If you’re a luxury home renovation specialist you should be looking forward to a good year. There are plenty of trends catching on right now and you will have some interesting work ahead of you. We’ll look over some of the trends you could find yourself working on, plus you could even recommend them to any customers if they’re looking for your professional input to come up with great ideas that will help take their home to the next level.

Underground Garages

Instead of parking in a normal garage those will enough money can afford to have an underground garage built underneath their home. Even though, they already live in a luxury home with plenty of space these garages can create even more giving them a lot of extra space to fill up their home with additional fancy rooms.

A Modern Home Theater

Who wants to drive all the way to the movie theater when you can sit and enjoy watching your favorite movies at home? If you have a luxury home you can have a modern theater built in a spare room. They’ll come with a giant screen and lovely big chairs to make the viewing experience even more pleasurable. Add in some old favourite movie posters for decor, and you’ll never have to go to the theatres again!

Larger Outdoor Living Areas

At the moment people might have a few pieces of furniture outdoors, but the new trend is to extend their ceilings outwards so they can build full-size outdoor living areas comprised of kitchens, seating areas, or anything else they can think of. When summer rolls around it will allow them to spend a lot more time in the fresh air while still being able to hide from direct sunlight.

Glass Ceilings

Nothing is more luxurious and stylish than having glass ceilings in your home. People love them because they open up the home making them feel a lot bigger. You just have to be careful where you place them, but if you get it right your customers will love them and they’ll be the envy of all their friends who visit them.

Does A Luxury Home Renovation Sound Interesting To You?

Does any of the luxury home renovation projects sound interesting to you? You might obtain some inquiries about your renovations over the coming months, but like we mentioned earlier you can always offer them up as suggestions and they might bring in more work for your business.

Are you planning to build a new luxury home in Calgary, Alberta? Are you looking for the best luxury home builder to handle the project for you? While it is tempting to hire the cheapest builder or a celebrity builder that you have identified in an advertisement, do the following to improve your probability of success: first, you need to prepare well. You then need to create a detailed listing of builders in your area, compare quotations, and then choose the best. Read on to learn about the foregoing three steps in detail.

Step one: Prepare

When you are planning a luxury home project and looking for the best builder for the job, the first thing you should do is prepare well. For instance, what kind of luxury home are you planning to build? Do you want a simple getaway home or a large multi-story one that you can share with family and friends? Do you have any style or architectural design in mind? Different types of luxury homes require different levels of expertise to build correctly. Second, how much money are you planning to spend on your building project? Builders of luxury homes charge varied rates. Hiring the services of one that you cannot afford is one of the worst financial decisions you can make when building a home.

Step two: List

After you have determined the type of luxury home that you want and the amount of money that you are willing to spend, generate a listing of five of more suitable luxury home builders for your project. This is not as hard as it sounds. To ease the legwork, ask friends, relatives, and colleagues with luxury homes for referrals. If they had a positive experience with their contractors, the probability that you will enjoy the same benefits is high and vice versa. Second, borrow the business directory in your area and look for licensed builders. You can also visit stores of vendors of construction material and seek referrals. Finally, check the Internet. Many reputable builders have websites and blogs where they advertise services.

Step three: Compare

With the foregoing preparatory steps done, compare the services and suitability of builders on your list and then choose the best. First, download quotations. You should also schedule consultative meetings, have one on one discussions with your preferred luxury home builders, and then choose one with the following desirable attribute:

1) Reputation: the builder you choose should be reputable. He or she should be well educated. He or she should also have handled two or more luxury home projects successfully.

2) License: the builder you choose should have an active license to practice in your locality. An active license is a good indicator of quality of service. You will also avoid legal problems this way.

3) Affordability: when building a luxury home, hire a professional builder that you can afford. This way, you will avoid serious financial problems and legal lawsuits from your contractor of choice.

If the whole picture that your kitchen presents is one of being jaded and out-of-date with appliances and look from another era – the tiles are chipped and dulled from wear and tear, the flooring and walls stained and grimy from use and neglect, you should go for complete kitchen renovation to match your luxurious surroundings.

So, what is the first step to a kitchen renovation? It is to find a specialist – a kitchen remodeling expert who can fix your problems and completely transform it.

Appliances, Cabinets, Work Area

The most important and functional part of the kitchen are the appliances, the cabinets, and the working area. If you are going for only a part makeover of the kitchen then replacing these items will instantly update this part of your house.

When going for a complete makeover discuss with the contractor/designer about the type of interiors you want. For example some homeowners like stylish and latest models, others prefer comfort over style. Discuss your priorities with the contractor as part of remodeling and clearly spell out your needs. Ensure that the remodeling expert understands your requirements and works to achieve those needs. Talk about your storage necessities. Whether you want a separate dining area or something as part of the kitchen.

