What’s the difference between a home and a luxury home? Luckily, we already provided the answer for you. 

In our previous post, Guide To Modern Luxury Homes, we defined luxury homes by three distinct sections: architectural style, innovative features and craftsmanship.  

In today’s post, we’re going to take a deeper look at the middle of the trifecta – innovative features – and highlight some of the latest features to include in your luxury home in 2021. 

Four Features For Your Luxury Home Renovations 

Installing Smart Technology

What’s one of the best things about luxury? The convenience that comes with it. And that convenience can be best executed by smart technology. With the likes of Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Homekits, you can control every aspect of your home through your mobile phone or wall-installed device. 

You can manage your home’s temperature, unlock doors, set alarm systems, check video surveillance and even manage your home theatre systems. The best thing is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. Today’s luxury homeowners want cutting-edge technology built into their homes, and smart home automation is the answer. 

Professional Michelin-Star Kitchens

At the heart of any home is the kitchen. It’s where meals are shared, holidays are celebrated, and memories are created. Therefore, your kitchen renovations need to be bigger, better and fully-stocked with some of the latest gadgetry. 

We’re talking about restaurant-grade appliances, warming drawers, built-in wine fridges, a walk-in pantry, and even a wine cellar. The idea, essentially, is to transform your everyday kitchen into a Michelin-Star restaurant, where you can create and cook stunning cuisines and dishes. 

Lavish Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s not just the inside of the house that matters, but the outside. Having the ability to enjoy the outdoors is a Canadian dream, and you should include that aspect in your complete home renovations. So, what to include in your outdoor living space? 

Luxurious and modern living room 3D rendering

Consider the following: built-in barbecues and fridges, fireplaces, wood-burning pizza ovens, luscious living spaces, proper cover spaces and seatings (say under a pergola perhaps?), and in some cases, outdoor theatre systems. 

The idea is simple: make your outdoor living space as beautiful and luxurious as the interior of your home. 

Hotel-Like Spa Bathrooms

Having a serene bathroom makes all the difference for your comfort and experience. You can now implement that within your home by undertaking bathroom renovations that replicate modern-day stylish, hotel-like bathrooms. This can include large walk-in showers with multiple jets, heated floors, soaker tubs, and stylish stone/cabin-like surfaces. 

These changes and renovations will elevate the quality of your bathroom, ensuring that you get to enjoy every moment of your experience. 

Hiring The Luxury Renovators For Your Calgary Home 

All these luxury home renovations can be achieved by hiring the right renovators. Ensure that you look for renovation experts that offer pristine customer service and experience, are detailed in designs and renovations, are accountable to their work, and most importantly, have the expertise in executing high-end luxury home renovations. 

Trademark Renovations is the leading renovations company in Calgary. With over 30 years of experience, a wealth of design and building knowledge, and numerous consumer choice awards. Our commitment to producing outstanding work, and offering honest, transparent customer service, is why the industry regularly recognizes us. Whether you are looking for new home additions in Calgary or a new kitchen, we are your trusted company. Contact us at 403-277-5600.

Renovation contractors in Calgary are a dime a dozen. Narrowing that extensive list to find a leading candidate that can complete your project while doing it in a timeline and budget that suits you is challenging. 

This step-by-step guide will help your search for the right contractor. We look at the key factors that determine a high-quality renovator, the process of finding one and the red flags that you should know. 

What Defines An Excellent Calgary Renovation Contractor? 

Before you start searching for a renovation contractor in Calgary, it’s best to define an excellent professional. Remember, you want the best for your project, not some second-rate expert. That’s why you should keep an eye out for the following considerations: 

  • Has extensive experience in the industry and throughout the city and surrounding areas  
  • An excellent record of success, with numerous projects completed 
  • Able to offer an extensive array of renovations, such as basement developments, home additions, and bathroom and kitchen renovations in Calgary 
  • Is forthright about all regulatory matters associated with your project, including building codes, permits, inspections, and zoning
  • Are insured and licensed to conduct work throughout Calgary 
  • Transparent and honest with pricing and value 
  • Recommended by associations and industrial affiliations  
  • Award-winners (this is not common, so when you find one that has awards attached to their name, you know they’re good) 
  • Highly rated throughout the internet (thanks to Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and Facebook reviews) 

