People seek the simplest, easiest, and most economical approach when choosing a renovator, and usually hiring a single man seems a lot less complicated and the best way to go. However, it can prove to be otherwise depending on certain needs and expectations. A reputable renovation company can potentially do a significantly better job at the right price. Here are some differences between hiring a renovation company vs. one man show renovator which every homeowner must consider.

1. Time. There is only so much a single man can do in a particular time frame, compared to what an entire staff or renovators can accomplish given the same amount of time. A job well done will be completed tight on schedule.

2.Efficiency. Renovation companies often implement effective project management comprised of a well-planned streamlined process to follow trough. With the delegation of tasks and more hands to assist, renovation phases are done in the most efficient manner from start to finish, including cleaning up all the mess.

3. Expertise. Proper training and screening of all employees bestow them with the right knowledge and render them highly qualified to take on the job, and even provide valuable professional insights to help homeowners come up with the beautiful home they want.

4. Workmanship. Skillful hands multiplied by the number of renovators will undoubtedly deliver exquisite craftsmanship and stellar work in every detail of the home.

5. Experience. There are indeed one man contractors who possess both expertise and years of experience. Still, combined experiences of a whole team and varied work performed from small to large renovations outnumber that of a single person.

6. Convenience. The faster a renovation takes, the less inconvenient it is on anyone’s part and the sooner an entire family will enjoy their new space.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but a renovation company such as Trademark Renovations can provide a guaranteed, professional job for any type of renovation that a home might require.

A renovation company needs workers, suppliers, subcontractors, and equipment in order to operate efficiently. For a renovation company to continue operating smoothly despite inevitable losses and accidents, the company is required by law to purchase insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is necessary to cover any claims or losses for wich the renovation company is responsible for.

So, what insurance do renovation companies carry in Calgary?

1. Worker’s compensation and employers liability.
This insurances policy cover the renovator, their workers, subcontractor and other employees for any injuries sustained and or diseases that may arise while performing their duties.

2. Professional liability, errors and omissions.This is a policy that protects Calgary renovation companies id they are taken to court for negligent performing their duties even if they have not made a mistake. It covers errors, omissions, mistakes arising out of the work or services performed by a renovator or the employees of the company.

3. Automobile liability and property damage insurance.This insurance cover is required to be taken by all Calgary renovations companies that utilize vehicles, hired and non-hired, in the performance of their renovation job. It helps to pay for the damages caused by another vehicle, or other types of property renovation job.

4. Builder risk insurance.Aso know as a course of construction, this insurance policy covers buildings under renovation, as well as fixtures, material, and equipment used in the renovation project.

5. Commercial general liabilityCommercial liability is an insurance coverage that protects Calgary renovation companies from various claims such as personal injury, property damage, and other claims that can arise from company’s operations, premises, products, contractual liability; and advertising and personal injury liability.

The above-mentioned insurance policies shed light on what insurance do renovation companies carry renovations companies in Calgary? A majority of this policies are required by law while others are a condition of service by homeowners. It is imperative for every single renovation company Calgary to take out these insurance policies.

Home remodeling has several advantages. Apart from the aesthetics side, renovations can increase comfort, offer better security, provide a healthier, spacious, more efficient living environment and significantly enhance your quality of life. Here are a few practical benefits of renovating your home, so let’s talk about home renovation pricing.

Value-added EnhancementRemodeling adds value to the renovated space and the whole home. It can consequently impact your home resale value. That is why contractors sometimes have high fees. The first thing to know to learn about the pricing is the difference between markup and profit.

Markup applies to the profit and the overhead that business need to keep functioning is the charge that they get the cost. Most contractors have 1.5 markup, so let’s say a job cost $5,000 then they will multiply it for 1,5 so the sales price will be around $7,500. So the $5,000 are used to pay their expenses for salary, materials, and others and the rest is to make some profit.

Most people would think that contractors don’t have any overhead, but any business does one should consider advertising, job supervision, commissions, insurance, taxes, employee expenses, legal fees and more. As any business contractors have a lot of things to pay to make their business work and a really good and recognize contractor will make sure to get the best of the best so the expenses are higher.

One might think that a remodeling price is high sometimes and will get the cheaper option, but if one give it a second thought getting a cheaper option is not always the best idea because taking care of your home is like taking care of one, if one has healthy issues the best thing is to get the best insurance, the best doctor, and the best medical services, same thing happen with houses and remodeling or additions, because a house is one of the biggest expenses that a homeowner will make so it’s better to get a recognized contractor and a remodeling company such as trademark renovations.