Backsplash And Flooring

In case your kitchen remodeling also involves replacing tiles and flooring then discuss the type of tiles you want on the walls and around the kitchen sink area. Depending on your budget, choose from a wide range of glass tiles, ceramic tiles or designer tiles. Discuss the design patterns you are interested in. If you can’t afford too much time to spend on cleaning up, then look for easy clean options in flooring and wall tiles.

Overall theme

Choose the theme of the kitchen depending on whether you want a vibrant and colorful space to fill you with energy in the mornings or soothing and calm interiors to help you relax in the evenings after a stressful day at work. Talk out all the aspects with the contractor to get more ideas.

Budget And Time-Frame

Discuss with the contractor the expected expenses for your kitchen renovation including labor and material costs. This will give you an idea of what is feasible and what is not. Discuss the time needed for the changes to be made as you will need to make significant adjustments during this period. If you are a working couple then discuss the need for sticking to strict time schedule and working unsupervised while both partners are at work.

Whenever you think of interior design, the idea is to try and create a unique design for the interiors of rooms, houses, and offices. It also involves anything to do with the interior decoration. Our surroundings surely affect our moods and it is so important to design elegant and stylish interior design

In fact, it is not so easy to design the interiors because it is the responsibility of a designer. More skills and ideas are required in order to be more practical in creating interior design in offices, homes etc. This article provides some important tips on interior design.

The most important thing is  your first look at the room, try to evaluate the whole area. Take your time so that you can imagine how the house looks without furniture and see the shape and size. If you need to have a large space in the house, you will need to reduce the shadows. Dim lighting sometimes appears to enlarge the room.

Take the time and have a clear look on the color of the furniture that will be fitted in the room. Check to ensure that they will match all your decisions. For the topic of interior design ideas, color is the most important thing and when choosing the furniture color you must consider the colors of the walls and that of the floor. You must understand the color rules and know which colors complement each other in order to make the room attractive to the eyes.

Another important thing in your design is the arrangement of the furniture. You need to learn the interior design secrets so that it will be easy when you want to draw and create your layout plan.

To help create the atmosphere you are looking for, try and use textures and patterns. But for you to create a more fresh feeling, you need to limit the use of patterns in the room. A combination of so many patterns may not work perfectly for you. So ensure that you are very careful when planning and preparing your choices to reflect your design goals.

In the end, it is just the environment you would like to live in, and which one provides the comfort and satisfaction you deserve. You should keep it simple but elegant. You may need to have a checklist of what things you may need to do in order to come up with good interior design ideas.

When it comes to choosing a general contractor in Calgary, Alberta & Area, prospective customers always aspire to get the best service. This is the only way to be may be assured of a fully functional and elegant home. So what distinguishes a good contractor from the rest? Is it the name, experience, reputation, quality of service or what? Truth is that the above aspects play an important role in identifying a reliable service provider. Engaging a reputable contractor comes with the following benefits:


The main aim of undertaking a home renovation is to bring back the lost elegance, as well as improve functionality of the home. The type of contractor that a customer chooses will determine the quality of service. A homeowner is more likely to receive professional service from a seasoned and trustworthy contractor. He would have carried the trade for many years and will have gained the much-needed experience. Professionalism influences the quality of service as well as customer’s experience.

Range Of Service

Home renovation and refurbishment in Calgary, Alberta come in all manner of forms. In fact, customer demands are always rising as the days go by. This is usually influenced by several aspects such as; market trends, individual taste, marketing, competition in the market and more. A reputable general contractor in the region will offer a broad range of services to suit different needs. This ensures that any kind of need whether general or specific will be taken care of.

Quality Service

Just like in any other form of business, a customer thinking of renovating a home looks forward to obtaining quality service. The workmanship should be highly professional, the materials used should be safe and durable, and the activity should cause minimal interruption or inconvenience. A credible firm will boast of proper training, hands-on experience, and good rapport with other firms. The contractor will only use materials that are safe and sound. This guarantees a home owner of effective and quality service.

Although it may not be as easy as a “walk in the park,” it is quite possible to locate a good contractor. In fact, a person does not have to spend lots of time, effort, and money during the search. All, that a prospective individual or firm has to do, is to look for a reputable and professional firm. Besides being assured of top notch services, dealing with a trustworthy and experienced general contractor in Calgary, Alberta & area comes with peace-of-mind.