While these are key metrics of an excellent renovator, other, not-tangible factors should be considered, including if they are:

  • Helpful and informative
  • Listen to your ideas and build on them 
  • Communicate openly
  • Provide you with updates and honest feedback
  • Hands-on while being responsive and punctual

Searching For A Calgary Renovation Contractor 

Look for Experts that Can Complete Your Project

You should look for renovators or renovation companies that can do the job you want. No point speaking to someone that can’t deliver what you want. For example: if you want bathroom renovations in Calgary, look for an expert that has the experience to do it for you, as opposed to a general contractor who can’t.  

Check Out Reviews Through The Internet

Thanks to the internet, you can get all the information you want on a particular contractor. See what previous customers say about them, looking out for both good and bad points. You’ll get a rounded view of the contractor then. 

Computer Tablet with Master Bathroom Design Over House Plans, Pencil and Compass.

Recommendations from Neighbours and Friends

Word-of-mouth recommendations from a trusted source remains a powerful tool for investigation. Ask your neighbours, friends and family about contractors that they have hired in the past to help you. 

Ask for References 

References and case studies still remain the key points that determine if you should hire someone or not. So when speaking to a Calgary contractor, make sure you ask them about previous customers who had similar projects to you. This way, you know if they can step it up and deliver what you want. 

Calgary Renovation Contractor Red Flags

Naturally, there are some red flags that you should be aware of during your search. Make sure you keep an eye out for these no-nos: 

  • Flimsy estimates about your project 
  • Not offering contracts 
  • Don’t have the best reputation online or in the industry (and how in turn, they bad mouth other contractors and Calgary renovation companies
  • No qualifications or affiliations
  • Aren’t licensed or insured 
  • Too cheap in their recommendations 

We hope that this guide will help in your search for the best renovation contractor in Calgary. Start searching today! 

Trademark Renovations is the leading renovations company in Calgary. With over 30 years of experience, a wealth of design and building knowledge, and numerous consumer choice awards. Our commitment to producing outstanding work, and offering honest, transparent customer service, is why the industry regularly recognizes us. Whether you are looking for new home additions in Calgary or a new kitchen, we are your trusted company. Contact us at 403-277-5600.

In 2019, a Home Renovation Poll by CIBC indicated that 49% of Canadians planned to renovate their home, hoping to spend close to $10,000 on their renovations. Not shockingly, 39% of homeowners went over budget. 

When considering renovations, it is not surprising to see that homeowners tend to spend more than expected. While they might budget for most things, they are also shocked when things cost more than they expect, especially when it comes to a home addition. 

9% of all home projects were considered additional structures, and it’s no secret that the cost of home addition will exceed the price of almost all other types of renovations. So it’s essential to know how much the home addition will cost you. Before we get to that, though, you have to see what will impact your costs. 

Understanding The Cost Breakdowns of a Home Addition in Calgary

Adding a home addition in Calgary is a significant investment because of the amount of work involved. The following is a breakdown of some of the associated costs that you have to consider:

  • Demolition and preparation – in all likelihood, you will have to demolish and excavate a new area to create a solid foundation. This can be quite costly. 
  • Building the support structures – foundation work (for extensions) can be pricey, but it is also necessary to ensure that the home addition is secure. 
  • Interior and exterior elements – for additional rooms, consider shingles, siding, insulation, windows, as well as flooring.
  • The type of home renovations – this will impact the architectural design of the room as well as your need for plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Bathrooms renovations in Calgary, for example, require more work than an additional bedroom. 
  • City of Calgary permits – you will have to pay for permits and applications to ensure that your home is built safely and the renovation planned is appropriate for the home and neighbourhood.

