Renovations Contractor Calgary Tips

Remodelling done by selecting best renovations contractor Calgary are complex undertakings with a range of moving parts. If you want to execute any renovation project right from the start to its completion with maximum transparency and minimum problems, there are a number of things you can do to that effect. These include;

1. Using Change Orders to Document Changes.

Ideally, during renovations, a change order will document all the changes that a renovations contractor Calgary or client requests to be made to the original contract. Here, the contractor will provide a document, which will outline whatever needs to be changed and the two parties will sign it.  

2. Problem Notifications.

While handling a renovation project the renovations contractor Calgary is likely to come across a range of issues that could increase the renovation cost. This may range from mold, HVAC, wiring, plumbing and structural problems. When this happens, they are supposed to halt the work and ensure that the client is immediately notified.  

3. Use of Referral Release Forms.

In some cases, a general contractor may want to hire some skilled tradesmen to help complete a specific feature of a project. And this may be anything from landscaping to masonry. In such cases, the contractor will need to supply their client with the referral release form to sign.  

4. Record All the Business Conversations.

In case you have opted to call your contractor or client particularly if you want to talk about business, then you need to ensure that your conversation is recorded. You should also consider recording one-on-one meetings so as to prevent issues of hearsay and ensure that you are always on the same page.  

5. Make Daily Reports.

Both the client and contractor need to discuss this while establishing the project contract. They will need to decide what is vital to report on and ensure that reports are made on a daily basis concerning the same. These may include; site cleanup, inspection and city permits, and the general progress of the project.  

6. Use Tests and Emails for All Other Communications.

In case you have opted to stick to writing, it is advisable to communicate via text messages and emails. In the event that you hold a business meeting, make sure that minutes are taken. These will serve as evidence should any conflicts or disagreements, during remodelling, arise.  

7. Use a Contract.

In as much as some people think that a contract is not necessary, documenting a renovation in a well written contract is another very vital aspect to consider. This is particularly important in ensuring a solid renovation from the beginning to the end and can be used as proof in a law suit.  

8. Using the Invoicing Software.

Using the invoice software can help you to document and maintain very clear communication about the invoice payments. In fact, more advanced programs such as FreshBooks usually record and even notify you whenever your invoice is seen by the client.  

9. Use the Cloud Software.

You should also consider using the cloud software, which the two parties can access with ease. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page concerning the project.  

10. Use Group Messenger Programs

Using a group messenger program like slack, Google Hangout or even Facebook Messenger will help in ensuring that the communication among team members is streamlined.  If you are planning for any kind of home renovations, implementing the above strategies will go a long way in ensuring that a renovation project is completed in an efficient, timely and affordable manner. It will also make resolutions of emerging issues quicker and easier.

Renovations Calgary? Consider These Materials In Your Next Project.

If you are a homeowner, and are thinking of renovations Calgary, you will most definitely need to renovate or fix a few things in your home. If you are planning to fix your home, you should consider using innovative products that will give you the best outcome with lasting result without busting your budget or increasing the CO2 footprint. These may include;  

Tesla Solar Tiles

These are special types of tiles, which are fitted with solar panels that produce green energy for your household, get you off the national electricity grid and save you lots of money. They are also secure, reliable and durable roofing options that are a great alternative to conventional roofing materials – specially at the time of renovations Calgary.  

Use of the 3D Printing Technology

Instead of hiring builders to work on your new building, you can have your home printed using the 3D technology in just 24 hours. This is the best option for anyone who wants to downgrade to a smaller home and save a significant amount of money in building costs. Moreover, they can be customized to your needs.  

Insulated Concrete

Insulated Concrete Forms are a new innovation in the construction industry. The technology is mainly used in industrial and commercial projects and it typically involves the use of stackable foam blocks which are normally reinforced by steel bars and then filled with concrete. This in turn provides unmatched sound and heat insulation.

