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How to Choose the Best Renovation Company

Home renovations are harder than they look. The projects just appear easy, sketched out on paper, but many unexpected issues can curtail their execution. Fortunately, you can eliminate some remodeling stress by doing due diligence upfront and choosing the right contractor. Here is how to choose the best renovation company.

1. Plan Your Project

Begin by making a detailed plan of the desired remodeling project. The plan will provide prospective companies with a work scope that defines your expectations.

2. Find Referrals

You can get referrals from neighbors, family, friends, or real estate professionals. Just make sure the company has expertise in the kind of work you want to be done.

3. Conduct Interviews

You need to contact the contractor either by calling or meeting them in person. During the initial meetings, assess how the company works and whether there is good rapport. Talk about permits, budgets, schedules and who will do the actual job.

4. Do Proper Research

Proper research entails many things including:
Talk to past clients- Your contractor can provide a list of former clients. Talk to some of these past customers and ask them about their experience working with the company. If past customers cannot vouch for the contractor or hire them again, take that as a red flag.
Ask to see the contractor’s work- Looking at the company’s work will give you an idea of their quality. Hire the contractor only if you are comfortable.
Check the contractor’s license and certification- You need a contractor who is properly licensed and certified. You can check with the relevant authorities.
Verify the contractor’s insurance- Contractors need liability insurance and active workers compensation scheme.

5. Insist on Written Quotes and Contracts

Invite the contractor to your home for a project survey. Communicate what you need to be done and make sure the contractor has a detailed list of the job. Discuss the project and ask when to expect an estimate. If you accept the estimate, insist on a written contract that covers the scope of the job, price, schedule, and payment timelines. Read the contract, understand the terms, before signing it.

Learning how to choose the best renovation company will save you time, money and stress. Don’t settle, get the contractor you deserve. Get a contractor who understands that the relationship is special.

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