Once you’ve carefully considered what type of renovation you would like, you’ll have to determine whether the cost of a home addition makes sense. 

home additions calgary

Types of Home Renovations in Calgary

Do you want another bathroom, kitchen or entertainment room? What about a Calgary basement development? Depending on what you decide, it will impact the building process for your home. Below are the most popular home additions in Calgary:

  • Second Storey Addition
  • Add a Garage
  • First-floor extension of your:
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Living Room 
    • Basement

Each of these renovations will have an overall impact on the work required and the total cost. For example, basic rooms that require minimal work (such as electricity connections) like bedrooms or living rooms are less expensive and can range from $80 to $130 per square foot.

If plumbing and fixtures are required because the renovation involves adding a bathroom or a kitchen, it will naturally bring that price up. Homeowners could be looking at a price point of $200 to $50 per square foot.

The Cost of the Home Renovations Company

For a project this large, you can’t DIY. You’re going to need a professional Calgary home renovations company to do the job for you. And that comes with costs. 

Contractors will charge based on the size, extent and complexity of the project, as well as their own experience and value. Experienced, well-known and respected companies will charge more because they get the results demanded by the homeowner. When it comes to considering Calgary home renovations companies, look at these factors: 

  • Their years in the industry
  • A showcase of their projects and successes 
  • Awards, certifications and reputation 
  • Customer service
  • Price of their services 
  • If they can handle your renovations 

Take your time to ensure that you find the right home renovations company so that you know your home addition is in good hands. 

The Average Cost To Build An Addition in Calgary 

According to HomeGuide, the average house addition costs $86 to $208 per square foot, with most homeowners spending between $22,500 and $74,000 per room, depending on the quality of renovations. 

As you’ve seen from above, depending on what you want and who does it for you, the price can fluctuate significantly for the cost of a home addition in Calgary. It can be challenging to gauge the price, but this information should prove useful for your project. 

Trademark Renovations is the leading renovations company in Calgary, with over 30 years of experience, a wealth of design and building knowledge, and numerous consumer choice awards. Our commitment to producing outstanding work, as well as offering honest, transparent customer service, is why the industry regularly recognizes us. Whether you are looking for new home addition in Calgary or just a revamped kitchen, Trademark Renovations is your trusted company for all home renovations in Calgary. Contact us at 403-277-5600.

Home renovations in Calgary are a fun and enjoyable way to enhance your living conditions and freshen up your space. They can introduce you to new ways of looking at different rooms, and open up spaces with creative painting and staging. 

However, they come with one unfortunate drawback. That is, of course, the cost of completing said home renovations in Calgary. This can raise the bar for entry too high for some, but luckily there are many ways that you can reduce the cost of home renovations. For instance, you could:

Save Money on Home Renovation Materials

Bathroom Material Cost-Saving Tips

Bathroom renovations can be one of the more expensive areas of your home if you are not careful. One of the best ways to reduce the cost of this room’s renovations is to conservatively shop for water features. The beautiful, hand-crafted open-mouthed tap may look tantalizing, but it is still just the tap for your sink. Instead, look for popular, affordable options that fit the style of your bathroom. 

Home Renovations Calgary

Typically, something that is overlooked with sink taps is the ease of cleaning them. Taps with several surfaces, in hard-to-reach areas, can be difficult to clean effectively and will start to look dirty soon after installation. This can be avoided by choosing stylish, simple designs that are within your budget. 

Similarly, showerheads and toilets are just functional pieces of equipment that don’t require you to splurge money on them. Instead, consider spending more money on an interesting tile pattern or sleek countertop.

Basement Material Cost-Saving Tips

Basements are sort of great for their limitless potential, but it is also easy for their renovations to get out of hand quickly. You can prevent this by having a detailed plan before you call a home renovation company. This will keep your requests reasonable, and allow you to focus on the renovations that are most important.

For instance, if you want to renovate your basement to have a wet bar choose the area and stay within it. Don’t start adding additions for extra shelves or features as you plan, but focus on the important materials and plans that are required. 

Utilize the Knowledge of Renovation Contractors

One of the best ways to save money on your home renovations is to just trust the experts. They have years of experience and understanding to help you find the most cost-effective options for your renovations and will work with you to make sure everyone is satisfied with the result.