Renovations are very important mainly because they improve the conditions of the buildings and houses. They are also important because they improve the attractiveness of the houses. Furthermore, well-done renovations add more value to the property wich is very important if the homeowner is planning to sell the house. Renovation companies have the right skills and tools to perform a quality job when it comes to home improvement, so most of the homeowners prefer hiring a company instead of taking the risk of doing it by them selfs, and maybe the most common question to this companies is: How often does a renovation company finish a project in the anticipated time? and How long would it take to finish the project?

A competent company such as Trademark Renovation has an almost a hundred percent rate of finish the projects in the anticipated time. The only times the company is unable to finish on time is when there are unexpected disruptions such as natural disasters or bad weather conditions which can prolong the renovation time. The main reason behind a competent company being able to finish almost all the projects in the anticipated time is having the right skills and experience. Such a company usually applies the skills and experience while estimating the time it will take to finish different projects. The company is able to tell how long different phases of the project will take and, as a result, is able to come up with accurate estimation.

To ensure the company makes the right estimation it usually provides some allowance to cater for the usual unexpected interruptions. This means that the company establishes a certain renovation project will take three days, it usually add one more day on the anticipated time. A serious company will detail the time and possible factors that can delay the job and they will always stay in constant communication with the homeowner.

What should I ask home renovation contractors when contracting for a home addition? This is one of the questions many homeowners are seeking answers to. Apart from enhancing the beauty of a home, renovations greatly increase the value of a home if they are done by a professional contractor. Before spending money to hire a particular home renovation contractor, homeowners must first establish if they are best suited for the job. Choosing the right renovation company can make a big difference in terms of quality and professionalism.

So what should I ask home renovation contractors when contracting for a home addition?

1. How long have they been in business?
The length of time a contractor has been in business determines their level of professionalism. A home renovation contractor who has been in operation for more than 10 years will have an established network of subcontractors and suppliers. Besides, they will have a reputation to uphold. Therefore, such a contractor be reliable and safer to hire, unlike a contractor who is new in the business.

2. Is the contractor insured?
Accidents are inevitable in a construction process. A professional renovation company should have a personal liability worker’s compensation, and properly damage insurance cover in case something goes wrong in the renovation process. This gives homeowners a peace of mind.

3. Is the contractor licensed?
A licensed contractor is knowledgeable and has the skills to do the job well. Besides, when a contractor is licensed, it becomes easier to batter out in court in case they fail to complete the job.

4. Are there any references who can be contacted?
While many years of experience in an industry may not guarantee better service, a home renovation contractor who has been around for a good number of years will have many satisfied previous clients. Therefore, asking for a list of references is one of the methods for establishing if a contractor can get the job done or not.

Before hiring a contractor, the first question that comes to mind is “What to ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a basement renovation?” The following questions are extremely important and should be asked to the contractor.

1. What is the schedule? With projects such as basement renovations, a schedule is extremely important. It gives all the details about the work and when it is likely to end. It can also act as a benchmark, it is possible to know anytime whether things are going as per plan or not.

2. How many employees are there? The number of people who will be working for the project should be verified. Also, whether the work will be given to any subcontractors or not. Subcontracts may be a good idea but in some cases, the quality of work may be hampered.

3. Who will be managing the permits? Before starting the basement renovation, it is important to have all necessary permits and licenses. Otherwise, there may be legal trouble later on. The contractor should be able to gather all the permits.

4. Do they specialize in basements? It is important to know whether the contractor is a full-service company or only specializes in basements. Basement renovation is a difficult task because the basement is prone to moisture problems. The contractors should have sufficient knowledge of how to get rid of moisture and mold.

5. Are they properly insured? The contractors have all the necessary insurance. Ig anything goes wrong while working, then only an insurance will be able to save the situation. The value of the insurance should be sufficient enough to cover any significant damage.

6. Is it possible to see some previous works? It is always good to check out on the contractor’s previous works before hiring them. It gives a good idea about their quality of work.

Trademark Renovations is an amazing company that can guide you in this process and will fit all the homeowner needs.

If you are considering doing a home renovation and more so the kitchen, this is a big decision that needs a deep research. Now, one of the most crucial aspects of a renovation is the contractor hired because it is inconvenient to call in a different contractor to repair mistakes from the first one, wich will cost time as well money. Most people wonder what to ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a kitchen renovation and below are some answers to that question.

Does the kitchen actually need a renovation?
Sometimes a house seems too small or cramped to suit a person’s needs but a renovation might not be the answer. A professional contractor will have the right advice and after viewing the kitchen, they give the homeowner their opinion on what the kitchen actually needs.