The desire of any homeowner is to create a conducive living-environment. This is the main reason that drives individuals in Calgary, Alberta to carry out a home renovation or refurbishment on a regular basis. A properly done renovation will not only improve the functionality but aesthetic appeal as well. Improved techniques, more informed customers, and increased competition in the market influences the trends in the market. The following are some of the trends that are currently being witnessed in the market:

1. More Space

Initially, many homes featured a kitchen that was distinct from other adjoining rooms. However, this is no longer the case. Homeowners are using different techniques to create more space in the home. This is coming at a time where more appliances are finding their way into the home yet the spaces are diminishing. One popular technique is tearing down the wall that exists between the kitchen and the adjacent rooms. Besides the added space, it also brings in a new look.

2. Custom Designs

Homeowners are opting for custom designs instead of the common trends. This is being fueled by the desire to make the home as comfortable as possible, and also to create special spaces for the many gadgets that are finding their way into the home. A custom home might be small but will provide the same functionality as a larger house. For instance, during the home renovation, garages and unused homes are being transformed into offices, children’s play room, dens, as well as dens.

3. Green and Natural Homes

Homes in Calgary, Alberta are going green. This is being observed in all sectors of the house. For instance, renovation companies are using techniques and materials that are eco-friendly to achieve this feat. Natural hardwood is being used instead of laminate flooring or tiles, light emitting diode (LED) is slowly replacing traditional lighting, wood is also being preferred instead of tiles, conservatories, or greenhouses are also becoming quite popular. Some are even converting lofts or attics with the aim of allowing more natural light into the home.

In order to achieve a desirable and practical home, it is vital to make certain the home matches the current standards in the market. One way of making certain this happens is by keeping up with the latest trends. This may entails reading home renovation magazines, following blogs, visiting home renovation expos and more. However, this can be quite demanding and time-consuming. The best way to lessen the inconveniences is by engaging a company that is experienced in providing home renovation services in Calgary, Alberta.

Choosing an expert condo remodeling contractor in Calgary, Alberta comes with its fair share of challenges. In fact, the challenges seem to be on the increase. “Who is the best condo remodeller? What should I look for in a home renovation company? What sort of services should I expect?” These are among the most common questions asked by prospective customers. To make the selection easy and less time-consuming, an individual should consider the following factors:

  1. Reputation

“How many years has the contractor been remodeling condos in the region? Does the firm offer guarantee on products and service? What kind of comments and reviews does the remodeling expert receive? What kind of perception does the public have about the contractor?” These questions are aimed at finding out more about the credibility of the service provider. A good contractor will operate in an open and transparent manner thereby making a customer more relaxed and at peace.

  1. Experience

The type of renovation or remodeling is dependent on the contractor’s experience. Usually, a highly-skilled professional is more likely to offer better condo remodelling services compared to an inexperienced firm. When looking to renovate a luxury condo it is advisable to go for a contractor specializing in luxury condos. In so doing, a person will not only enjoy quality service but also save time, cost, as well as effort. A specialist contractor may also be better equipped to handle custom remodeling compared to a general contractor.

  1. Reviews

In this era of cutthroat competition, remodeling firms in Calgary will do just about anything to attract that elusive customer. This has led to the remodeling firms asserting to be the best in the industry. But how true is this claim? Is there a way of finding out the authenticity of such declarations? Well, the truth lies in reading reviews about a contractor and also the services. A good remodeling firm in the region will be backed by encouraging comments and reviews at all times.

Quite a number of people believe that finding a good contractor for remodeling condos is a tedious task. This may be due to a bad experience previously, lack of sufficient knowledge, too much hype in the market, existence of many contractors and more. The best way to steer clear of the predicaments is by interacting with a well-known and reputable condo remodeling contractor in Calgary, Alberta. Not only does a condo owner enjoy quality service, but will also have a stress-free experience throughout the engagement.

Has the thought of major home improvement recently cross your mind in regards to the new year? If you did, there are plenty of others who second that notion. When taking on the considerable task of interior design, it certainly takes an immense amount of skill and plenty of skilled helping hands along the way but what is really important is having a great sense of creativity.

When you are ready to tackle these improvements, there are particular elements that you have to keep in mind. You really have to ponder the strategies of how you can boost the efficiency in your home, increase the functionality and most importantly, try your best to benefit from the free space around you. Below in the article there will be some good ideas to help you in your efforts:

Add Wallpaper to Your Closets

One of the quickest ways to make new of your sliding closet doors is to apply some new wallpaper to them. Wallpaper can turn a bedroom into an office or can convert any area into what feels like a new edition of the house.

Give Your Dresser a New Design

Whatever style you are into, if you simply add that style coupled with a little bit of chic, you can provide a whole new dimension to your dresser which in turn will add new life to your bedroom.

Mix-Up Your Chairs

Matching chairs are never really a necessity. Mix and match and try to add an eclectic vibe by employing bamboo shades and maybe even something wicker or like an antique wood. It really does make a difference.

