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Renovating Historic Homes

Where Do You Begin?

Evaluate from a broad spectrum of the house, then think, What do I want this house to look like? Through ideas, photos, similar buildings and other renderings, form a solid idea of what exactly you want this historic home to become. The end product will likely differ from your original brainstorm but it creates a foundation and structure.

Decide What to Keep

Evaluate interesting features, structural elements that play a role in the function of the home and what should be kept as a historical artifact. Figure out what items need protection during the actual renovation, can it be removed during the process? Concerns of safety and the pieces physical well being need to come to light and then does the piece need renovating itself or can that be done at a different venue.

Consider What to Remove

Think about what structures, wiring or pipes need to to be removed indefinitely for the process of renovation. Good reason for removing these items are because of a redesign of the floor plan, deteriorated materials or technical issues, which can force these items out for the big task.

Acknowledge what will change

In the event of a historic renovation, does the windows or doors need to be altered? Or will new walls be required? Will the home require new HVAC ducts, new wiring and piping? How about a new kitchen or bathtub, even a new set of stairs? Consider garage space, the roof and patio as well, all of this vital information will be applied to schedule documents and most importantly, create the budget.

Where Does Your Budget Sit?

On average, most people will use spreadsheets to produce a preliminary budget.This will be based on previous and current expenses to eventually use for retailers and manufacturers. When you compile each item by their precise value, the budget will be at its most accurate. The process however, can take quite a bit of time to complete but when you compare past projects that resemble your current one, the calculation and the sum of time will lessen quite a bit. A good way to bring down the cost is to purchase materials that are more economic or decide on even making a few less repairs to cut down the cost.

Most Importantly, Plan

Crafting and managing a detailed plan can takes many years to perfect but even if you don’t have the time, achieving only part of it can still benefit you in the long run. Historic home renovation can be quite the undertaking, complex and expensive but if you take on the challenge, a reward of this achievement will provide you with a great sense of accomplishment and with something this special, the magnitude of that accomplishment is priceless.

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