Laminated Timber

Here several layers of kiln-dried lumber boards are normally stacked and glued together. The building is thereafter constructed by stacking these plunks in alternating directions for extra strength. Cross-Laminated Timber is commonly used in commercial buildings and high-rise structures.  

Other innovative building and design materials and options you can use include; grapheme paint, loose lay-vinyl plank flooring, use of terrazzo or trend Q, sheep wool insulation, hempcrete, and geoluxe or pyrolithic stone. Note that even though some of the best quality and Eco-friendly products may have a higher up-front cost, they definitely have a greater return. In case you are planning for some renovations Calgary has specialists that can help you to choose the most innovative products to use.

Why Do Home Upgrades Calgary?

Your home should be a place of sanctuary for you and your family. Does yours feel like that to you? Sometimes you buy someone else’s problems. An older home you purchased may not be your style or taste. If that’s the case home upgrades Calgary contractor may be your answer. Trademark Renovations in Calgary, is a contractor who will take all your considerations and desires into account when it comes to a remodelling project. Whether it comes to kitchen renovations projects, basement remodelling or a complete build-out of an addition, we can help you transform your home.

Change the Inside of Your Sanctuary

When it comes to Home upgrades Calgary, one of the easiest ways to transform your home is with interior renos. In most cases a renovation project will not require you to change the structure of your house. Trademark  not only works with all types of homes in our town, but we provide a full array of renovation services allowing you to create the exact look your always wanted, no matter the degree of change your want in your home.

As Renovation Experts – We Take You Step By Step

As Calgary Remodelling authority, we understand that you might not be sure about what you want your home to look like at the end of the project. That is the exact reason why we have professional designers on staff for home upgrades Calgary that can help you visualize your dream home and make this a tangible reality for you and your family.

If you are not happy with the way your kitchen is laid out, as an example, our kitchen remodelling experts in Calgary, will suggest modifications you can make so that your kitchen will be both beautiful and functional space you always desired. Changing kitchen surfaces, such as countertops and cabinets, can also ensure a new look without major changes to the way the kitchen is laid out. This principle can be applied to any other renovation category such as basement renovations, home additions etc. etc..

Renovations Calgary: How Do You Choose The Right Contractor?

If you are from Calgary, and are in the market to find the right renovator for your home, you certainly could have a big job at hand. When it comes to renovations Calgary there are plenty of contractors to choose from. Each of them come with their own specific offerings and unique ways of doing things. All of this could be very confusing for the consumers and can also lead to indecision and something we call paralysis of analysis when it comes to starting your project.

Understanding all of this, please consider our company as an example of such renovations Calgary contractor. Trademark Renovations has been around Calgary renovations scene for the last 30 years. We have been able to sustain and grow in a highly competitive environment, and are an award winning renovator in Calgary.

Expertise And Experience

Our specialty in renovations Calgary is managing complete builds and luxury renovation projects. To manage such large projects one needs to have a definitive set of skills and a great team that will execute the design and the plan for such a project. We have both. By vetting trades for years and building a reliable team of designers, construction crews and project managers, we deliver 100% on every project we undertake. Our portfolio of projects speaks for it self. But if that is not enough the reviews of our customers speak louder then our own words.

We have handled all kinds of renovation projects and therefore we know how to handle even the toughest and most demanding projects.


Customer experience is one thing that we don’t take lightly. In any renovation project, be it an addition or a simple basement renovation, how our customer feels at the end of the day, is the most important outcome for us as a contractor. Countless reviews of satisfied clients can’t be wrong about our process. We developed a unique way of transparency that allows us to get the project completed with making sure that our client feels comfortable every step of the way.


At the end of the day, if you are a builder, your portfolio is what speaks volumes about your project management ability. Our case studies are many and spread out throughout many categories. We have done both simple renovation projects in Calgary and complex new builds, when we manage full build out of the house from A to Z. Anything from additions, restoration projects, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and basement renovations Calgary.