Use Books for Decorations

Books make a great decor item and all those cubby holes and empty spaces that you have around could always benefit from a some good reading. Even facing the spines of the books towards the wall while still leaving a few out, giving it that area an ideal rustic look.

Instead of a Runner, Use a Doormat

Even by utilizing the smallest of elements, you would be honestly surprised as to how much it can really change the style of the entire place. Vintage runners have a particular old, woven look that bodes greatly with the atmosphere of the outdoors, especially in drier, warmer climates.

Try and Switch-Up the Mantel

As opposed to using a big piece of artwork, try using a few smaller framed works and then line them up in a pattern which suits the overall look and feel of the wall space.

Scribble on the Walls

It is actually ok to write on your walls, it can really add a bit of style to your chosen room believe it or not. If you aren’t too keen on the idea of this type of interior design, after you have already done the work, simply paint over it…no harm, no foul.

Remodeling in Calgary has a number of facets to it. Remodeling may not be easier when compared to a new build, as some old homes may need a lot of re-configuring, reworking, and re-designing in their infrastructure. Remodeling may also bring to the fore unforeseen challenges. Let us delve into some home remodeling tips:

Match up to set standards

If you live in a high-end neighborhood, then your materials must match the set standards. If you use low-end finishes, your property will not only look out of place, but also diminish in value. Blend in with the environment. Your house should not be too outstanding neither should it be too unattractive. If your mansion is located in a trailer park, then your mansion will definitely lose value.

Hire professionals

When remodeling your home it is advisable to have the experts do the job unless you are very good at remodeling. Remember, it will determine your property’s value, and “Doing-It-Yourself” is not the way to go unless you are an expert.


Do not just go for what’s trending. Before you choose materials and styles that are trending, ensure that a few decades later, your property will still be in vogue. A good example is brass bathroom fixtures, which have not stood the test of time by many standards.

Utilize existing space

Home remodeling Calgary should utilize all the existing space first, before adding other rooms. A good example will be turning the basement or attic into usable space. This way, it will not only be cost effective, but the results will be amazing.

Go for value addition

Remodeling ensures that you home renovation doesn’t result in loss of your property’s value. For instance, if you convert a bedroom into a walk-in closet, it will lower your property’s value.

Environmentally friendly materials

Some of the traditional materials used in finishing include particleboard, paints, and plywood. However, some of the materials may release chemicals into the air which is unhealthy. One way to ensure that your remodeling project is healthy is using earth-based finishes like rapidly renewable woods, plant oils, low VOC paints, water-based finish, and waxes. These materials have minimal contamination.

As we can see, Home Remodeling Calgary has a number of facets to it. These tips cut across the board and are applicable to whatever part of the property you choose to remodel. The bottom line is to maintain your home’s value or better still, to increase it. The purpose of remodelling is to make your home feel better and more comfortable. However, it should never compromise on value.

Most prospective clients are totally unprepared when it comes to dealing with top general contractors. You need to look for someone who is able to guide homeowners through the process of making choices that are informed. You want to deal with a person who listens to you. Listening is an underrated skill. If your contractor does not listen and respond to you, this may be a sign that you are going to be unhappy with the results. Make sure your contractor meets with you to discuss the finer details of your needs and the renovation project. Contractors who do not have time for meetings, are vague, rushed or late, should not be hired.

Top general contractors understand that there is a need for flexibility. There are always unexpected contingencies that occur during renovation projects. If you don’t want to find yourself with a substandard contractor, ensure that flexibility is part of the written contract. A top general contractor and contract will allow both parties breathing room.

Individuals assume that all contractors have excellent experience and skills, but like any manager they must be able to manage their staff well and complete all contracted projects in the agreed time frame. Having building and renovation skills to install flooring or plaster does not necessarily make you a great project manager.

Chat to your contractor of choice, especially about his most challenging projects and the problems he ran into. Find out how he resolved them. Top general contractors usually have a handful of stories to relate, including those that tested him both physically and mentally. If he has the experience and skill, he will not normally be tongue-tied or stutter. Pay attention and you will instinctively know if you have chosen the right contractor.

The contractors experience and skill must extend to crew management and the subcontractors. It is vitally important that top general contractors have reliable and adequate subcontractors available to them, especially for large projects. A seasoned contractor is well aware that there are times when only a few of the crew will be available, however he will see that the project renovations are not interrupted.

Skilled managers are able to shift their focus from one area to another and are flexible enough to deal with change. By carefully listening to the stories and information your contractor provides and checking references, you will know if he is qualified to undertake your project. It is essential that you hire a top general contractor who will be able to handle the worst and the best of any given project.