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Some Of The Most Unique Home Decor Gifts For 2024

During the holiday seasons, it can be quite challenging to choose the right kind of gift for a loved one, especially if they have a liking for good quality home décor products. As a luxury renovation contractor in Calgary we are no different in facing this dilemma and wanted to help with some ideas on the subject.

Some of the best gifts tend to be costlier especially when they are sourced from large gift stores. Because of this, instead of going to big-box store catalogs for a gift, you should consider getting one from a local supplier, a crafts person, a Canadian company or a small business. As a renovation Contractor in Calgary we have a unique perspective on that and fully support local economy. Here are some of the best gift ideas we suggest:  

1.Point Two Designs If you are looking for the best home decor gift for a Canadian city lover, then Point Two prints would be the best. These are normally created by urban planning graduates from the British Columbia University and are meant to reflect a city’s cultural atmosphere. Here you can get a colourful maps for any of Canada’s major cities.   

2.Rivers of Canada Print Purely made in Canada, this poster showcases the different Canadian rivers on a high quality 80lb paper. The piece is ideal for nature lovers that want to decorate or remodel their spaces. It is a unique piece of art that is designed by Ty Johnson from w/studio.  

3.Maiko Kuzinishi’s Geometric Clock Designed by Maiko Kuzinishi, a renowned freelance graphic designer in Kansas, this is a beautiful wall clock that is usually churned out of the 2-layer birch plywood. The clock runs silently without ticking and is an ideal gift for anyone that would like to add some sophisticated touch their current living space.   

Other very unique home decor gift ideas that you can consider include; The LightCookie hand-made pendant light chandelier, Vancouver Candle Company city candles, Fernweh faceted geometric succulent planters, the west elm globe pendant, Majorel-Design Moroccan leather pouf and the HBC collection multi-stripe point blanket. The best thing is that even if you do not know which home decor gift would be the best; a renovation contractor Calgary can assist.

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