Trademark Renovations is the leading renovations company in Calgary, with over 30 years of experience, a wealth of design and building knowledge, and numerous consumer choice awards. Our commitment to producing outstanding work, as well as offering honest, transparent customer service, is why we are recognized throughout the industry. Whether you are looking for new home addition in Calgary or just a revamped kitchen, Trademark Renovations is your trusted company for all home renovations in Calgary. Contact us at 403-277-5600.

There are many reasons you may want to make some kitchen renovations to your small kitchen. It could be too tight, or the cupboards could mismatch your new interior painting job, or perhaps you are just tired of looking at the same old design features day in and day out. Whatever your reason, kitchen renovations are meant to reflect an individual’s personality and style so it is important to make informed decisions.

Hiring a professional kitchen renovator can help you consider the most important aspects without getting bogged down in the details. Here is how they can help:

Simple Small Kitchen Renovations Ideas

Rearranging the space

Sometimes breaking down a wall to make room isn’t the most effective way to utilize the space of your home. Instead, it is worth considering moving the island, or removing it and installing another countertop. Other times, it may be easier to remove some of the large pieces of cabinetry and replace them with pieces that have more drawers so you can have a greater degree of organization. 

However, you want to go about your kitchen renovations, consider the many different ways space can be utilized before jumping to a decision.


Changing the color scheme

It is remarkable how much changing the color scheme can change the way a room makes you feel when you walk into it. Everyone knows of the cultural taboo in using dark colors because they make the room feel closed-off and depressing. However, when used as accentuation to a bright color, like yellow and deep purple, they bring a sharp contrast to the home and actually make the space feel more inviting.

This isn’t the only way color changes can be utilized. Maybe the original cabinetry doesn’t really fit the color of the walls, and sometimes it is easier (and cheaper) to repaint the walls then it is to install a whole new set of cabinetry. Although, you shouldn’t have to make those decisions alone. A qualified builder in Calgary who offers kitchen renovation packages can guide your thought process and advise you on modern or traditional color schemes that you may not have previously considered.

Trademark Renovations is the leading renovations company in Calgary, with over 30 years of experience, a wealth of design and building knowledge, and numerous consumer choice awards. Our commitment to producing outstanding work, as well as offering honest, transparent customer service, is why we are recognized throughout the industry. Whether you are looking for a new home addition in Calgary or just a revamped kitchen, Trademark Renovations is your trusted company for all home renovations in Calgary. Contact us at 403-277-5600.

Calgary Kitchen Renovations mainly focuses on the designing of your home kitchen. The kitchen is a space that is very important for every home. This is a place where every family gathers each evening. For a homeowner located in Calgary, it is best to have a kitchen that you’ll much enjoy for many years. Let your kitchen get renovated with a well-designed unique style.

Designers at Trademark renovations are highly experienced and have worked with different budgets and timelines. This has led to positive feedback’s from homeowners across Calgary due to offering the best Calgary Kitchen Renovation services. Each Kitchen renovation project is planned in its unique sense.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to kitchen renovation, as a homeowner, always look for a professional renovator who is trustworthy. This means that you will be well guided through to step by step processes towards achieving a cost-effective kitchen that is of great value. It will also help in uncovering specific Calgary Kitchen Renovation needs that will help your kitchen to be fully functional.

When it comes to Calgary Kitchen designs, experts will ask questions to ensure that there will be no regrets after the kitchen remodeling project is complete. Some of these questions include;

• Into your kitchen renovations, are you putting any considerations about any aging place you would like to incorporate?
• Is there adequate space for kitchen cabinet, workspace, and countertop?
• How much is your kitchen space of importance to your family?
• How bright is your kitchen?
• What renovations do you want for your kitchen layout?

Trademark Renovations takes care of all kinds of kitchen renovations projects from beginning to the end. Offering full services across Calgary, and with high qualified professions who design and plan for the project. Hiring a kitchen planning and competent construction contractor is very important. This helps in overcoming all your kitchen renovations and design challenges.