What type of kitchen style is better?
This is very important, if the homeowner will perform a home renovation project at the kitchen it is crucial to have a very accurate advice on the style and appliances that the new kitchen will have, to make sure that this will fit the rest of the house and if this will be good for the family needs.

Do they contract workers or have their own staff?
This might not seem that important but the number of workers handling a project is very important. A contractor should be trustworthy and so should their employees because they go into the homeowners property and could be spending days interacting with the family members.

What kind of payment plan do they offer?
Most contracting companies offer free estimates but payment plans will vary from different companies. Something else that a homeowner should ask a home remodeling construction is they offer financing programs.

Trademark renovations are very professional company that can help you get a perfect kitchen renovation.

What can a renovation company do for you? Any homeowner has asked themselves this question more than once. The answer is simple. A professional renovation company can bring your home renovation dreams to live. Whether you want a new porch, a new kitchen, a skylight in the living room or maybe you just want a new look for the home. This sort of jobs is what renovation companies specialize in. Trademark Renovations is one of the leading renovation companies in the market, and here some of the things that a renovation company can do for you.


Renovation companies should only hire the best in the business, all the employees or subcontractors should be very professional and have extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Also, creativity is a big plus, but the aptitude and skill to bring design to life is a must. If a homeowner wants to perform any kind of renovation service a research to find a very professional company is a must if they want a good job.

Eye for design.

More often than not, homeowners have an idea of what they want to be done at their houses, they just don’t know how to express it. The renovation companies design team are very good bringing the homeowners ideas to live with a personal and professional look. Also, they can always provide very good options for the house to look amazing in all the possible ways, or if the homeowner is only trying to renovate a single room they will make sure that it combine with the rest of the house.

New look.

Renovations are great if the homeowner is trying to give their house a new feeling and a cozy environment, sometimes houses are no longer comfortable and need more appliances and space or a simple new design to be a perfect house again, renovation companies can definitely do that for anyone.

When it comes to renovating a home, it takes a little more effort to find the right person for a home renovation. It is normally tough and expensive to recover the expense back once somebody perform a low-quality job at home. That is why the homeowners need to do their homework before hire anyone to work at their houses. Below are a few tips on how to choose a renovation contractor.

Get detailed quotes: The first thing a homeowner would want to do is get some quotes. For any large or small renovation, the homeowner should obtain at least three estimates. Do not just settle for a number quickly jotted on the back of a business card. It is important to ask for a detailed estimate containing all the specifics so that you ensure you are comparing the same things.

Background Checks: The second best thing a homeowner can do is perform a background check for the companies, it might seem like a lot of work, but it can be a money saver. The first step is to check credentials, determine if the companies hold the required licenses along with any certifications from professional bodies like associations. Ensure it has a permanent mailing address, phone number, and email address. A homeowner needs to be certain that they carry liability insurance and ask for a copy.

Follow up referrals: Last crucial tip on how to choose a renovation contractor is to ask for referrals. If the homeowner heard about the company from a friend, relative or acquaintance, then you know at least there is one satisfied customer. Nevertheless, it is good to call a few more former clients and ask what their experience with the company was. If possible, try to visit the site of work in progress. Also, the online reviews those can help a lot.

A company that has all of these requirements is Trademark renovations, they have a lot of experience in the business and are very professionals.

Renovating a home increases the property value not to mention the fact that renovations can transform a dull old home into a beautiful and functional haven. For any renovation project is always important to get a contractor that one can work with to get the job done to your satisfaction. Among the things that one should have when hiring a remodeling contractor is a note with a list of what questions to ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a renovation? Below are some of these key questions.

1. How long have you been in business and how many such tasks have you undertaken in the past one year?
It is always good to choose an established contractor who has more expertise and experience in the field. Such contractors have a reputation to uphold and you are guaranteed that you are putting your renovation project in the hands of someone who takes it as seriously as you do.

2. Can I get to meet the foreman or the sub-contractor involved?
In most cases contractors concentrate on getting new business and delegate the actual work to staff members or subcontractors. Before you can even seal the deal get to meet the subcontractor or foreman who will be directly involved in your project. A contractor will always give you the best man in the team if you ask to meet the person before hiring and entrusting your project to them. This means that you are more likely to get a person that is easy to work with and one who will deliver the required services to your satisfaction.

3. How did you arrive at the bid given and is it is the actual cost or an estimate?
This one is the question that you should never miss in your list of what questions should I ask a home renovation contractor when contracting for a renovation? Get to know how the contractor calculated the cost of the project and whether the bid given to you is the actual cost or an estimate when the actual cost will either go up or down.