Lastly our biggest feature is the way we price our projects. Transparency is key to our pricing model. We operate on project management fee for service basis. This means that we will show you all pricing for every part of the project and our management fee is pre-defined in advance. You know what you are going to pay at every step of the way. Typically our fee is between 25-30% and allows significant savings over our competitor pricing. On our website for example there is a video testimonial where a client saves $30k+ on a project that was quoted by another provider.  Such savings are very common in using this type of pricing model.

You may have heard a lot about renovations Calgary recently and wonder why so many people choose to spend their hard earned money to renovate. Why remodel when your home is in decent condition? What are the benefits of home renovations Calgary?

Let’s first talk about comfort. The idea of purchasing a home is to have a comfortable environment for you and your family. You want to simply unwind after a hard day’s work and make your home a sanctuary. If your home doesn’t feel right to you, it is hard to relax. If your home doesn’t feel safe it is impossible to feel comfortable. A renovations Calgary contractor can help make fixes in your home that will allow you to feel more inline with a vision of how your home should be and look like. When you look at renovations from that point of view – it makes sense to spend the money to improve your environment.

So what do you need to do when you decided to do renovations Calgary?

First thing to consider is the plan. Planning the project on paper is the first step to a successful renovations Calgary project. Are you thinking of building an addition to your existing home? How will it look like? What do you want out of doing this project? All these questions are very important to consider before starting your renovation.

Hire professional help! Once you decided on the specifics of your renovations project it is very important to look at engaging a professional contractor to manage your project. Saving a little money when it comes to managing these types of projects can be disastrous in the long run if things go wrong. Working with a contractor will ensure that not only the project will be completed, but it will result in great workmanship and will be finished on-time.

Permitting is another reason why you should consider hiring professional help to manage this project. Often very difficult part of the build, renovation contractors will have a system of acquiring permits in a quick and efficient manner. This will save you both time and money and most importantly lot’s of headaches.

Considering Home Renovation? – Home remodelling ideas Calgary from Trademark

Renovations has been a good option for renewing the look of your home. Many people opt for home renovations in Calgary instead of selling their home. We have highlighted top home remodelling ideas Calgary that can help you take your renovation to a next level. 

When moving into a new home you may not be 100% satisfied with how your home looks. If this is your situation you may seek services of interior decorators to design your home according to your taste and fashion. These designers often employ kitchen remodel contractors like us who help bring their vision to live.

When it comes to home renovations usually there are two types. It is helpful to identify to which category your project belongs to.

  1.     Restoring the house to its former state.
  2.     Renewing the look of the house

Let us take both of these categories and try to analyze what makes them different from one another.

Restoring the house to its former state

When you purchase a home that has luxury written all over it, but the roof is old or it needs a fresh coat of paint, your dream home might need a touch of an experienced Calgary renovator, a specialist with best home remodelling ideas Calgary that can take your project and return it to it’s former glory. This type of home restoration is typical in recent home purchases and often the cost is included in the purchase price, this way the improvements can be directly related to the increase in the value of the home.

As an example a kitchen contractor with best home remodelling ideas Calgary can install modern appliances in an antique home without really modifying the overall look of the house.

Renewing the look of the Home

In other cases you simply might be bored of an outdated look that your home has, and might just want to revitalize and modernize it. A Remodelling contractor is a specialist company that deals with this type of projects all the time.

There are many options when choosing such a contractor. For example if you want to look only at one area of your home, like a kitchen remodel, there are contractors that specialize in that type of work. They can both help you design and upgrade the look of your home with simple additions like modern appliances, backsplashes and other simple solutions that can help you change the look of your kitchen for the better.

There are also general contractors that can provide you with a more complete service like building an addition to your home. They are used to managing larger projects and can provide you with invaluable guidance when it comes to doing a renovation.

Whether you are considering a restoration project or a refresh of your home, companies like Trademark  is a perfect fit for your project. With years of experience and multiple award winning projects under their belt, they can help you make the right decisions for your particular renovation.