Calgary Kitchen Cabinets by Trademark Renovations

At Trademark, Calgary kitchen designers working for the customers can come up with kitchen cabinetry solutions. Delays for customer kitchen cabinets are not experienced since this is what brings most of home renovation projects to a halt. It also results to cost over-runs of budgets and to miss out on dates where the project is scheduled to be completed.

Calgary Kitchen Designs

Providing homeowners with latest Calgary kitchen design trends and also giving them a practical insight into how these designs should be translated into their kitchens is really of great importance. The Calgary kitchen designs to be renovated into new kitchens is not determined by how small your kitchen space is. What is of concern when it comes to Calgary Kitchen Designs, is your personalization. This means that your Calgary Kitchen Renovations ideas and plans are represented during the construction of your kitchen. Even with the smallest kitchen design in Calgary, it can have significant meaning to you as a homeowner. Right from the colorful accents, you can still create an inspired that will be loved.

Renovation Calgary or the building process of a custom home in Calgary can sometimes be intimidating with understandable emotional highs and lows experienced by the homeowners at every stage of the repair or the building process. This is why in Calgary, some contractors have developed building and renovation planning process that effectively provides guidance, all the necessary information, and transparency to help you feel at ease and comfortable when deciding to transform your home. In every step of your renovation or custom building process, the main objective of the specified contractors is to be predictable, so that their customers know exactly what to expect so that they can be as prepared and as informed as possible.

With the completion of every renovation Calgary, a third party client will be contacted for a brief interview aimed at gathering valuable insights and views from potential customers. The contractors use this information to fine-tune their services and their renovation planning processes so that they can continually learn where they need to make improvements so that they can stay true to their commitment to delivering the best customer experience possible.

As a building contractor, you should be committed to providing your client families with an outstanding customer experience starts from their first interaction with you, whether virtual or in person. You should aim to change the paradigm of how the customer looks at the constructions the industry only by providing your customers with custom building or renovation experience based on total trust but most importantly, an enjoyable and pleasant experience. This will not only create an enjoyable rapport for your company or agency but will entirely change the way customers view building contractors, especially for renovations Calgary.

Importance of creating exceptional customers experience

Integral to proving nothing but the best services to your clients is the insight you gain from their honest reviews and feedback’s upon the completion of a specific project, which should be done by a third party survey firm. These surveys and reports, especially the ones received from your clients, will present you with an opportunity for a continuous betterment of your services and the overall performance of your company. In a way, feedback from your client is the main drive that encourages you to enthusiastically look forward to starting the next project and enhance your company’s corporate culture. Additionally, the results can be used to train new staff members in your company and to share some insights with your suppliers and traders. Creating the ultimate customer experience, therefore, should be among your most important priorities, which with time, will translate to simultaneous customers’ loyalty and as we all know, with commitment, comes to the highest praises from customers and hence more business through referrals.

To the customers

It does not matter the builder or contractor you choose for your project. You retain the rights to be thoroughly educated by authority from the industry or through any means that you may prefer. In doing this, you will be provided with the necessary basic information on the cost of renovation, the best materials available, and the details that should be included in a renovation package for a specified price.

General contractors offer all forms of construction services for commercial and residential services. A general contractor can also take up the title of project manager. They work to ensure that the improvement that they make on a project produce profiting results for their clients.

Contractor services in Calgary are offered to clients looking to renovate residential areas.Companies that deal with general contract services in Calgary offer designs and renovations for projects according to their client’s needs.

The contractor works with the clients architect and looks at the plans and if they fall in with the budget for a particular project. General contractors ensure that they have taken care of all the necessary documentation; permits and licenses; before any construction work begins.In Calgary general contractors will take up the task of hiring other required professionals that will carry on the hands on work. Apart from taking the responsibility of overseeing the paper work,a contractor also ensures that they visit a site to tackle any arising issues.

Choosing a Contractor

It is important to have a resourceful and competent general contractor in Calgary.In order to ensure that they are hiring a reliable contractor,there are a few inquires that a client should make. For example, the number of contracting jobs that they have taken up and for what period of time they have been in operation. A client can also check with former clients who act as referees for a particular general contractor in Calgary.

