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What Questions Should I Ask Home Renovation Contractors When Contracting For a Basement Renovation?

Before hiring a contractor, the first question that comes to mind is “What to ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a basement renovation?” The following questions are extremely important and should be asked to the contractor.

1. What is the schedule? With projects such as basement renovations, a schedule is extremely important. It gives all the details about the work and when it is likely to end. It can also act as a benchmark, it is possible to know anytime whether things are going as per plan or not.

2. How many employees are there? The number of people who will be working for the project should be verified. Also, whether the work will be given to any subcontractors or not. Subcontracts may be a good idea but in some cases, the quality of work may be hampered.

3. Who will be managing the permits? Before starting the basement renovation, it is important to have all necessary permits and licenses. Otherwise, there may be legal trouble later on. The contractor should be able to gather all the permits.

4. Do they specialize in basements? It is important to know whether the contractor is a full-service company or only specializes in basements. Basement renovation is a difficult task because the basement is prone to moisture problems. The contractors should have sufficient knowledge of how to get rid of moisture and mold.

5. Are they properly insured? The contractors have all the necessary insurance. Ig anything goes wrong while working, then only an insurance will be able to save the situation. The value of the insurance should be sufficient enough to cover any significant damage.

6. Is it possible to see some previous works? It is always good to check out on the contractor’s previous works before hiring them. It gives a good idea about their quality of work.

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