There are a lot of occasions when a homeowner might need a custom home builder to build their brand new home, getting room addition, remodeling and more. Besides of the specific occasions because that can be up to them, a homeowner needs to know about their obligations and responsibilities and how a custom home builder can make their lives easier.  You should know that a good time to hire a custom home builder is early in the process when you are putting a design together, why? because they can help you with the budget. Some designers don’t put attention to the cost they think about the look of the house. Another plus to hire a custom home builder is that he can subcontract different service, that way you only need to think about one bill and have someone to control all the process.

What are some of their responsibilities?
– Manage subcontractors, they will do it during the design process and also, during the construction process. They need to make sure that these subcontractors perform a good job focusing on due dates and also to execute the design properly.
– Paperwork as inspections, approvals and certificates for your construction.
– Materials, they need to order, verify and accept them before the installation.
– The custom home builder has to educate the homeowner about the needs and construction process, also the proper maintenance for the house.
Make sure you get a qualified custom home builder, they need to provide sample projects or a resume, client references, management skills, certificates, license and, of course, you need to have a good communication with them. Trademark renovations have all the requirements and experience to perform this type of job, they have been doing this for several years and knows how to get you the perfect home with the perfect budget and management.

Nowadays, not having a home with all the facilities that modern homes offer it’s simply not an option. It’s important to take advantage of the wonderful possibilities that a custom home builder has to offer for every space in your home to make your life easier and enjoy every moment you spend there with family, friends or by yourself. Hire a custom home builder has tons of benefits, you can have your current house transformed into your dream house, installing everything that you always wanted to have in your home, having every single place adapted for your needs and designed exactly how you wanted.

You will also be in charge from the beginning of the construction to making the final decision on what color of furniture you want for the study, so you will make sure that everything is been built exactly as you dreamed of.Also, you can make modifications to the original plan whenever you feel like something is not working how you wanted to, you have the freedom of making any alteration that you want to because it’s your house and it’s your project but don’t forget that home builders have a lot of experience so if there is something that they feel like they can guide you with, don’t worry they will.

You can also choose the materials that you prefer or add some special features or requirements as the construction goes, add or remove thing will not be a problem for the custom home builder and also, you can have a unique and interesting features in their homes and the only limit that you have, it’s your imagination.To be able to enjoy all of this benefits you need to work with professionals that can provide you great assessment and understand exactly what you want, that is why you need to work with Trademark Renovations.

A kitchen renovation is a great thing to do if the homeowner is looking to increase the value of the property or just get a new look for their house with some home renovation. Every year different trends and tips take place in the designers world. 2015 is no exception, here the top 8 kitchen renovation tips for the homeowner.

1. New functionality. For this year cabinet drawers and doors function is changing, big companies are developing space saving models that actually look really good and will give your kitchen a brand new modern look.
2. Fresh Hues. Not only cabinets are getting new looks but also sinks, forget about the classic white or pale colors and go for fresh hues, this will pop out a specific part of the kitchen.
3. More kitchen storage. This is an issue even if you have a big kitchen space, so the trend solution is custom made furniture, drawers with multi levels with definitely increase your storage.
4. Automation. Technology is everywhere and your kitchen needs it too, you can use technology in the lights, alerts from the oven to your cell, the sink, and basically for everything that you can think of.
5. Elegant countertop. Don’t forget that countertops are like the cherry for the cake, nowadays you have several models that can help you save money and still add a great look to your kitchen.
6. Mix Materials. This not only applied for countertops if you a fashionista mixing materials will blow your mind. Yo can use wood as steel or granite on the counter tops or on the cabinets as well.
7. Architectural Lines. This might be all you need to get a new look for your kitchen. Companies have different kind of faucets that can help with this purpose, and if you need a modern look to maximize the effect use neutral colors.
8. Home and kitchen should be one. Kitchens are not only kitchens anymore, you spend a lot of time there and they add comfort and elegance to your home, so put your home style to your kitchen.

This are the new trends for this year, Trademark Renovations know all about them and all about kitchen renovations, they can provide you a great team to get the style that will fit your home.

Kitchen renovations can be less stressful if you have the right tools, some good suggestions regarding what color palette to use among others important decisions to make and some professional assessment to make sure you are doing something that you will not regret because of its lack of functionality or because it did not fit where it was supposed to.

Regarding professional assessment, Trademark Renovations makes everything easier for its clients providing great service and making sure that you have all the color possibilities available, great design suggestions, some amazing functionality tricks to make spaces look bigger and to take total advantage of the space that you have available.

