have.

This is what Trademark Renovations offers and they are experts on the field.