Other inquires that a client should make are about is an approximation of the price if a renovation or construction project with that general contractor. Before hiring a contractor it is critical to ensure that a client has detailed what they require from their contractor and what their expectations concerning that project. It is fundamental for a client to read through a contract carefully and if possible even involve legal resources to ensure that all parties involved are on the same page.

Calgary Home Renovations are increasingly becoming the better option for most homeowners. Most families across, find Calgary Home Renovations as a simple alternative that is cost effective towards purchasing a new home in a new location. The rise of local listing and availability of homes ready for sale makes it easy for most families.
Home renovations in Calgary matter a lot as much as home upgrading are to be done. The structural evaluation and the design based on the existence of your current house plan and layout is essential. Choosing the best company in Calgary for the project requires experienced home renovators who have specialized in renovations and are dedicated to providing quality work to their customers.

As a homeowner, this leads to achievement towards a complete home renovation. Trademark Renovations helps you in determining how your home will be designed creatively. Solutions at Trademark are endless. The renovation budget of a home in hand with the plan list is all that you need to have. Development of the plan is taken care of by the Calgary renovators who are working on the project.

Professionals with home renovation experience, of both designing and construction, collaborate and communicate with one another to come up with the best work in Calgary. Architects and the production team are also invited during the initial designing of a home. This allows renovation that completely changes homes hence providing solutions to many homes in Calgary.

Choosing competent home builders who can be trusted is very important. Well-equipped Calgary home Renovators who can uphold ethical business practices that are of high quality and meets all your challenges as a homeowner.
Home Renovation is all about teamwork where designers, architects, expert renovation consultants, and production staff plan together and guide the homeowner through the entire Home Renovation from beginning to the end of the project.

Home additions are also a design that helps in improving the value of a home. Home builders can renovate a home by adding an extra room or can even convert areas that are not used within a home and become useful rooms. Your area could be changed to a spare bedroom or a garage into a workshop alternatively if you feel like designing an outdoor living area that doesn’t need new sections inside your living room.

Home Renovation is a project that can be challenging at the beginning. To have a fully functional home, and still has the value in it, you need to work with the expert team, who are well qualified for the project. When planning for the project, make sure that every measurement is taken and there is enough space for the intended work.

Budgeting should never go over. Always be sincere with what you have so as the contractor works with the same amount as well. In conclusion, time is an essential factor. When it comes to home renovations, you have to relocate your area to give it space for improvement. You must be able to estimate the time it will take for the project to end and hence be able to plan for everything.

Renovation in Calgary require a contractor who is specialized in that area. This means, specializing in renovating the living area, the bathroom or the kitchen. The process of renovation in Calgary needs specialization since a renovator will have to work on a project that previously was being worked on by another contractor.

Projects for kitchen and bathroom spaces demand that the renovator to be keen on details when it comes to installation of faucets and sinks. A client can use the same renovator for these spaces since they almost have the same requirements. Sometimes the renovator can assist the client with coming up with the best designs according to their budget and their space.

Before undertaking a renovation project, the team involved including the client should take into account the codes put in place by the authorities in Calgary. Legal resources ought to be engaged to ensure that renovation plans meet their standards. Apart from being available to review plans for projects,renovators also suggest reliable subcontractors and the best materials for the project.

Just like in the case of general contracting, a client does research concerning the competence of the renovator before signing contracts and engaging their services. A client can ask to see their permits and licenses to operate and ask questions about their time in the business of renovation in Calgary.

Additional Consideration to Take When Choosing a Renovator in Calgary

When hiring a renovator, there are some additional details that a person should take into consideration such as their budget and the steps involved in ensuring that a renovation project is completed in time. These steps may include making inquiries about what other professionals will be involved in the project, besides the renovator, and what they expect as well. As well, before taking up the project the renovator consults with the client about the possible unexpected outcomes from the project such as an increase in the cost of materials or labor. With the right renovation consultant, a project can run smoothly with the least amount of issues arising. Therefore it is important for a contractor their homework well when choosing a renovator.