The color and design options are infinite, you can create a beautiful kitchen in shades of blue, red, yellow, green or whatever color you prefer, or maybe try something more traditional bringing some brightness and cozy sensation to your kitchen. There are some wonderful tricks to paint the kitchen for example, when you paint the ceiling it’s important that you understand that if you pick the wrong color, you will turn the kitchen into an oppressive room, this is why it’s so important to choose the right color and to have all the options available to make the right choice.

When it comes to kitchen renovations you need to have the opportunity to compare your kitchen with other kitchens to think about things that you need, things that you like and things that you need to take rid of your own kitchen, and when it comes to colors it’s the same. Every combination on any other kitchen might give you the idea for your dream kitchen and might also help you decide faster.A kitchen renovation usually involves a strong investment so if you want to go for it, you need to make sure you will take full advantage of it, and that you will work with the best.

Here 5 reasons to hire an interior designer:

1. Save Money. At first one can think that hiring an interior designer can be an extra expense, but the reality is that can actually save a lot of resources. They know where to get the best products at the best price, and don’t forget that they are experts, their job assure time saving, a good job and will avoid mistakes.

2. Budget and renovation plan.Money can be an issue for interior renovation, but an interior designer can suit your budget and still provide an amazing look for the house. Also, a good budget always needs good planning, a great way to stay in your budget is to have everything with dates and times so you won’t take longer than expected.

3. ColorsInterior decoration is almost all about color, getting the good and right combination can be hard, you can make some mistakes, but an interior designer won’t, they will assure a beautiful environment at home.

4. FurnitureThe homeowner has a billion options to get furniture, but are they the right fit for their house? It’s really hard to say, is better to have someone that can provide balance and comfort for all house.

5. Wow, factor.This can be one of the main reasons for interior renovation, a good interior designer will get it for you since they are trained to think different and are creative people the tools that their carrier provide them will be great for the house’s new look.

Trademark renovations is an amazing company, they have a team full of experts for every part of a home renovation. If you need an interior designer they will get it for you.

This is a list of interior designers that used their amazing creativity, fresh vision, style and inspiration to create amazing pieces of art on everything they put their eyes or their mind on. This proffesionals made it clear that if you want to do some changes or renovations on your house, you have to turn into professionals to do the job and make your dreams come true:

  1. Philippe Starck, he doesn’t see just his job as a creator, but also as someone who considers the ecology, political influence, himself been someone subversive, ethical but also fun to complete his projects. He knows that his objective as an interior designer is to make life better for whoever crosses in front of his projects. He does a lot of different projects from designing chairs to toothbrushes and interior design as itself.
  2. Achille Salvagni, specializes in luxury residences and yachts. His main characteristic it’s his perfectionism in everything he does, from designing furniture to a modern but also traditional interior design. Loves to listen to his clients and work towards making a customer dream into something real.
  3. Karim Rashid, is known for been one of the most prolific designers of the generation as well as one of the best industrial designers, got involved in many projects from furniture, and fashion to music, lighting, and art.
  4. Alidad, he takes advantage of his multicultural knowledge, was born in Persia and grew up in Switzerland and England. He has an elegant but supremely comfortable characteristic on each one of his projects. Creates interiors blending Oriental and Occidental traditions but always prioritizing comfortability.
  5. Patricia Urquiola, was born in Spain and has some amazing but unconventional designs, likes to experiment with different styles and blend humanist sensibilities with her technical knowledge, having, as a result, many interesting and unique creations.

An infill job is one of those projects that can affect the whole community, take in mind that besides of providing a new and upgraded environment for living it also becomes a part of the neighborhood and it’s necessary for it to fit some standards. Getting a contractor for an infill job it’s not always easy, this are some things that a homeowner might have to consider before hiring one.

1. Experience. Since this type of projects involves a big investment for a homeowner or an entrepreneur experience is a must have, make sure you ask for a book or record that they already did infill jobs and ask about references, that way you can make sure that the contractor will perform a good job.

2. Design team. Infill jobs require a special and accurate design not only to fill the clients expectations and taste but to fit the community constructions standards, no one wants a couple of bad looking houses in front of their houses.

3. License and Insurance. This is a must in the construction world, it prevents the customer to get ripped off and demonstrates that the contractor is serious and knows what he is doing. To get a license, a contractor needs to take exams, proved the knowledge that they have about building, construction laws, and codes. And the insurance is necessary if a worker gets hurt while he is doing the infill job and they don’t have an insurance the homeowner might end up paying the hospital bill.

4. Contract. An infill job demands a lot of work, a detailed contract will stipulate your responsibilities and what the contractor needs to do and in how much time he will do it, also covers the cost, brands, type of job and quality. It’s necessary for you and the contractor.

