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How To Transform your Home With a Luxury Flooring

Establishing a look of opulence and splendour in your home shouldn’t have to be an inconceivable notion that you only dream about when it can be achieved. While you may not have the budget to redo every inch of your home so it will eventually exude magnificence, you can opt for a more attainable goal–your floors! By renovating your home and installing luxury flooring in certain rooms or every room, your home can be completely transformed where you may not even recognize it when it’s completed. This renovation can be accomplished through accessible means where you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your newly transformed home.

Find out how new flooring can change the look of your home and why this home renovation company in Calgary can ultimately turn your house into a dream home. 

Most popular

The most popular types of luxury flooring that can be found in many contemporary homes are marble, natural stone, mosaic, and a variety of different hardwood finishes. These materials will give your home a decadent appearance as if you live amidst a luxury spa venue. When paired with natural-looking and simplistic decor, your home will look completely different if you choose to install any of these gorgeous flooring materials that are all timeless as they are grandeur. However, it should be noted that getting these flooring materials installed will cost from $5 to $30 per square foot, which excludes labour costs. If acquiring these types of luxury floors is simply not a financial option for you, there are more affordable alternatives. 

Affordable material

Luxury flooring shouldn’t exceed your planned budget, and thankfully, it doesn’t have to! With luxury vinyl flooring made from polyvinyl chloride, you can install the flooring to enhance your home without breaking the bank. Vinyl flooring can imitate marble, wood, stone, and most natural luxury flooring that would, otherwise, be extremely expensive. Additionally, as per home renovation professionals, luxury vinyl is also waterproof, which will protect your home from any accidents. Typically, vinyl flooring will cost you around $4 per square foot. 

An example of a home featuring luxury hardwood floors

Durability and versatility

Whatever type of floor you choose to purchase and install, they will undoubtedly provide both durability and versatility within a home. Materials like hardwood, natural stone, and luxury vinyl are known to be protected by their well-made and fine finishes. You won’t have to worry about any future floor replacements after luxury floor installation due to their renowned ability to become an opulent fixture within the home. More so, these luxury floors will suit your design wants and needs and will almost certainly match and amplify any aesthetic you have already established in your home. 

Increased home value

Installing new floors isn’t just a decision for vanity’s sake, but it’s also a wise investment for your home. Luxury floors will immediately boost the value of your home and will increase its appeal to potential buyers if you ever want to place your home on the market. Because luxury floors can be a transformative change in a home, you will likely see a return on this renovation. 


Luxury floors can effectively shift the appearance of any home to one that radiates good style and elegance without putting in too much effort. The many floor options can match well with any inexpensive decor items and your already established aesthetic and is an incredibly worthy investment for your home. 

If you are looking for a home renovation Calgary project that transforms your house, installing luxury floors could be the accessible option you are seeking.  

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