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Luxury Interior Design

Luxury interior design is the design of indoor spaces for upscale houses, apartments and commercial property such as high-end hotels or residential properties. This type of interior design focuses on superior product lines such as expensive furniture, glamorous antiques and opulent artwork. Most often, the design budget is high or limitless in luxury interior design, and the designer has many options in choosing elegant lighting, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, fabrics and art. The challenge for an interior designer of luxurious spaces is in presenting an impressive design that meets the client’s expectations, tastes, and needs.

Creating interiors for those on a budget isn’t easy because the finest decor materials may be used in the design. In luxury interior design, the spaces are often larger to work with and this can be challenging in terms of scale for the designing of the space. For instance, whereas a more modest home may have fairly large walls, luxurious homes often have large expanses of wall space that can look too ordinary if left bare, yet too cluttered if groups of smaller pieces of artwork are placed there.

Large pieces of artwork, such as a tapestry, should be sourced and approved by clients. A luxury interior designer must carefully consider the placement of valuable art and paintings, such as not having them in direct sunlight as the colors could fade and to ensure the balance of the room.

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