A Dormer Addition is a fantastic way to add light to your home and make it feel overall bigger. Like everything else in your home, the design of your Dormer can be very important. Dormer Additions can be added to the front or back of your home. The overall goal of this kind of addition is to give your home’s second or third floor additional space and flexibility. In addition to all of this, Dormer Additions are a fantastic way to increase curb appeal.

Unlike many construction projects, adding a Dormer will likely not get in the way during your day-to-day living. Also, due to the nature of our crew, you will hardly know that we are working in your home. In order for us to do this addition, we need to raise a portion of your front or back roof, and cut out the exterior wall. During the construction, most home owners decide to add a large window as part of their new Dormer. This allows a greater amount of light to come into your home. Building a new Dormer will make your home feel bigger, increase curb appeal, and increase the light that enters your home.

There are many different options to consider when it comes to making an addition to your home. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call! We will walk you through the steps and requirements for each and every project out there. Not only this, we will tell you what our professionals can add to your project. To ensure you are left with peace of mind, we guarantee all of our projects to be properly constructed, and meet your every expectation. Beauty is perspective and we work with each and every customer to ensure their beauty standards are met.

For more information on how we can add life to your home, contact us today!

Adding a deck or a front porch to your home is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal. Service as a place to hang out, enjoy the outdoors, and entertain on, we highly believe every homeowner deserves a deck. From start to finish, our crews will work alongside you to provide you with quality and beauty for the front or back of your home.

The pressure-treated wood we use is certified and will last longer than traditional wood will. We take pride in our construction and the results reinforce that. Whether you’re looking for a standard square deck, or perhaps a fancy rounded-edge deck, we can give you results you won’t be able to look away from. Our workers are professional, friendly, and experienced. All reasons that we have a step up from our competition. If you would like to discuss your options for a brand new deck or porch, feel free to contact us today. We will walk you through what we can provide to hopefully find the right solution for you.

The construction process for a deck is fairly more straightforward than most home additions. We will add sturdy posts in your ground, construct the deck around the new posts, and finish it off with a new coat of paint or finish. After our every job, we thoroughly inspect every element to make sure you won’t have any worries after we leave you to enjoy your new addition. It is important to all of us to be able to enjoy our homes. From indoor to outdoor, there are many reasons to improve the value of your home. Curb appeal, visitors, and quality of life for yourself are all reasons to not put off your big renovation project today. To make it easier on both your family and your well-being, we will do the entire process with as much inclusion from you as you like. From conception to finishing, we will value your input and feedback. Call us today to discover if an exterior addition is right for your home!

It’s not uncommon for a home to come without a place to put your vehicle. This can either be due to the age of the house, area of the house, or even simply the discretion of the builder. To solve this problem, many homeowners decide to have a proper garage addition added to their property. This can either be a stand-alone structure of even an attachment on the side of your home. Depending on the size of your land, there is a different solution for everybody. Generally a garage addition will be large enough to accommodate 1-3 cars.

After we have determined where to build your new garage, we will build it from the ground up. This means from the base to the ceiling, we will have our quality control protocols in place. There are many reasons you may want us to build a new quality garage for you. You may want to replace your existing garage, build a new space to keep your vehicle safe, or just have more room for your growing family. Whatever the case, we have you covered. While it might be tempting to go to the store and purchase a cheap plastic pre-built garage, the quality of our professionally built garages are far superior.

The weather claims thousands of vehicles every single year. To prevent this tragedy happening to your vehicle(s), contact us today for a customized solution to your needs. We understand it’s important to protect your investments. Whether it be tools, equipment, or vehicles, your garage should be able to fit it all! Give us a call today and we will custom-tailor a quote and plan for you. We also offer garage renovations and moving. Call us today for more information!

Unfortunately, quality can be hard to stumble upon. Once you make the call to Trademark Renovations, we are proud to say your search will be over! Our professionals only use the best available materials and superior craftsmanship to anybody else. We care about our customers, and we care about our work. We will get your renovations done in a timely manner and leave you smiling the entire way.

Many homeowners in large cities are tending to find it is more cost-effective and makes more sense to build up rather than outwards. A Second Story Extension is an amazing way of accomplishing this desire. To get it done properly, we always recommend you do your research first, and possibly contact a professional. At Trademark Renovations, we provide quality construction, beautiful results, and enjoyable journeys.

While simply wanting a Second Story Extension sounds straightforward, it most certainly is time consuming and difficult. By adding a second story to your home, you need to first remove your entire roof before anything gets done. After the roof has been removed and everything has been disconnected from the roof (i.e HVAC, air, electrical, and anything else), we will be ready to start construction. The number of rooms in your new addition will be limited by the space on the lower floor. After all, we can’t build the second floor larger than the main floor.

Adding a second story to your home is our number one recommended method of gaining addition space. By giving yourself more space, you will also inadvertently give yourself more freedom. Freedom of moving, storage, sleeping, and living! While many people choose to use their new floor for bedrooms, it can also be a great new space for lounging, working, and recreation. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your home. Don’t think a second story is the right choice for you? We promise to find you the right solution with a free consultation.

While many people tend to overlook their homes, they are what we spend most of our time in. From sleeping, to cooking, to relaxing, we believe you shouldn’t overlook what’s important in your life. We encourage you to think about what your friends, loved ones, and even colleagues might think about your home. From the minute they enter your door, we believe it is important for guests to be amazed and always feel at home.