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The Best Bedroom Renovation Ideas Of 2024

It is fair to say that 2020 has already been a tough year for many people. With the advent of the pandemic, our culture has shifted away from in-person meetings which has taken a toll on many people emotionally and socially. As well, people are no longer visiting others in their homes which can make them feel lonely and dark.

However, we as a species must persevere, and accept that one day the world will return to normal. It is up to each individual to instill hope in themselves and others and to look towards a brighter future.

One of the ways that we can do this is to continue with our lives albeit in a modified fashion. Therefore, if you were planning for custom renovations in Calgary, your plans should not be interrupted by our current circumstances. Perhaps your plans were not complete, and you are still looking for inspiration. Well, that is an easy situation to fix as there are some swell bedroom renovation ideas that are coming fresh from this year. They include:

Fresh Bedroom Renovation Ideas

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Accent Walls

This is a newer trend from the last few years, but it is one that still looks great, even in 2020. Painting a single wall in a room with a different colour helps the entire room pop. Picture a cozy living room with plush furniture, and a roaring fire in the hearth. Now picture the wall that backs the fireplace as a deep purple or dark burgundy. The atmosphere appears to be immediately squeezed for all its comfort, and that feeling is amplified by the colour contrast of an accent wall.

Textured Contrasts

Contrasting colour is a staple of home renovations in Calgary. However, in 2020 there needs to be a little something extra, and that is the addition of contrast in your textures. A thin tulle pillow cover mixed with burlap gives a pleasant contrast to the feeling and can be combined with even further fabrics in other areas to get a fuller contrast. Nightstand covers are a great place to include contrasting textures as well. 

Floral Print-Revitalized

Floral print is often associated with a simpler time in human history. It is a staple of elderly people’s homes and seems to be available for just about every piece of furniture in your bedroom. However, in the year 2020, this pattern is making a comeback. Floral print can be stylish when used in small amounts, like lampshade covers or bedside shams. Contrast some dark blues in your lightly-coloured room for a stark and beautiful contrast.

Wall Paintings

Perhaps the most avant-garde item on this list, 2020 is bringing a new concept to the foray with wall paintings. Paints have improved overmuch with every passing year, and their ability to cover darker colours makes them more affordable, as fewer coats have to be applied. To this end, consider having an artist come and paint directly on your wall to create a mural or design that shows off your uniqueness. Don’t worry about covering it after because it is just fun to see the difference, and people will enjoy your boldness.

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