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Innovative Home Building and Design Materials

If you are a homeowner, and are thinking of renovations Calgary, you will most definitely need to renovate or fix a few things in your home. If you are planning to fix your home, you should consider using innovative products that will give you the best outcome with lasting result without busting your budget or increasing the CO2 footprint. These may include;  

Tesla Solar Tiles

These are special types of tiles, which are fitted with solar panels that produce green energy for your household, get you off the national electricity grid and save you lots of money. They are also secure, reliable and durable roofing options that are a great alternative to conventional roofing materials – specially at the time of renovations Calgary.  

Use of the 3D Printing Technology

Instead of hiring builders to work on your new building, you can have your home printed using the 3D technology in just 24 hours. This is the best option for anyone who wants to downgrade to a smaller home and save a significant amount of money in building costs. Moreover, they can be customized to your needs.  

Insulated Concrete

Insulated Concrete Forms are a new innovation in the construction industry. The technology is mainly used in industrial and commercial projects and it typically involves the use of stackable foam blocks which are normally reinforced by steel bars and then filled with concrete. This in turn provides unmatched sound and heat insulation.

Laminated Timber

Here several layers of kiln-dried lumber boards are normally stacked and glued together. The building is thereafter constructed by stacking these plunks in alternating directions for extra strength. Cross-Laminated Timber is commonly used in commercial buildings and high-rise structures.  

Other innovative building and design materials and options you can use include; grapheme paint, loose lay-vinyl plank flooring, use of terrazzo or trend Q, sheep wool insulation, hempcrete, and geoluxe or pyrolithic stone. Note that even though some of the best quality and Eco-friendly products may have a higher up-front cost, they definitely have a greater return. In case you are planning for some renovations Calgary has specialists that can help you to choose the most innovative products to use.

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