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Great Basement Renovation Ideas In Calgary, Alberta

Most homeowners use their basements as a storage room for all the stuff they don’t use on a regular basis. As a result, these rooms end up being dull, stuffy areas that are not conducive for human habitat. The unfinished basement can be remodeled and refurnished to transform it into a functional, stylish living space, fully equipped with all the necessary accessories. When planning to transform the basement, homeowners should always seek the services of a professional remodeling company for an outstanding result. Trademark Renovations are a renovation professional in Calgary, offering high-quality services that homeowners have for years relied upon when it comes to renovating their living spaces.

Why Hire A Calgary Expert?

Basement renovations in Calgary are done promptly in a practical and professional manner with great remodeling ideas that can improve the quality of life for the residents of Calgary. The basement can be converted into a family room, bedroom, home theatre room, laundry room, apartment, home gym, bathroom, playroom, kitchen or even a bar and wine cellar. All these are projects that an unqualified individual cannot perform without the necessary skills for the job and building equipment. This is where an expert comes in for the reconstruction job.

Consultation Services

Everyone has an idea about what they would want in a remodeling project. Some requirements may be practical while others may not. The Calgary experts review clients’ preferences, putting into consideration what is practical and what is not. Clients receive a project proposal and advice on the best basement designs that will meet their needs.

Professional Installation

Depending on the purpose of the basement, there are certain appliances and accessories that have to be installed in the room. It could be storage cabinets, wiring and lighting, security systems, water heater, air conditioning systems and so on. All these installation needs require proper training, skill and experience in the remodeling field so that everything is done perfectly to avoid potential hazards. Trademark renovations have a team of qualified technicians in all fields to do a perfect job for the clients.

Follow-up Inspections And Maintenance Services

Just like any other construction job, basement remodeling requires a follow-up inspection weeks after completion of the project to ensure that the renovated living space is still functional. Maintenance is mandatory more so if it was an old building that needed remodeling. Basement renovations Calgary ensures that homeowners were satisfied with the job so that every client sees a value for their money upon completion of a project.

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