A really good company for infill jobs is Trademark Renovations, they are a Calgary based company that has years of experience, also, they have the best team of professionals working side by side with you.

A brand new home built on an old lot is known as Infill, this usually is decided when the lot has more value than the home that might have existed on it, so it’s better to increase the value of the property by demolishing that old house and building a brand new home.

The benefits of building an infill house is the design control, you get to decide exactly everything about the house, how big you want the rooms, how many bathrooms you need, where do you need them, where do you want your kitchen to be located, how high you want the ceiling to be, if you want a big space for your garden or your garage space, the options are infinite, it depends on what you want. Beside everything, it’s brand new and you can negotiate discounts from the builder saving several thousands of dollars and having everything exactly as you are looking for.

On the other side, if you want to buy an existing house the most important benefit that you have it’s that it’s ready to move. It might have some hidden costs because some things might need some maintenance or some small reparations causing some potential remorse, or maybe you want to remodel something, but this will be minor and faster than building a brand new house. Also when you buy a house it’s easier to visualize yourself and your family moving and making a life there, you don’t have to worry about legal considerations or construction loan and permits that you might have to deal with eventually if you decide to build a new house.

In both cases is important to have some reliable professionals that can help you either build a brand new house in case of an infill house to prepare the ground and build a house that is proportional to the lot or to help you out to repair those minor things that you found on the house that you just bought or to take care of the remodeling, take care of the electrical or plumbing problems that might appear as it’s not a new house, and the guys for this job are all in Trademark Renovations, providing all the assessment needed to make the right decision.

Starting a home renovation project can be a big challenge for the homeowner, especially if they are trying to do it by themselfs, of course, that is not impossible, but it’s better to hire a professional with experience. When it comes to Basement Development projects space can’t be the limit, even if you have a small space for your new basement everything is about optimisation, imagination and colors.

1. Make the stairs useful. Depending on what is your basement development plan you will always need to save some space and put things there, using the stairs as drawers or as a storage is an amazing idea for space saving purpose.

2. Sofa bed. This can be a cliche but is a fact that you will always need an extra bed, you can find really nice models and sizes at home decoration stores, make sure you pick the right model that way it can add some style to your basement.

3. Convertible furniture. This is amazing for space saving you can have a sofa that turns into chairs and table, a modular sofa set, or whatever you can think of, make sure that the double purpose is a must for your new basement furniture.

4. Fold up table. A fold up table is really useful, especially if you have like zero space on your basement, you can use it if you need to or save it. Playing with the table purpose is important you can use it as table/ironing board, table/painting, or whatever you can think of.

This will definitely give you more space, don’t forget about the color that’s crucial to make a room look bigger or smaller. A basement development project is a good idea, make sure you hire a professional that can help with your budget and details, you don’t want to waste resources on it. Trademark Renovations is a great option for you.

Regarding basement development and home renovation its important to understand that they both refer to bring back to live a useless place in the house and take advantage of this place by giving it a wonderful function. It refers to any kind of improvement that is made to the basement in order to take advantage of that space or to create that space

Does the basement development increase the price of the house? This is a tricky question because it depends on several factors, for example, what is added to the basement because many architects prefer to save costs on basement development and many others prefer to take advantage of that space and make a beautiful living space out of it with a basement renovation; it’s also important to consider if it’s a walk-out basement or an underground regular basement and on this matter also if the ingress is proper or if it might be dangerous for lack of maintenance or difficult stairs and many other important details to take under consideration to see if this increases the price of the property or not.

It’s also important to consider the square footage of the basement because the bigger the space, the more possibilities are available to give this space a nice decoration and function; the quality of the finishes because quality products, materials and, in this case, finishes are always important to increase the price and look of every space at home; the height of the basement ceiling especially because it’s important to create a cozy environment and to eliminate the sensation of actually being in the basement and last but not least, its very important to consider the area where the property is located.

It also depends on what is it that you want to convert your basement in, when you do basement development and basement renovation there are many options to make this space into a private vacation paradise with a pool table, jacuzzi and a beautiful bar, a wonderful playroom for the kids with all of their toys and providing a secure space for them to hang out with their friends, an incredible man cave to hang out with friends without bothering anybody who might be upstairs or even a home movie theater where all family can hang out, all of this options are absolutely going to increase the price of the property because are things that other houses don’t have so it definitely depends on what the project for the basement is and on the assessment that you can get to make the right decision knowing all the options that you have, this is what Trademark Renovations offers and they are experts on the field.