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Kitchen Renovations Trends for 2016

The kitchen has never been only the place where meals were made, it’s where the soul of the house belongs and where the family finds space to have quality time. This is why it’s very important to have some kitchen renovations every once in a while to give some freshness to the house, take under consideration the new trends of the year and to take advantage of all the innovations designed for kitchens.

There are some important kitchen renovation trends that you might want to know about if you are planning a kitchen renovation for 2016, like for example, if you are wondering what color to use for your walls or kitchen cabinets, the trend for this year it’s gray instead of the classic white, giving some kind of shade appearance with some stained wood details. Also combining cabinet colors is a strong trend for 2016.Another trendy characteristic for 2016 kitchen renovations is the functionality of doors, cabinets and drawers and also the space optimization, making sure that you have easy access to everything on your kitchen, customizing everything especially for your kitchen.

The most important thing that you need to consider if you are thinking about a kitchen renovation is to keep it simple because simplicity is the new trendy look for 2016, less is more and as clean and organized you can make it look then it will definitely be trendy.

It’s always better to have some assessment before planning a kitchen renovation especially because there are some wonderful and modern features that you can install to make things easier in your kitchen and more cozy for your family, taking full advantage of the space and only experts on the field can give you some great suggestions when it comes to styles and many other things. Trademark Renovations specializes on kitchen renovation with the latest trends and technology, providing you quality service and excellent work with experienced professionals and honest workers.

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